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246 santa monica college catalog 2018–2019 standing of international and global relations and issues particularly as they impact the target populations of the organization with which students are working this course is offered on a credit-no credit basis only enrollment in this course requires instructor approval of a student-arranged experiential learning project please contact the instructor to request an add approval code course descriptions graphic design gr des 33 typography design 1 2 units transfer csu • advisory graphic design 18 this studio course introduces classical typography tradition terminology specification and production with an emphasis on legibility and craftsmanship students will develop rectilinear typographic compositions while learning type indication comping and professional presentation techniques this is the first in a sequence of two courses in existence for over 40 years the graphic design program at santa monica college serves both the student who wishes to transfer to a four-year college or art school as well as the student who wants to obtain the skills necessary for entry into the job market as a production artist in graphic design illustration user experience design or interaction design gr des 34 publication and page design i the program is designed to meet the industry’s need for creative professionals who excel in developing ideas and have the technical proficiency to execute them our instructors are experienced professionals who bring firsthand knowledge of industry practices to the classroom and work in close collaboration with industry advisors to keep up with trends and changing requirements in addition participating companies often provide guest speakers and student internships transfer csu this studio course is an introduction to sketching fundamentals for graphic design and focuses on sketching as an element of the design process the course includes sketching and drawing principles and techniques such as observation attention to format and proportion perspective and composition students will develop and practice techniques employed by working designers to quickly create sketches for concept storytelling layout prototyping and presentation to design teams and clients we offer day evening and weekend classes to provide educational opportunities to all students in addition selected graphic design courses are offered online through smc’s distance education program to learn more about the program please visit gr des 18 introduction to graphic design applications 3 units transfer uc csu this computer course provides an overview of digital applications used in the field of graphic design photoshop illustrator and indesign also covered operation systems file management and computer navigation basics gr des 21 electronic prepress and publishing 3 units transfer csu this course provides an introduction to electronic publishing printing and the history of printing and other areas of graphic communications it includes orientation to the computer typesetting electronic page layout software camera work basic stripping platemaking proofing presswork quality control techniques and post-press operations students will learn to operate macintosh computers and various models of printing presses to reproduce various types of camera-ready artwork gr des 31 graphic design studio 1 2 units transfer csu this studio course introduces the graphic design process concept visualization documentation and professional presentation with an emphasis on visual communication strategies students will explore the fundamental text image interaction and develop various types of graphic identity designs including symbolic pictorial or typographic first in a sequence of three 3 units transfer csu this computer course introduces students to adobe indesign a page layout computer application students will learn to incorporate type and imagery into creative projects such as brochures print publications and posters gr des 35 sketching for graphic design gr des 38 digital illustration 1 2 units 4 units transfer csu • advisory graphic design 35 this computer course is designed for students interested in the computer as a digital illustration tool and covers the basics of computer illustration and its use in print and web-based media students will create vector-based artwork manipulate type and learn how to create dynamic content and illustrations for print and online delivery using an industry standard application adobe illustrator this course also explores fundamental design concepts and finding creative solutions using illustrator’s multiplicity of tools gr des 41 graphic design studio 2 2 units transfer csu • advisory graphic design 31 this studio course introduces the application of graphic identity designs to corporate identity programs retail identity systems and other uses primarily in 2d with an emphasis on visual problem-solving strategies students will generate design criteria research analysis design implications and design system development this is the second in a sequence of three courses gr des 43 typography design 2 2 units transfer csu • advisory graphic design 33 this studio design course provides a survey of typography history and current design directions to inspire the development of dynamic contemporary typographic compositions with an emphasis on visual communication strategies students will explore the metaphoric and stylistic refinement of text the fundamental element of graphic design style this is the second in a sequence of two courses.