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Santa Monica Community College

1900 Pico Boulevard
Santa Monica, CA 90405

Events Office & Tickets : (310) 434-3000

Human Resources: (310) 434-4415

International Education: (310) 434-4217 or email

Phone Registration: (310) 434-4333

Planetarium : (310) 434-416​3

Non-Emergency Calls: (310) 434-4608

Emergency Calls: (310) 434-4300

Public Information Office: (310) 434-4454

Santa Monica College Foundation: (310) 434-4215

Catalog Santa Monica College Catalog 2017–2018

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how to use this catalog to …get information see the catalog’s index to find what you’re looking for quickly the academic calendar on the catalog’s inside front cover for important dates and deadlines and the maps in the back of this catalog to learn more about smc’s main and satellite campuses and where things are located on them …find out about requirements for santa monica college degrees turn to page 31 …develop a path for transfer to earn your bachelor’s degree at a four-year college or a university like a campus of the university of california or california state university see pages 32-49 where you will learn about the requirements for the intersegmental general education transfer curriculum igetc and other programs that can help you choose the classes that fulfill your transfer requirements …learn about the requirements for our many degrees certificates and transfer preparation see the academic programs section

42 santa monica college catalog 2017–2018 csu  graduation  requirements  in  us  history  constitution  and  american  ideal   note  not  part  of  the  igetc  requirements  but  may  be  completed  prior  to  transfer  courses  used  to  meet  this  requirement  may  also  be  used  to   satisfy  other  requirements  for  igetc   american  history  and  institutions  –  6  semester  units  one  course  selected  from  each  group  which  may  be  credited  toward  satisfying   requirements  from  areas  3  and  4   us  group  1     • econ  15  same  as  hist  15   gc • envrn  14  same  as  hist  14     gc gc • hist  10  11  12  14  same  as  envrn  14  15  same  as

santa monica college catalog 2017–2018 cis 54 web development and scripting 3 cis 55 advanced webpage development and scripting 3 cis 57 website planning and production 3 cis 59a dreamweaver i 3 cis 60a photoshop i 3 cis 67 wordpress 3 cis 70 social media applications 3 cis 88a independent studies in cis 1 digital publishing formerly desktop publishing department certificate this program provides students with students with specific skills that make them job ready for the publishing industry whether it is for printing or the web digital publishing specialists use adobe photoshop indesign and illustrator programs along with microsoft word to format and combine text numeral data photographs charts drawings and other visual graphic elements to produce digital and or printed publication-ready materials required courses 16 units cis 36p microsoft powerpoint 1 cis 37 microsoft word 3 cis 40 indesign 3 cis 60a photoshop i 3 cis 64 illustrator 3 oftech 5 english skills for the office

academic programs 120 santa monica college catalog 2017–2018 media studies agreements between smc and some of these institutions see media is a versatile discipline consisting of two areas of study media studies and media production our media studies area focuses on the analysis of the mass media media studies courses use an analytical and historical approach and students develop skills to assess the role and impact of mass media on society students examine the history values and structure of media in the us and internationally media literacy skills are another fundamental component of media studies courses upon successful completion of our media studies courses each student should leave as a media literate individual – a more aware critical audience member with a well-developed sense of mass media’s role in society there is a wide range of employment possibilities for students trained in media studies including positions in public relations

santa monica college catalog 2017–2018 ahis 21 architectural history ancient to 1850 3 units ahis 90a internship in art history transfer uc csu igetc area 3a arts • prerequisite none formerly art 6 a survey of the chronological development of western architecture from prehistory to the romanticism of the late 18th and early 19th centuries it includes art history and architecture with a worldwide introduction to the history of architecture the contributions of technology organizing methodology intellectual thought social conditions and general artistic sensibilities will be addressed additionally historic examples are related to specific current architectural work transfer csu please see “internships” section ahis 22 architectural history and theory – 1850 to present 3 units transfer uc csu igetc area 3a arts • prerequisite none formerly art 7 through the use of lectures slides and field trips architecture will be studied from the mid-19th century

198 santa monica college catalog 2017–2018 aspect of child development and how to use creative dance to research and teach subject matter across the pre k and elementary curriculum it covers the role of movement in developing children’s physical motor emotional and cognitive skills and includes workshops and field experience in planning and implementing appropriate creative experiences with young children dance 75 and ece 75 are the same course students may receive credit for one but not both dance 79 dance in new york city 1 unit • prerequisite audition required this course provides a new york city study and lecture tour of dance schools dance resources and dance performances students will be introduced to one of the dance capitals of the world attending backstage tours company rehearsals and performances and libraries and resource centers they will also have the opportunity to attend dance classes university transfer sites and related arts events this course

238 santa monica college catalog 2017–2018 immigration their roles in shaping american society and culture their reception by and adaptation to american society as well as an examination of contending theoretical models of the immigrant experience in america course descriptions hist 11 united states history through reconstruction 3 units interaction with land water plants animals and energy sources as well as the economic political social cultural technological and global aspects of these patterns history 14 is the same course as environmental studies 14 students may earn credit for one but not both hist 15 economic history of the u.s 3 units transfer uc csu c-id hist 130 igetc area 3b humanities or 4f social behavioral sciences satisfies csu u.s history graduation requirement • prerequisite none • skills advisory eligibility for english 1 this course surveys the united states from the colonial period through post-civil war reconstruction addressing developments

santa monica college catalog 2017–2018 • skills advisory eligibility for english 1 this interdisciplinary course in philosophy and political science examines arguments and discourses developed within contemporary political thought how those discourses critique and/or are rooted in modern ideologies such as liberalism and socialism will be considered the theoretical perspectives presented in the course will be used to critically examine important issues in contemporary politics students will situate themselves as citizens and political agents in relation to those issues philosophy 52 is the same course as political science 52 students may earn credit for one but not both philos 88a independent studies in philosophy 1 unit transfer csu please see “independent studies” section philos 88b independent studies in philosophy 2 units transfer csu please see “independent studies” section photography photo 1 introduction to photography 3 units photo 2 basic

316 santa monica college catalog 2017–2018 the emeritus program is a unique program at santa monica college for adults age 55 and up established in 1975 the model program’s curriculum includes courses designed to serve the interests and needs of adults who are now in or preparing for retirement those dedicated to lifelong learning and those seeking continued personal growth through creative use of their time emeritus program classes are offered primarily during the day at our site near the popular third street promenade and throughout the community—including malibu—in easily accessible locations there are no fees for the noncredit courses registration and enrollment are by mail walk-in or internet registration forms are included in the emeritus schedule of classes and may also be downloaded from the emeritus website the emeritus program also operates an art gallery and hosts opening receptions for its exhibitions of works by emeritus students and members of

santa monica college catalog 2017–2018 hunt steve j systems librarian b.a university of wyoming m.l.s university of california los angeles hurley daniel p computer science systems b.s m.s california state university los angeles hutchinson sandra anatomy/human biology b.a university of california los angeles ph.d pennsylvania state university hyeler maral interim associate dean instructional services and external programs b.s university of california los angeles m.a california state university northridge isomoto robert vice-president business and administration b.s university of southern california m.a northern arizona university ibaraki alexander esl b.a m.a california state polytechnic university ivas lorrie fashion b.a university of california los angeles m.s california state university northridge jaffe sharon esl b.a city university of new york m.a ph.d university of california los angeles jahangard ebrahim mathematics b.a california state university

california’s #1 transfer college 1900 pico boulevard santa monica ca 90405-1628 general information 310 434-4000 smc on the internet smc continues to lead the state with 1,097 transfers to university of california campuses in the 2015-16 school year this is nearly half again as many as the second-best transfer school ucla uc berkeley and uc irvine were the top choices for smc students smc also continues to be the state leader in transfers to uc schools by both latino and african american