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Contacts for Santa Monica Community College

Santa Monica Community College

1900 Pico Boulevard
Santa Monica, CA 90405

Events Office & Tickets : (310) 434-3000

Human Resources: (310) 434-4415

International Education: (310) 434-4217 or email

Phone Registration: (310) 434-4333

Planetarium : (310) 434-416​3

Non-Emergency Calls: (310) 434-4608

Emergency Calls: (310) 434-4300

Public Information Office: (310) 434-4454

Santa Monica College Foundation: (310) 434-4215

Catalog Santa Monica College Catalog 2018–2019

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how to use this catalog to …get information see the catalog’s index to find what you’re looking for quickly the academic calendar on the catalog’s inside front cover for important dates and deadlines and the maps in the back of this catalog to learn more about smc’s main and satellite campuses and where things are located on them …find out about requirements for santa monica college degrees turn to page 32 …develop a path for transfer to earn a bachelor’s degree at a four-year college or a university like a campus of the university of california or california state university see pages 34-56 where you will learn about the requirements for the intersegmental general education transfer curriculum igetc and other programs that can help you choose the classes that fulfill your transfer requirements …learn about the requirements for our many degrees certificates and transfer preparation see the academic programs section starting

44 santa monica college catalog 2018–2019 csu graduation requirements in us history constitution and american ideal note not part of the igetc requirements but may be completed prior to transfer courses used to meet this requirement may also be used to satisfy other requirements for igetc american history and institutions – 6 semester units one course selected from each group which may be credited toward satisfying requirements from areas 3 and 4 us group 1 • econ 15 same as hist 15 gc • envrn 14 same as hist 14 gc gc • hist 10 11 12 14 same as envrn 14 15 same as econ 15 41 us group 2 3 • pol sc 1 applying non-smc coursework to igetc academics igetc ge a summary of requirements for igetc certification of non-smc courses 1 the institution is accredited by the western association of schools and colleges or an equivalent accrediting body 2 a course taken at a california community college is applied to the subject area in which it is listed by

86 santa monica college catalog 2018–2019 and other visual graphic elements to produce digital and or printed publication-ready materials program learning outcomes given client data students will utilize marketing research tools apply creative techniques choose and utilize appropriate software programs and analyze and solve graphic design and page layout problems to produce an effective publication also working as a member of a digital publishing team students will demonstrate professional work habits meet scheduled timeline milestones and deadlines and communicate effectively via oral presentations and written documents academic programs required courses 16 units cis 36p microsoft powerpoint 1 cis 37 microsoft word 3 cis 40 indesign 3 cis 60a photoshop i 3 cis 64 illustrator 3 oftech 5 english skills for the office 3 select 1 course from the following oftech 1a keyboarding 1a 1 oftech 1b keyboarding 1b 1 oftech 1c keyboarding 1c 1 oftech 9 keyboarding improvement 1 website

santa monica college catalog 2018–2019 bus 23 principles of selling 3 media 1 survey of mass media communications 3 media 11 introduction to broadcasting 3 media 12 broadcasting programming and management 3 media 13 broadcasting announcing and production 3 media 18 broadcast advertising 3 entertainment promotion and marketing production associate degree or certificate of achievement et 31b digital video editing 3 media 20 introduction to writing and producing short form media 3 media 21 short form visual media production 3 restricted electives 6 units bus 26 marketing research and consumer behavior 3 bus 34 introduction to social media marketing 3 com st 12 persuasion 3 couns 16 job success skills 1 et 3 principles of project management 3 et 40 digital audio fundamentals 3 et 41 digital audio post production 3 et 72 career development 2 gr des 64 digital imaging for design i 3 gr des 71 motion graphics 1 3 journ 43 public relations and publicity 3 media 2 reading media

santa monica college catalog 2018–2019 astron 9 astrophysics with calculus 3 units transfer uc csu igetc area 5a physical sciences non-lab • prerequisite math 8 and physics 8 or physics 21 a robust calculus-based treatment of astrophysics suited for science majors and mathematically-minded enthusiasts the course makes use of methods in quantitative analysis including dynamical physics differential and integral calculus trigonometry and advanced graphing techniques to address a wide range of astronomical phenomena including stellar properties interior structure stellar evolution variable stars planetary atmospheres and gaseous nebulae and the large-scale structure of the universe emphasis will be placed on finding analytic solutions to problems in emerging areas of research such as exoplanetary systems red giants white dwarfs supernovae neutron stars pulsars black holes the interstellar medium dark matter active galactic nuclei gamma-ray bursts dark energy and big bang

210 santa monica college catalog 2018–2019 ece 4 language and literature for the young child 3 units transfer csu • prerequisite none • advisory psychology 11 this course provides a developmental framework for planning and implementing experiences that support and extend children’s abilities to use language as a means of communication as a medium of creative expression and as a tool in the development of logical thought it introduces techniques for assessing children’s language skills and for developing a program to meet those needs through individual interactions and group activities the course reviews the current research pertaining to language acquisition and pre-reading skills development within a culturally sensitive framework students will review children’s literature and obtain practice in story selection reading and storytelling to young children course descriptions ece 5 math and science for the young child 3 units transfer csu •

252 santa monica college catalog 2018–2019 hist 20 history of california 3 units transfer uc csu igetc area 3b humanities • prerequisite none • skills advisory eligibility for english 1 this course surveys californian history from its earliest settlement to the present it addresses political economic social cultural and external developments that accompanied the state’s transformation from the native american through the spanish mexican and american periods hist 21 history of russia 3 units transfer uc csu igetc area 3b humanities • prerequisite none • skills advisory eligibility for english 1 this course surveys russian events from the stone age to the present focusing on factors that have lead russian leaders to build powerful centralized governing institutions and of the efforts of the russian intelligentsia to reform or topple those institutions since writers represent the soul of the intelligentsia their novels short stories and poems will

294 santa monica college catalog 2018–2019 this course taken in tandem with another course in the discipline enables a student to apply course content in a meaningful and relevant way to a particular activity in this hands-on course students engage in applied learning through unpaid experiential activities organized by the student in conjunction with smc’s applied service learning center and approved by the instructor students will develop a customized reading list relevant to their particular activity complete a minimum of 15 hours of volunteer work with that activity and submit academically-sound written reports regarding the activity by applying course material to their experience students develop a deeper understanding of the discipline photography the photography program teaches the dynamics of visual communication to illustrate ideas record events articulate stories express moods sell products and interpret a person’s character courses stress technical

santa monica college catalog 2018–2019 335 center for students with disabilities dsps 3171 s bundy dr los angeles admissions/student services complex 101 smc community education — offered by smc’s noncredit adult education programs — meets the lifelong learning needs of the community by providing a choice of more than 450 classes each semester to individuals who wish to enhance their careers or explore their personal interests our fee-based professional certificate and continuing education programs and seminars — offered as smc extension courses — are designed to promote career development professional training and certification our low-cost notfor-credit community education courses respond to the interests of the community enriching lives through handson workshops and lively classes in art writing dance and many other areas with special classes for children and teens classes on a wide range of topics are also offered

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