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Santa Monica Community College

1900 Pico Boulevard
Santa Monica, CA 90405

Events Office & Tickets : (310) 434-3000

Human Resources: (310) 434-4415

International Education: (310) 434-4217 or email

Phone Registration: (310) 434-4333

Planetarium : (310) 434-416​3

Non-Emergency Calls: (310) 434-4608

Emergency Calls: (310) 434-4300

Public Information Office: (310) 434-4454

Santa Monica College Foundation: (310) 434-4215

Catalog Santa Monica College Catalog 2019–2020

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how to use this catalog to …get information see the catalog’s index to find what you’re looking for quickly the academic calendar on the catalog’s inside front cover for important dates and deadlines and the maps in the back of this catalog to learn more about smc’s main and satellite campuses and where things are located on them …find out about requirements for santa monica college degrees turn to page 32 …develop a path for transfer to earn a bachelor’s degree at a four-year college or a university like a campus of the university of california or california state university see pages 33-56 where you will learn about the requirements for the intersegmental general education transfer curriculum igetc and other programs that can help you choose the classes that fulfill your transfer requirements …learn about the requirements for our many choices in degrees certificates and transfer preparation see the academic and career paths

santa monica college catalog 2019–2020 45 csu general education requirements students may follow the pattern of study outlined below or the intersegmental general education transfer curriculum igetc to meet lower-division general education requirements for the csu system • smc does not accept foreign coursework from non-u.s regionally accredited institutions to meet csu ge requirements • important courses in areas a1 a2 a3 and b4 must be completed with a grade of c or higher in each course • for information regarding “csu certification” see the transfer section of the catalog key to symbols used “same as…” or “formerly same as…” Ñ gc courses which are or were previously offered in more than one discipline cross-listed students may receive credit for only one of the cross-listed courses see course descriptions for details course is listed in more than one ge area but cannot be used to satisfy requirements

santa monica college catalog 2019–2020 the university of california system has a transfer pathway for any uc campus that offers communication for more information visit smc offers the communication studies associate degree for transfer students completing this degree are eligible for priority transfer admission consideration in the majors at the california state university campuses listed below in addition students will be required to complete no more than 60 semester/90 quarter csu units of coursework after transfer to complete the baccalaureate degree note students considering transfer to a uc private or out-ofstate school should consult a counselor before applying to transfer as the transfer requirements may be different from those required for the communication studies aa-t below are the csu campuses and majors accepting this transfer degree this list is subject to change without notice for the most current list go to

130 santa monica college catalog 2019–2020 group 3 com st 31 35 36 37gc group 4 global 3 same as media 3 media 1 3 same as global 3 10gc group 5 ece 11gc envrn 40gc same as psych 40 psych 1 3 5 6 7 11 13 14 19 25 40gc same as envrn 40 please note gc indicates courses that fulfill the smc global citizenship requirement linguistics see modern languages academic and career paths mathematics mathematicians use symbolic languages to set up and analyze relationships among quantities and qualities of things events and places pure mathematicians develop the theories to further the science of mathematics possible careers include actuary computer engineer cryptographer satellite communications expert robotics programmer statistician and teacher programs offered • transfer preparation • mathematics associate degree for transfer students may satisfy the requirements of this degree with approved courses which may be fewer units taken at other california community colleges the

172 santa monica college catalog 2019–2020 art majors include studios museums auction houses art councils educational institutions hospitals interior design departments advertising agencies and film and media production companies art 10a design i 3 units transfer uc csu • prerequisite none this is an introductory course in the theory and application of the elements of 2-d design assignments will focus on the following design principles line value form scale light logic space depth texture pattern composition and color theory this course is required for all art majors course descriptions art 10b design ii 3 units transfer uc csu • advisory art 10a this course is a continuation of the study of the fundamentals of design with special emphasis on thought and design concepts with portfolio oriented projects and an introduction to 3-d design required for art majors art 10c computer design 3 units transfer uc csu • advisory art 10a this course is a continuation of

214 santa monica college catalog 2019–2020 to schedule these and other tasks on daily weekly and monthly calendars goal setting career choice prioritizing procrastination and evaluation of study time and environment are part of this planning process also covered are organization of materials and information as well as memory this class is designed for more mature motivated students with learning disabilities particularly attention deficit disorders couns 55 student success strategies 1 unit • prerequisite none maximum credit of aa applicable counseling courses may be limited check with counseling this course is designed to assist students with learning disabilities in developing specific learning and study strategies in order to meet the academic demands of their college level coursework course descriptions couns 56 written language strategies 1 unit • prerequisite none maximum credit of aa applicable counseling courses may be limited check with counseling this

santa monica college catalog 2019–2020 the context of global citizenship this course explores the human scientific theoretical and/or ecological dimensions of our world set in a variety of international and domestic locations each field study offering will focus on a discipline specific aspect of the location to expand student understanding of both the discipline and the location graphic design in existence for over 40 years the graphic design program at santa monica college serves both the student who wishes to transfer to a four-year college or art school as well as the student who wants to obtain the skills necessary for entry into the job market as a production artist in graphic design illustration user experience design or interaction design the program is designed to meet the industry’s need for creative professionals who excel in developing ideas and have the technical proficiency to execute them our instructors are experienced professionals who bring first-hand

santa monica college catalog 2019–2020 and musculoskeletal hypertensive peripheral vascular and sensory health deviations nursing care will be provided in acute and community settings nursng 25 psychiatric – mental health nursing 1.5 units transfer csu • prerequisite nursing 20 and 20l or nursing 19 and advanced placement this course must be taken concurrently with nursing 25l the focus of this specialty course is to introduce the nursing student to the principles of psychiatric-mental health nursing as applied to patients across the life span emphasis will be placed on meeting self-care deficits of patients exhibiting symptoms of common psychiatric disorders and patients experiencing emotional responses to stress and illness this course will cover concepts of mental health mental illness stress and coping assessment of common psychiatric disorders biological and psychosocial modes of intervention and therapeutic nursing responses nursng 28 community-based nursing

342 santa monica college catalog 2019–2020 a space for older adults to socialize with their peers and validate their life experiences while gaining exposure to mentally stimulating content music e00 concert band this course reinforces older adults’ love of performing music in public and provides a structure for them to express themselves and participate in a performance group during their later years older adults also experience the physical benefits of deep breathing and head eye and ear coordination that result from playing a musical instrument the course mentally stimulates older adults to concentrate on a wide variety of musical score memorize parts and problem solve in front of an audience course descriptions music e02 guitar for older adults this course re-stimulates older adults’ interest in and knowledge of music played on the guitar and enhances their self-expression through music older adults learn basic and some advanced guitar chords strumming patterns

384 santa monica college catalog 2019–2020 campus and community safety the board of trustees of the santa monica community college district has established a “community college police department” — known as the smc police department and generally referred to as campus police — to protect the members of the college community and the property of the district santa monica college is committed to providing a safe and secure campus environment for students faculty staff and visitors college facilities are regularly patrolled 24 hours a day seven days a week by members of the smc police department smc students are employed to work as police aides and during evening hours to accompany students and staff who request an escort to and from on-campus facilities abundant lighting is provided at all santa monica college campuses and parking lots the college also employs parking enforcement officers with training specific to parking enforcement and emergencies

california’s #1 transfer college welcome to santa monica college california’s #1 transfer college for 28 years smc tops in transfers to ucs usc lmu and ucs and csus combined smc continues to lead the state with 1,289 transfers to university of california campuses in the 2017-18 school year smc also continues to be the state leader in transfers to uc schools by both african american and chicano/latino students world-class education and endless possibilities await you 1900 pico boulevard santa monica ca 90405-1628 general information 310-434-4000 smc on the internet