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sky roadster shown in silver

it s amazing what will fit into 50 cubic feet of space sky roadster shown with available red leather

don t buy it because it s american buy the sky roadster because it s amazing buy it because it turns heads and changes opinions buy it because it s wildly impractical yet one of the best decisions you ll ever make buy it because it raises eyebrows and the little hairs on the back of your neck buy it because it looks good in your driveway you look good in it and for the way it makes you feel driving with the top down not a care in the world and the feeling of owning a really great car period just something to rethink about 1 1assembled in delaware with u.s and globally sourced

curves ahead and behind hydroforming ­ shaping with water ­ is how we sculpted the most distinctive of the sky s generous angular curves it s an innovative technique chosen to ensure that the silhouette of the car built for you is as striking as the one saturn designers first sketched and it s seen clearly in the flowing muscular hood line the way the headlamps appear melded into the body and the rear quarter panels that complete the sweeping aerodynamic profile just try to keep both eyes on the

sky red line shown in

260-hp0 turbo seconds to 60 in 5.5 1 fasten your sunscreen the sky red line was tested on germany s famed nürburgring motorsports track we gave it a performance-tuned suspension with stiff springs and firm shocks that helps you achieve a maximum lateral acceleration of 0.90g we put on 18 polished alloy wheels wrapped in goodyear eagle gs-2 p245/45 v-rated performance treads to stick to the road and then stainless steel pedal covers a digital turbo-boost gauge front air vents to cool the front discs and dual polished aluminum exhaust tips to complete the package the only thing you ll need to add is the spf 1based on gm

shown from left to right outlook,tm astra® 3-door aura,tm sky limited availability astra 5-door vue.® astra available late 2007 what if a car company didn t act like a car company you d ask yourself what are they thinking this can t be right but it is in fact it s what we ve been doing since day one that s the saturn way and you notice it the second you walk into a saturn retailer we offer a no-hassle no-haggle philosophy 1 we give you straightforward answers we can bring cars to you to test-drive we 2 give you 30 days to make sure the vehicle you ve chosen is the right one and you know what after all is said and done we wouldn t change a single thing just something to rethink about feel free to pick your saturn apart we did quality control is something everyone at saturn takes seriously in fact they don t even need the words quality control in their job title to make it their number-one priority it s the responsibility of everyone who touches a saturn from the people who

2008 accessories trunk storage bag · trunk storage bag · console saddle bag · sport pedal package · cat-back exhaust system sky1 · turbo cat-back exhaust system sky red line · chrome 18 alloy wheels2 · performance suspension kit · windscreen · cold air intake 3 · molded splash guards ­ front rear · tonneau cover · premium all-weather floor mats · rear spoiler · portable music player connector cable · highway emergency kit · lockable gas cap · wheel locks · smokers package · car care kit · stainless steel license plate frame 1 the cat-back exhaust system meets the 95 dba noise limit imposed by some states on exhaust system modifications as measured by sae j1169 some states and local jurisdictions impose more stringent requirements be sure to check whether this aftermarket installation meets the noise limits where you will register and drive your vehicle 2 use only gm-approved tire and wheel combinations see your retailer for details 3 the driver is responsible

exterior paint interior colors polar white black onyx chili pepper red black leather red leather silver pearl midnight blue forest green tan leather black cloth sunburst yellow bluestone techno gray cloth top colors tan black color combinations exterior paint polar white black onyx chili pepper red silver pearl midnight blue forest green sunburst yellow techno gray available interior cloth/matching top black/black black/black black/black available leather/matching top black/black red/black tan/tan black/black red/black tan/black tan/tan black/black tan/tan black/black red/black black/black tan/tan black/black tan/tan black/black black/black black/black red/black at additional charge dimensions wheels 18 painted alloy standard 50.1 60.7 71.4 61.4 71.4 18 polished alloy red line only 18 chrome optional 95.1 161.1