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two at a time socks claw hammer claw hammers 502 ht tri ball joint press in ball joints function of top strap

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corrective socks corrective socks corrective socks hammer and claw toes hammer and claw toes hallux valgus hammer and claw toes hammer and claw toes – malposition due to bending of the little toes the benefits at a glance hammer and claw toes are usually not a birth defect but • the hammer and claw toe socks this is followed by strengthening of the muscles rather the consequence of foot malposition made worse can be worn inside normal shoes • press the heel and ball of the big toe firmly by hallux valgus or overly narrow footwear in the case of • long wearing and therapy period against the ground a hammer and claw toe hallux malleus digitus malleus without major restrictions • spread the toes and position the stretched toes the metatarsophalangeal joint is overextended upwards • no irritation of the skin on the ground and the interphalangeal joint is bent downwards • the malposition is also corrected • the middle joint of the little

corrective socks corrective socks corrective socks hallux valgus hallux valgus hallux valgus hammer and claw toes two areas of application hallux valgus – misalignment of the big toes post-operative predisposition to the foot condition hallux valgus is to support operative often inherited in addition wearing the wrong footwear correction following a encourages this malposition high heels over 3–4 cm hallux valgus operation and shoes that are too narrow and do not give the toes osteoarthritis of the metatarsophalangeal joint hallux valgus corrective socks • wearing for eight hours eight hours of therapy available sizes 33–34 35–36 37–38 39–40 41–42 43–44 45–46 • the socks can also be worn inside shoes emergence or progression of a intensity light for easily correctable malpositions medium for medium-level malpositions strong for severe malpositions • no irritation of the skin in comparison to taping