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all round boots measur cros leather sandals leather sandal claw hammer claw hammers sandals mens heel rest heel rests app 001 rg 173 rg 6 adapter

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the foot experts for people with diabetes or rheumatism finding the right footwear together whether you have diabetic foot syndrome or rheumatic discomfort you don’t have to choose the right footwear alone there are various experts available to help people with diabetes or rheumatism → the doctor who makes the diagnosis checks the health of your feet and prescribes a suitable specialist orthopaedic shoe in the case of an appropriate indication → the orthopaedic shoe technician who uses various measurements and in-depth knowledge to select the right shoes for you as an individual and can also make further necessary adjustments → the shoe manufacturer who makes and develops specialist orthopaedic shoes in close consultation with physicians and orthopaedic shoe technicians based on current scientific

monika anita marisa sylvia yvonne ilona hildegard frieda pages 43–44 page 48 page 45 page 49 page 46 page 50 andrea page 51 doris page 53 fiona page 55 page 55 page

eric page 61 achim peter page 62 page 62 oliver paul harald wolfgang volker thorsten walter sven philip william björn lars jens frank kurt heinrich page 63 page 66 page 70 page 72 page 75 page 63 page 67 page 65 page 68 page 69 page 72 page 71 page 74 page 77 page 66 page 75 fritz page 77 falko page

lucro classic

anatomically shaped narrow natural-form last seamless padded microfibre lining special kineticbags for additional joint

maren nina pages 115–117 bettina page 120 bianka page 125 pages 118–119 anke pages

lucro sportic

→ lucro ergonic women’s sandals gisela mode l 27010 item no 27011 item no 27018 item no 27015 item no lucro ergonic gisela item no material colour size width ex stock delivery time four weeks 27010 calfskin nappa embossed patent black 36–43 m w s upper 27011 calfskin nappa ice 36–43 m w s upper 27015 calfskin nappa/nubuck desert 36–43 m s w upper 27018 calfskin nappa/nubuck dark blue 36–43 m s w upper

→ lucro ergonic men’s shoes with velcro karl mode l 26042 item no kind vegetable leather tanning 26043 item no 26040 item no kind vegetable leather tanning lucro ergonic karl item no material colour size width ex stock delivery time four weeks 26040 calfskin nappa black 37–50 s m w +10 upper 26042 vegetable nappa black 40–47 m s w +10 upper 26043 vegetable nappa brown 40–47 m w s +10 upper

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