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by orthotic shoes with fastening system germany since 1879

shoe care es shoe siz o t 42 from 24 orthotic shoes space for therapy many people find wearing a leg orthosis too restricting for their freedom of movement to combat this our orthotic shoes are designed to ensure an optimum fit for the foot orthosis and therapeutic shoe the sturdy heel cap combined with the flexible raised collar guarantees a good hold and a secure stance however an ideal fit is not the only thing that matters for our shoes for ease of everyday use it is also vitally important that our orthotic shoes are easy to put on and take off the boa® fastening system makes fastening and unfastening with one hand possible however when designing our orthotic shoes we do not confine ourselves to addressing the medical issues fashion considerations also play an important role that is why our therapeutic shoes strongly resembles normal shoes in design to ensure this we keep track of the latest fashions popular cuts and colours and integrate these into our therapeutic shoes to

orthotic shoes our orthotic shoes a combination of proven medical functionality and a fresh appearance the right footwear is an important addition to an individually produced orthosis shoes worn by people wearing an orthosis not only have to satisfy certain key requirements but must also make walking and running easier due to their material quality and shape conventionally manufactured shoes are not up to meeting the requirements of orthoses that is why we recommend our therapeutic shoes flexible outsole ever thinner and more flexible materials are used in the orthopaedic handcraft and its treatments in response we have introduced an even more flexible version of the sole for our orthotic shoes all shoes designated in the tables as ‘flexible’ are extremely elastic none of this has any negative impact on the therapeutic benefits of the orthosis taken care of with a single turn

orthotic shoes with fastening system comfortable to put on thanks to the flexible hinged back even tightening of the nylon cord ensures ideal hold sturdy heel cap practical fastening and width adjustment with boa® fastening system – either on the side at the front or on the back our therapeutic shoes are specially designed for people who have to wear an orthosis the combination of specialist orthopaedic knowledge modern leathers and high-quality materials makes for long-lasting companions the boa® fastening system supports the philosophy of our orthotic shoes thanks to its robust workmanship 4 sturdy toe cap to protect the toes very good hold fine adjustment one-handed operation low weight available in two widths available as a front or rear

boa® fastening system we offer fastening the secure hold we offer the boa® fastening system in two versions with adjustment wheel on the back with adjustment wheel on the outer side a f we have fitted all the orthotic shoe models in this brochure with a boa® fastening system originally developed for use in sport this quick-lacing system for wearers of orthotics with limited motor functions makes putting on and taking off the shoes considerably easier this is because the fastening and unfastening is done with a single movement of the adjustment wheel turning the wheel adjusts the entire lacing evenly and individually for the patient and fixes it to the millimetre the fastening ensures a stable hold and the highest levels of comfort when wearing the shoe s ec ur e with a twist st p rec i s e to unfasten just pull out the adjustment wheel and the fastening is released both lacing systems give the foot excellent hold by achieving even tightening across the entire lace surface

flexible sole applies to all models on this double page merkur 362910 width tn5 372910 width tn8 item no width size material colour fastener inner lining sole uranus 362900 372900 tn5 tn8 28 42 nubuck black grey boa® fastening system textile flexible merkur 362910 372910 tn5 tn8 28 35 nubuck purple grey boa® fastening system textile flexible neptun 362920 372920 tn5 tn8 28 42 nappa nubuck blue grey boa® fastening system textile flexible

orthotic shoes with boa® fastening system uranus 362900 width tn5 372900 width tn8 neptun 362920 width tn5 372920 width tn8

moros 362300 width tn5 372300 width tn8 item no width size moros 362300 372300 tn5 tn8 leto 362310 372310 hera hesti 8 material colour fastener inner lining 30 42 nappa mesh fabric black boa® fastening system textile tn5 tn8 24 42 nubuck mesh fabric grey dark blue boa® fastening system textile 362320 372320 tn5 tn8 24 32 nubuck mesh fabric pink boa® fastening system textile 362330 372330 tn5 tn8 30 42 nappa faded denim look beige boa® fastening system

orthotic shoes with boa® fastening system leto 362310 width tn5 372310 width tn8 hesti 362330 width tn5 372330 width tn8 hera 362320 width tn5 372320 width tn8

my design configurator now also with my individual shoe you can put together your own unique pair of shoes just how you want them with our my design shoe configurator from the sole to the inner lining – and now also with the boa® fastening system – there are numerous design possibilities inner lining surface 2 1 n uratio config ples esigns exam anges to colour and d t to e the righ we reserv my design tongue surface 3 seams sole surface 5 make ch surface 1 surface 4 configuration code desbsc01 configuration code desbsc02 configuration code desbsc03 inner lining 2 tongue surface 2 seams surface 5 surface 3 sole 1 sole 2 configuration code desbsp01 surface 4 surface 1 configuration code desbsp02 configuration code desbsp03 model item no width size orthotic shoe 1 362930 372930 tn5 tn8 28 42 boa® fastening system orthotic shoe 2 362340 372340 tn5 tn8 24 42 boa® fastening system 10

it‘s this simple 1 select model 2 select pair/individual and size/width 3 design to suit your wishes 4 download order as a pdf further orthotic shoes and much more in our catalogue our om tners rfel par ilab ava eration t .de gen or a schein my tion nera e g

by carbon neutral we reserve the right to make minor changes to colours and models illustrated shoes are size 28 de-221-517441 print production your specialist dealer 04.0892.03.01.16 schein orthopädie service kg hildegardstr 5 42897 remscheid germany tel +49 2191 910-201 fax +49 2191 910-102 099993-005 12 germany since