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Catalog Novaped S90 - ISG 2017

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novaped s90 isg ® foot supports for activating the reflex zones

novaped s90 isg ® foot supports for activating the reflex zones isg the name is programme this support is named after the positive effect various orthopaedists have achieved using it on patients suffering from sacroiliac joint trouble and backache in the lumbar region the present product is the outcome of several years of development and trial studies of the reflex zones of the foot and the preferred location of points of pain in the lumbar region were decisive in the shaping of this support spinal column hip joint thigh coccyx knee sciatic

novaped s90 isg ® comfortable wearing fields of application the pressure elements in the heel region are specifically arranged to activate reflex zones on the sole of the foot that stimulate the lower spinal column region as well as hip and knee joints this action releases neural impulses to the spinal cord and brain that can help alleviate back and hip trouble pain in the lumbar spinal column and sacrum region causes muscular tenseness in the abdominal back and gluteal muscles the walking pattern is affected and the burden on ankles and knee joints gets out of balance the front pressure elements are located and designed for a slight correction of the posture of the leg and its alignment into the neutral area so that the sacroiliac joints are relieved and the stepping force is unrolled over the big toe again thus the impact of muscular force is restored to normal anatomic conditions and the painful symptoms in the region of the pelvis and the lower lumbar spinal column are

novaped s90 isg ® utility model no 20 2004 017 385.9 ® novaped s90-isg foot supports are available in 2 widths code nr design colour 955700-000 full length slim light-blue 955701-000 full length wide taupe sizes available 35 46/48 04.0480.04.10.05 dealer s stamp ® e-mail