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foot scanners record the sole of your customer’s foot as a digital scan within a few seconds with the scheinworks digiped among other things the software allows the length and breadth measurements to be ascertained or significant points to be marked and documented if a camera is added to the scanner analysis and documentation of the positioning of the foot in particular the heel are also possible for your insole construction you can use a 1:1 depiction of the foot scan directly on the screen or print it out a3 printer required the scanned-in footprints can also be used as the construction basis for our insole construction programme scheinworks construction http technical data digiped foot scanner art no 032211-100 measurements l xbxh weight scan area l x b max user weight scan time pc interface power supply power consumption lamp type colour exterior/interior 4 65.4 x 44.4 x 11.3 cm approx 16.6 kg 42.2 x 30.5 cm approx 200 kg approx 8 sec high-speed

pressure measurement plates stance gait and roll analyses can be quickly and easily carried out with the scheinworks pressure measurement plates they record the static and dynamic pressure distribution below the feet when standing or walking barefoot or with shoes the pressure measurement plates have low construction height and are available in four sizes in a stationary and mobile version you achieve maximum flexibility with the mobile version this is powered by an integrated battery while the data transfer takes place via a bluetooth interface to increase the size of the sensor area and use it as a gait route two platforms of the same type can be combined with the pressure measurement plates pdm-l mobile fdm-1.5 and fdm-2 pdm-l mobile pdm-s mobile pdm-xs mobile fdm-2 fdm-1.5 technical data pressure measurement plate pdm-xs art no 032115-192 pressure measurement plate pdm-s art no 032115-256 pressure measurement plate pdm-l art no 032115-143 pressure measurement plate pdm-xs mobile

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treadmills all scheinworks treadmills include integrated pressure measurement plates that allow pressure distribution when walking and running to be measured and analysed the software calculates various gait parameters which are depicted clearly in the software and report the scheinworks treadmills are available in different versions for various areas of application • mobile • sport • ot-reha mobile treadmill the mobile treadmill is particularly suited to small spaces and mobile use due to its size and weight it can be assembled and disassembled in just a few movements it is delivered fully assembled and can be put into operation immediately technical data treadmill fdm-tlr3-3i mobile art no 032110-012 8 treadmill dimensions l xbxh dimensions folded l xbxh step height weight running surface l x b speed motor gradient max user weight colour 160 x 80 x 127 cm 160 x 80 x 35 cm 19 cm approx 75 kg 123 x 44 cm 0.8–14 km/h in 0.1 km/h steps 1.47 kw 0 not adjustable

sport treadmill the sport treadmill is ideal for sport purposes due to its high stability and potential speed of up to 24 km/h the integrated pressure measurement plate is available in two different sizes technical data treadmill fdm-tdsl-3i sport art no 032110-116 treadmill dimensions l xbxh step height weight running surface l x b speed motor gradient max user weight colour sensor plate sensor area l x b number of sensors resolution measurement frequency measurement area precision sensor type pc interface treadmill sport fdm-tds-3i sport art no 032110-120 200 x 92 x 150 cm 18 cm approx 200 kg 150 x 50 cm 0.2–24 km/h in 0.1 km/h steps 2.2 kw –2–15 in 0.5 steps 150 kg silver 94.8 x 40.6 cm 5376 1.4 sensors/cm² 1/3 100 hz 1–120 n/cm² ±5 of final value capacitive usb 2.0 108.4 x 47.4 cm 7168 1.4 sensors/cm² 1/3 120 hz optionally 240 hz 1–120 n/cm² ±5 of final value capacitive usb

ot-reha treadmill the ot-reha treadmill is suitable for gait analysis as well as gait training to offer your customers improved safety it can also be fitted with long hand rails a safety stirrup with fall protection and arm supports as required you have the choice between two sizes of measurement area and resolutions for the integrated pressure measurement plate the ot-reha medical treadmills also fulfil all standard requirements for use in clinical environments due to their technical design optional long hand rail art no 032154-000 arm supports art no 032155-000 safety stirrup with fall protection incl chest harness art no 032149-000 technical data treadmill fdm-thpl-s-2i ot-reha art no 032110-041 10 treadmill dimensions l xbxh step height weight running surface l x b speed motor gradient max user weight colour sensor plate sensor area l x b number of sensors resolution measurement frequency measurement area precision sensor type pc interface treadmill fdm-thpl-s-3i ot-reha art no

gait training scheinworks ‘gait training’ is a system based on the scheinworks gait analysis and has been conceived for training in case of neurological or orthopaedic gait abnormalities a repeated comparative gait analysis serves as a performance review gait training with visual gait specifications gait parameters such as step length step width and foot angle are recorded by the gait analysis and individually corrected to suit the therapy targets the corrected steps or successively corrected steps are projected onto the walking/running surface via a projector and should then be copied by the patient’s own steps individual gait image 12 corrected gait

virtual training with the ‘virtual training’ module the concentration and automation of the gait are trained while walking this takes place via a virtual walking environment in which various tasks that require continuous gait variation must be completed the training can be individually adjusted to suit the patient through the possibility of selecting different levels with the help of the optional editor you can design your own training levels the treadmill fdm-tlr3-3i mobile is not suitable for this module using this module with a monitor of at least 40 inches is recommended the use of a projector is also possible gait training module step projection for sport treadmills art no 032136-000 gait training module step projection for ot-reha treadmills art no 032136-040 virtual training module forest walk art no 032135-000 virtual training module forest walk art no

accessories camera and light modules for additional analysis camera modules can be added to the treadmills and pressure measurement plates so that the camera images can be assigned to the corresponding pressure measurement images the camera and pressure measurement plate are synchronised the cameras are available in hd or as a high-speed version to achieve ideal illumination for good image quality additional lighting units or cameras with an integrated lighting unit from power leds are available the multifunctional stands can additionally help with the assembly of camera and light modules hd camera synccam hd webcam with integrated lighting unit synclightcam hd webcam with integrated lighting unit hs-synclightcam similar to image led lighting unit synclight portable multifunctional stand art no 032133-000 multifunctional stand with base plate art no 032133-001 technical data approx dimension b xhxt weight measurement frequency camera pc interface light colour light intensity 14

contrast plates use the contrast plates to give your gait laboratory a professional and technical appearance they make precise horizontal and vertical orientation of the cameras possible and provide good contrast with the skin the contrast plates can be affixed to the wall laterally or frontally to the treadmill as a direct extension an additional contrast plate which is installed into the front of the treadmill frame is available for the sport treadmills alternatively we offer a contrast roll-up which can be positioned in front of or behind the treadmill large wall contrast plate art no 032131-000 dimensions b x h 200 x 140 cm weight 2.0 kg small wall contrast plate art no 032130-000 sport treadmill contrast plate art no 032130-001 contrast roll-up 75 x 75 cm 1.0 kg 75 x 75 cm 1.0 kg 85 x 205 cm 3.5 kg art no 099989-097 to guarantee problem-free functionality all scheinworks pressure measurement systems are delivered with pc systems as standard these are specially coordinated to the

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