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scheppach Fabrikation von Holzbearbeitungsmaschinen GmbH
Günzburger Str. 69
D-89335 Ichenhausen / Germany

Phone 0049 / 8223/4002-0
Telefax 0049 / 8223/4002-20

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service scheppach service foreword the scheppach brand stands for practice-related design features and reliable quality construction together with scheppach machines you buy a reliable service reliability is not only found in the things we construct but also in the things we do we promise professional advice ­ personally in the scheppach service center by telephone through our hotline or by e-mail you reach our service center as follows phone 00 49 82 23 40 02 ­ 99 fax 00 49 82 23 40 02 ­ 58 e-mail

precision circular sawbench ts 4020 the ultimate circular sawbench for the dedicated home enthusiast who is simply willing to pay for the best there is the professional woodworker who not only wants the best but needs the most versatile machine in its class plus all educational and training workshops ideal for panel sizing and deep ripping in soft and hard timbers the ts 4020 offers an impressive 110 mm depth of cut thanks to the extensive accessory range maximum operational opportunities are guaranteed ngof usnoint sawi made ca t ir ­ patented 110 mm the maximum cutting height of 110 mm is unique in this class the fixed cast-iron hand wheels for height and angle adjustment with clearly readable scales facilitate the work 12

universal circular sawbench ts 315 gt this circular sawbench is the most economical option for the private or professional user recommended for light duty or occasional heavy use up to 82 mm depth of cut due to its powerful motor the ts 315 gt can cope with a variety of materials and thanks to its height-adjustment guide columns it is the most precise machine available in its class adjust s height column enostt proisnmachine on the market mthe m ec e the ts 315 gt with optional equipment sliding table carriage 1200 and folding-down panel-cutting attachment the patented take-off panel-cutting attachment and the quickly removable sliding table carriage help you create space in your workshop precision through height-adjustment guided on two columns 20

bandsaw basato 4 perfect in size and specification for the professional joiner carpenter cabinet maker and serious home woodworker ous also ideal for training and educational establishments onal the basato 4 boasts an impressive specification and yet e performs in a smooth and silent manner you are assured of precise uninterrupted operation check the price and it will not only be the specification which is impressive h ced rubber-fa n cast-iro ls d wehseeerunning ban polish d il nt 28

scroll saw deco 405 vario the deco 405 vario scroll saw is the choice for the most discerning user the top-end model in our range of scroll saws it offers faultless fine work in wood plastics and metals the stroke speed is variable to suit the material being cut equipped with a cast iron table and many other unique features this scroll saw is also the perfect choice for all educational and training workshops d whee with han n cast-iro p tableltintgoboth sides to l ti scheppach features large plane machined cast-iron table top adjustable by hand wheel study frame made of cast-iron parallel arm made of aluminium pressure casting dual saw blade holder ­ suitable for saw blades with and without cross pin quick-clamping lever for fast saw blade changing cutting data passage height 50 mm passage depth 406 mm stroke height 17 mm standard equipment flexible work lamp transparent saw blade guard swinging to the top work piece down holder flexible ventilator nozzle saw blade storing box

accessories spindle moulders profile no 01 moulding cutter 6320 7201 deflector 6320 7251 profile no 05 moulding cutter 6320 7705 deflector 6320 7755 profile no 08 moulding cutter 6320 7608 deflector 6320 7658 profile no 09 moulding cutter 6320 7609 deflector 6320 7659 profile no 11 moulding cutter 6320 7711 deflector 6320 7761 profile no 12 moulding cutter 6320 7712 deflector 6320 7762 profile no 13 moulding cutter 6320 7213 deflector 6320 7263 profile no 15 moulding cutter 6320 7615 deflector 6320 7665 profile no 16 moulding cutter 6320 7216 deflector 6320 7266 profile no 17 moulding cutter 6320 7217 deflector 6320 7267 profile no 18 moulding cutter 6320 7718 deflector 6320 7768 profile no 19 moulding cutter 6320 7719 deflector 6320 7769 22 40 profile no 20 moulding cutter 6320 7720 deflector 6320 7770 profile no 21 moulding cutter 6320 7221 deflector 6320 7271 profile no 22 moulding cutter 6320 7622 deflector 6320 7672 profile no 24 moulding cutter 6320 7724 deflector 6320 7774

edge sanding machine ksm 2000 with the new scheppach ksm 2000 belt sander successful finishing to your work pieces will come as standard thanks to the sanding fence even small work pieces can be guided safely and comfortably of special importance is the new cabinet base with integrated dust extraction perfect sanding results combined with perfect a clean working environment at scheppach efficiency and operator health and safety are of equal importance new ion ex tracste dust grated in the ba inte the illustration shows optional equipment available at extra cost the dust extractor unit integrated in the base guarantees a clean and dust-free work place the illustration shows optional equipment available at extra cost 52

double-end grinder bg 200al universal double-end grinder for deburring and sharpening tools indispensable in any workshop the powerful induction motor delivers sharp results in a very short time new m tor ion aintenaoce-free t indul,cw-noise m n fu lo power scheppach features versatile grinder with smoothing and roughing wheel standard equipment adjustable tool rest water tank for tool cooling flexible work light without bulb technical data grinding wheel grit 60 100 grinding wheels Ø 200 x 15.88 mm grinding wheel width left 25 mm right 40 mm certificate ce dimensions l 440 x w 280 x h 340 mm weight approx 19.0 kg accessories grinding wheel Ø 200 x 40 x 15,88 mm grit 100 aluminium oxid order no 8800 2593 grinding wheel Ø 200 x 25 x 15,88 mm grit 36 order no 8800 0870 grinding wheel Ø 200 x 25 x 15,88 mm grit 60 order no 8800 0869 order information bg 200al motor equipment v hz input kw hp order no 230/50 0,55 0,75 8800 1959 60

woodturning lathe dms 1200 vario designed for the professional and serious home woodturners the new scheppach dms 1200 vario is a solid cast machine with a very generous specification when equipped with the optional bowl turning extension bed all turning possibilities can be realised 1 from 0 to d le s0pee0 rpm variaband 120 to 320 200 scheppach features variable speed control from 0 to 3200 rpm clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation on n for universal use spindle head can be turned spindle stock moving on turning bed ed standard equipment tool support made of cast iron l 355 55 mm plane machined turning bed made e of cast iron solid cast iron base cast iron tailstock and tool support with eccentric clamp face plate following centre point 4-point drive centre technical data m distance between centres 1200 mm centre height over bed 230 mm turning bed height 920 mm spindle head thread m33 spindle head cone mk2 hollow spindle Ø 10 mm tailstock cone mk2 sleeve adjustment 110 mm variable

dust and chip extractor ha 1000 the ha 1000 surpasses all wet-dry extractors when it comes to suction power of wood dust in the workshop in spite of it being the smallest and most cost-efficient unit in our range of extractors through its compact design it is portable and can be used anywhere trahctor ultith-eebxy works op m ho b for scheppach features air capacity 183 m³/h suction connector set for all small machines standard equipment filter cartridge polyester needle-felt filter bag technical data low pressure 2500 pa filter area 0.3 m² filtration 0.3 micron filling capacity 50 litres hose length 2000 mm hose connection Ø 100 mm noise level 77 db a certificate ce dimensions w Ø 400 x h 700 mm weight approx 11.0 kg the ha 1000 connected to the basato 1 with base ust 600 the standard suction connector set allows the use of the extractor unit also with small machines having smaller suction diameters order information ha 1000 motor equipment v hz input kw hp order no 220­240/50

you need something sturdy for your work in garden or yard or you work as a woodworking professional garden and farm then you should have a look at these catalogs garden and farm offers everything that facilitates your woodworking order no 9322 0184 and with the new innovative brand scheppach professional scheppach offers the necessary equipment to the professional woodworker order no 9322 0241 professional scheppach fabrikation von holzbearbeitungsmaschinen gmbh d-89335 ichenhausen fon 00 49/82 23/40 02-0 fax 00 49/82 23/40 02-20 info your scheppach dealer order no 9322 0104 iln 40 14915 00000 6 edition 04/2010 responsibility cannot be accepted for translation or printing errors we reserve the right to change the specification without prior