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full system solution as a logistics tool the schÃœtz ecobulk is the very heart of a global concept that combines the benefits of one-way packaging with those of a closed-loop system in addition to offering safety efficiency and sustainability schÃœtz packaging comes as a zeroadministration system which means that customers and users all over the world can keep their packaging and logistics costs to a minimum while at the same time benefiting from maximum flexibility schÃœtz develops designs and produces the schÃœtz ecobulk as a packaging solution for worldwide use to ensure globally consistent quality and compatibility we base our production system on maximum possible in-house manufacture and consistent standardisation for full process control and reliability within our worldwide production network we develop and build all the necessary production equipment machinery and moulds ourselves that is why schÃœtz ecobulks offer maximum transport safety and continuously controlled

-r ec on d ibc ibc emea d germany netherlands france uk ireland italy spain norway sweden poland south africa turkey -r ibc ibc ec on asia/pacific china japan malaysia thailand indonesia korea australia our production plants and service centres in all major industrial regions of the world guarantee short distances and low logistic expenditure just-in-time production and strategic capacity reserves within the schÜtz network guarantee maximum supply security and flexibility our highly efficient infrastructure and it systems guarantee globally standardised article and specification management – which form the basis of our simple and fully transparent ordering system we ensure the steady supply of the necessary materials for the production of schÜtz products all over the world by operating our own steel service centres and plastic components factories in europe asia and the americas and pursuing our strategic purchasing policy

handling and performance efficient space utilisation and low weight combined with maximum safety and user friendliness – the benefits of the versatile schÜtz ibc system make the ecobulk the most frequently used ibc type customer feedback from all areas of industry and application and the results of complex load analyses and innovative design ideas all help us to shape the further development of our ibcs dynamic and static load in particular the ibc’s resilience in typical load situations was further optimised the new series even survives with no adverse effects a three-hour vibration test and many tons of excess weight in the stacking pressure resistance test these results by far exceed the statutory requirements and provide important safety reserves in day-to-day use improved stacking resistance and safety thanks to 30 greater surface contact increased collision resilience during forklift operation the new steel pallet demonstrates far greater resilience even in the

innovative technologies as a technological and innovation leader we possess extensive know-how and apply it in a variety of ways to our packaging models for example we not only develop and manufacture our products but also design and build all equipment machinery and tools necessary for their production as our product and production expertise are tightly intermeshed we regularly succeed in responding quickly to market demand with newly developed cutting-edge technical

comprehensive advice and support schÃœtz offers customers an integrated general concept and professional advice on all packaging and transport questions choosing the right packaging offers great potential for cutting process and logistics

product diversity type certification optional volume dimensions label plates hazardous goods certification ❚ un 31ha1/y lx 1000 1,000 litres 275 gal 1,200 x 1,000 x 1,160 lxwxh 4-field 6-field 8-field 12-field maximum density 1.6 hazardous goods certification ❚ un 31ha1/y food safety certification ❚ schÜtz foodcert technical cleanliness ❚ schÜtz cleancert maximum density 1.9 ex-zone certification ❚ for zones 1 and 2 hazardous goods certification ❚ un 31ha1/y food safety certification ❚ schÜtz foodcert mx 640 640 litres 170 gal 1,200 x 800 x 1,000 lxwxh 4-field 6-field mx 820 820 litres 220 gal 1,200 x 1,000 x 1,000 lxwxh mx 1000 1,000 litres 275 gal 1,200 x 1,000 x 1,160 lxwxh 8-field 12-field mx 1250 1,250 litres 330 gal 1,200 x 1,000 x 1,350 lxwxh sx-ex 1000 1,000 litres 275 gal 1,200 x 1,000 x 1,160 lxwxh 4-field 6-field 8-field technical cleanliness ❚ schÜtz cleancert maximum density 1.6 ex-zone certification ❚ for zones

explosion protection packaging types for use in ex-zones evoh barrier for particularly sensitive filling goods requirements requirements z suitability for filling products with a low z protection of filling products e.g foods from flash point of ≤ 60° c z suitability for use in areas with explosive gaseous or vaporous atmospheres z no electrostatic charge during filling emptying and transportation alteration/oxidation due to penetration of air from outside z protection of ambient atmosphere from escaping substances e.g solvents z protection of packaging material from contamination by the filling goods e.g crop protection substances z extended shelf life of packaged products e.g resins and additives example product solution example product solution ecobulk mx-ex conductive ecobulk mx-ev z certified for use in ex-zones 1 and 2 z 6-layer inner bottle with integrated evoh barrier z electrostatically safe in accordance with z reliable prevention of filling good

customers benefit with the ecobulk from a completely administrationfree packaging system across the entire supply chain and within the global schÜtz network it offers considerable cost benefits – depending on the transport scenario up to 50 – as compared with other packaging types z optimum utilisation of existing transport space because cube-shaped z speedy filling and discharge processes using conventional equipment z also ideal for use with automatic filling and transport systems z large label plates for fast easy labelling z no additional material required for outer packaging/packing z perfect stackability and ideal suitability for high-bay storage systems z low-cost distribution to end user – even overseas – thanks to transport in iso box containers z simple discharge processes and very good evacuation of residues z worldwide collection and reconditioning of packaging by schÜtz z no cost-intensive administration tracking or return of

as a composite packaging the ibc owes its quality and performance to the perfect interplay of its individual components that is why customers using reconditioned schÃœtz ecobulks should make sure that only oem parts were used in the reconditioning

ecological sustainability the entire system consisting of schÃœtz ibcs and schÃœtz ticket service is designed to provide customers with not only the most efficient but also the ecologically best packaging and logistics solution our goal is to further reduce the amount of resources and energy required per produced unit and to continuously optimise the eco-efficiency of our packaging system the new full-plastic-pallet the premium product among pallets is an excellent example of how schÃœtz combines top product performance with ecological sustainability the glass-fibre-reinforced plastic used in the pallet is made from high-grade plastic material recovered and recycled by the schÃœtz ticket service in conjunction with the innovative design of the bottom plate the pallet guarantees a previously unattained degree of stability and

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