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braided fishing line snap ball bearing swivels fishing ball bearing swivels fishing ball bearing swivels for fishing scotty 246 striker with flush deck mount stainless steel thimble pistol grip rod 3m reflective safety tape rail mount rod holder round lead weights kevlar drive belts ball bearing swivel with snap stainless steel deck post length cable reels stainless steel no 10 ball bearing swivel 12 volt 30 amp plug and sockets kayak fishing stainless steel sleeves fishing float fishing rod fishing ball bearing snap swivel fishing line connector fishing ball bearing snap free fishing lures fishing rod straps master fishing rods replacement fish net bags fishing rod storage fishing rods 2012 free fishing gear fishing tackle box tackle boxes 2012 rocket launcher pontoon boat pontoon boats water rocket launcher pedestals risers pontoon boat straps trout eggs inflatable boats inflatables boats inflatable boat inline fuse double barrel swivels pulley upgrade deck post bracket boom box wiring harness hella 12 volt plug inline fuse holder deck mounting post bracket ball bearing rigging swivel drink holder insert braided nylon line 24 stainless steel barrel connectors inflatable boat covers golf towel

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depthpower downriggers scotty depthpower electric downriggers have reached the highest performance and reliability standards ever while remaining competitively priced thousands of fishermen now enjoy the superior speed power and years of reliability that only scotty offers from custom designed marine motors to the final quality control tests scotty performance is unmatched in the industry tilt-up feature all scotty electric downriggers include the 1023 tilt-up mounting bracket which enables the unit to be tilted and locked in the upright position model 1106 depthpower · · · · · standard features kevlar belt driven spray-protected positive-drive depth counter multi-position auto-stop included use the no 1008 stopper beads included to stop at any pre-set position adjustable rod holder serious pulling power ample spare power for extra heavy weights of pulling out snags downrigger fishing instruction booklet includes power grip plus line release · · · · · · weight retrieval

manual compact downrigger model 1050 depthmaster each scotty downrigger comes with the scotty limited lifetime warranty the best warranty in the industry is backed by 60 years of manufacturing know-how and unbeatable customer service · · · · standard features spray protected positive drive depth counter adjustable boom-mounted rod master ii rod holder 23 long 3/4 diameter stainless steel boom includes power grip plus line release 1050 mp masterpack 23 the depthmaster and depthking models offer more value for the fisherman than anything else on the market the price and operating features of these units beat the competition hands down · · · 200 of premium 150 lb stainless steel downrigger cable quick-slide 1010 deck mounting bracket automatic brake with the most disc brake surface on the market in the event of a bottom hang-up it will pay-out to avoid losing gear 1060 depthking 23 includes a high speed two feet per turn spool the spool also comes equipped with an extension

scotty 12v plug and receptacle from marinco® 1133 12ft premium 12 gauge 2 conductor downrigger power wire · · · for wire run lengths of up to 25 feet use minimum 12 ga wire for runs of 25 ­ 40 feet use 10 ga wire manufactured from heavy duty annealed tinned copper providing maximum current flow ultra-flexible for extra protection from vibration or frequent flexing csa and ul approved rohs compliant recommend for use with scotty 1124 30 amp inline fuse 12 ft in length 2127 · · · scotty downrigger power wire is specially designed to exceed recommendations for cold bend flexibility moisture salt and oil resistance heat shock flammability and resistance to moisture capillary action 2126 1124 marine in-line fuse holder complete with 30 amp fuse 2128 downrigger theft deterrent system 3131 swivel mount lock works with the 1026 swivel mount replace one of your mounting knobs with the locking knobs to secure your mount locks main base bolt to the 1023 tilt mount on 1080-2116 models

power lock rod holders 231 power lock rod holder with 244 flush deck mount 230 power lock rod holder with 241 side/deck mount 229 power lock rod holder no mount not shown · scotty s most popular value-priced positive-locking open style rod holder fibre reinforced engineering nylon offers strength resilience and reliability · bolting dimensions 1 5/16 x 3 3/16 available in four colors choose black sand grey or white all post mount scotty rod holders are fully adjustable up and down and rotate 360o

rodmaster ii rod holders removable gimbal pin · fibre reinforced engineering nylon offers strength resilience and reliability · front end reel slot and removable gimbal pin accomodates any rod and reel combination · 10 tube · bolting dimensions 1 5/16 x 3 3/16 downrigger boom rod holder 351 rodmaster ii rod holder with 244 flush deck mount 350 rodmaster ii rod holder with 241 side deck mount 349 rodmaster ii rod holder no mount not shown 358 rodmaster ii boom rod holder fits 1 1/4 scotty downrigger booms clamp on style 355 rodmaster ii boom rod holder fits 3/4 and 1 scotty downrigger booms bolts through the boom 358 355 rodmaster 8 tube style rod holder fully adjustable rod holders 250 rodmaster rod holder with 241 deck or side mount downrigger boom rod holder 258 rodmaster boom rod holder fits 1 1/4 scotty downrigger booms clamp on style 255 rodmaster boom rod holder fits 3/4 and 1 scotty downrigger booms bolts through the boom 258 251 rodmaster rod holder with 244

222 sidewinder fast instant rod removal 5/16 stainless steel for strength and durability soft grips protect rod triggerlock mount included 238 rail mount adapter for 222 and 223 rod holders works with a 237 triggerlock mount to clamp to 7/8 and 1 round rails 223 sidewinder bulk rod holder only no mount included 237 triggerlock mount 405 offshore orca kit 1 orca rod holder body 1 459 adjustable rod holder extension 1 5/16 x 2 1/4 s.s star knob the 405 is an optional boom mount for all scotty downriggers when adjusted properly the 405 allows for closer inboard positioning of the orca rod holder creating faster and easier rod removal for 222 rod holders and 1015 right angle mount dimensions 1 5/8 x 4 5/8 247 dual rod holder 10 tube style rod holder gives you the ability to fish with 2 rods without mounting another rod holder designed for use with the 1026 swivel mount mounting hardware included see page 5 on our propack models 271 mounting post mounting post for the 256 triple

the original snapper line release the fishing line is gripped between the soft pads with variable release tension attained by moving the line in or out of the jaws 1041 1049 1040 1042 18 leader with stacking self-locating snap 30 leader with stacking self-locating snap 48 leader with stacking self-locating snap 18 leader with cannonball snap 1160 snapper stacker 6 leader great for use with braided fising line hairtrigger releases 1045 1043 7 wire cable leader planer board release a fully adjustable tension release clip with a simple turn of the yellow nut you can increase or decrease the amount of desired release tension one of the only release clips on the market that works exceptionally well with braided fishing line 1020 the pin is attached to the clip body to prevent loss 1046 1047 1048 mini snapper 18 leader with stacking selflocating snap 18 leader with cannonball snap 1030 extended hairtrigger planer board 4 pack 18 heavy monofilament leader the heavy

scotty 12v plug and receptacle from marinco® 2125 12v downrigger plug and receptacle 2126 12v downrigger receptacle 2127 12v downrigger plug 2128 optional right angle receptacle mount for 2126 downrigger receptacle see page 11 for more details about this product 1014 downrigger pulley system replacement kit includes pulley wheel housing boom end-cap and adapters for all sizes of boom 1139 downrigger pulley upgrade kit for newer scotty downriggers includes new pulley wheel and housing only 1124 marine in-line fuse holder complete with 30 amp fuse 1125 hella electric plug and socket 1142 downrigger handle for manual downriggers bolt and sleeve included 1126 hella electric socket only 1127 hella electric plug only scotty electric downriggers now come standard with marinco connectpro plug and receptacle see products 2125 2128 for 12 volt max 18 amp applications 1024 counter cover for manual downriggers 1140 1141 1149 1145 depthpower counter with base 1146 counter with base for manual

aluminum landing nets aluminum alloy handle and hoop with tough corrosionresistant finish strong 1 1/4 diameter handle retracts for compact storage guaranteed quality ­ 5 year warranty 206 30 solid hoop 4 foot handle 207 30 solid hoop 6 foot handle 215 replacement net bag anchor lock anchor release system for small boats in still-water fishing situations easy lock and release action allows anchor line adjustments with only one hand for use with rope up to 1/2 diameter tough construction and roller bearing for smooth quiet operation 136 paddle clip use our new paddle clip to secure your net to your boat or for gear storage in your garage just clip and it s out of your way 210 net minder simply slide the rubber ring down the net handle clip the bottom of the net into the release and the net will release from the clip when a fish is caught in the net 276 includes a no 241 side deck mount 277 includes a 244 flush deck mount 797 anchor kit · 50 ft 15m premium nylon line · 1.5 lb

hand pumps 794 paddle sports accessory kit w 544k hand pump comes with a kayak pump throw bag lifesaver whistle and a reusable mesh bag · stainless steel piston rod for strength and durability · lifetime warranty · large handle for easier operation · easily disassembled for cleaning · 1 1/2 barrel diameter means quick pump outs · includes 24 of 1 1/8 black bilge flex hose original purchaser limited lifetime warranty 544 13 1/2 bilge pump 545 21 bilge pump 790 pleasure craft safety equipment kit · · · · · 13 strokes per gallon 7 1/2 strokes per gallon 3 1/2 strokes per gallon 548 34 bilge pump contains four of the items required by the canadian coast guard for vessels up to 12 meters requiring a manual bilge pump 15 m buoyant heaving line with float sound signaling device pealess whistle watertight flashlight 545 21 bilge pump 793 throw bag kayak pump stainless steel piston rod for strength and durability comes with pump float lifetime warranty 136 paddle clip

60 years of excellence · original release clips · blayney scott standing and dacre scott · original stainless steel rod holder for information regarding factory authorized service centers parts and other information please contact scotty fishing marine and outdoor products 2065 henry ave west sidney british columbia canada v8l 5z6 phone 250 656-8102 toll free 1-800-214-0141 fax 250 656-8126 edition 13 in 1952 blayney scott started a small company in victoria british columbia that pioneered the use of plastics in the manufacturing of salmon fishing lures and other marine products from humble beginnings scott plastics ltd has evolved to produce thousands of products under the scotty trademark which are sold to the fishing marine outdoor and firefighting industries worldwide now with markets all over north america europe australia new zealand and beyond scotty products are gaining a reputation for being top quality but still affordable in the face of rising production costs the