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g ulaa700 black tech r all scubapro regulators feature our limited lifetime warranty

c200 systems new for 2011 this second stage offers the breathing benefits of our ofd valve in a simple worry free regulator the small dimensions of this second stage make it compact and comfortable the c200 second stage features include · the optimal flow design valve ofd allows reliable and high mk11 c200 air flow due to the incorporation of new technology which improves work of breathing performance compared to a classic downstream valve second stage · diver-adjustable aligned coaxial viva for powerful inhalation assistance and prevention of free-flow · redesigned mouthpiece tube allows better exhaust airflow and lowers the work of breathing · anti-scratch cover mk11 c200 the c200 paired with our lightweight balanced diaphragm mk11 first stage you can t get any easier the new mk11 is made from a forged brass body enabling the removal of excess weight without affecting reliability or performance for details on the c200 second stage see above mk11 first stage features include ·

equator perfect for circling the world where ever your dive adventures lead the equator is clean and lean the lightweight design makes it an ideal front adjustable bc for diving at home or elsewhere comfort and performance are assured · front adjustable design with rotating quick-release shoulder master the master jacket is the stabilizing jacket choice of commercial military instructors and advanced divers needing intensive use precise buoyancy control and comfort · the master jacket has been certified as combined buoyancy buckles · smaller back-pack allows bc to fold easily into a travel bag · proprietary quick-release integrated weight system · soft neoprene neck trim and padded backpack for optimal and rescue device thanks to its lift capacity and the face up body position at the surface · 3-dump deflation system enables divers to dump air from a variety of underwater positions · reflective patches on pockets and shoulders enhance visibility · durable double bladder

aladin 2g aladin 2g is a clear example of relentless development engineered for technical divers who want specific features for total freedom in full safety and for recreational divers who appreciate detailed yet easily accessible information but want the possibility to evolve in the sport the aladin 2g combines a sophisticated algorithm with the compact size and accessibility of the aladin · pdis profile dependent intermediate stops optimizes your dive in complete security the pdis option calculates an intermediate stop based on how much nitrogen uptake your body has endured taking into account your current dive previous dives and breathing mixes · apnea mode with unique features includes faster sampling rates manual start current depth maximum depth dive time in minutes and seconds water temperature ascent and descent speed apnea specific alarms and warnings adjustable water density and an apnea specific logbook · predictive multi-gas allows you to enjoy the full benefits of

everdry4 comfortable like a wetsuit but keeps you warm water tight like a dry suit everdry4 was created for demanding recreational divers wanting easy-to-wear advanced dry suit protection · in professional black with metallic silver graphics and logos this everdry 4 suit says scubapro quality and spirit throughout · 4mm high-density neoprene maintains optimal thermal insulation but weighs 50 less than a traditional dry suit · ensures better protection and buoyancy stability at depth than a traditional wetsuit · featuring si-tech balanced side-activated inlet and adjustable outlet valves facilitating better buoyancy operation and increased comfort · flexible neoprene socks fitting a broad range of sizes can be worn with our optional fjord hd rock boots or neoprene boots · dry back zipper with neoprene protection flap keeps water out · convenient zippered pocket · available in men s and women s sizes our lady s version is specifically shaped for perfect fit on the female form

profile 0,5mm steamers an ultra-thin neoprene steamer extremely comfortable and ideal for tropical waters or as an added layer · 0,5mm neoprene outside and silverskin inside for easy donning · comfortable and non-chafing flat seam construction · thumb and ankle straps for added convenience · reinforced shoulders for more durability · back zip design for ergonomic fit · available in men s and women s sizes profile 0,5mm steamer hybrids 1mm steamer hybrids 1mm steamers our hybrid is a lightweight suit perfect for use in warmer water · 1mm n2s for warmth and flexibility · smooth exterior chest panels for quick drying to minimize evaporative heat loss · available in men s and women s sizes profile shorties this lightweight neoprene shorty will soon be your steady companion for all your warm water diving and snorkeling activities · 2,5mm durable and fast drying n2s neoprene · back zipper for streamlined look fit and convenience · flat-seam construction for durable non-chafing

twin jet max ­ adjustable the ultimate in fin propulsion technology twin jet max fins feature a patented split-hydrofoil shape to deliver optimum power with minimum effort plus dual-compound construction which enables scubapro to fine-tune performance and optimize maneuverability and diver comfort delivered with steel spring straps for complete comfort and durability · patented split-fin propeller technology has been proven to deliver more forward motion with considerably less effort than traditional blades · dual-compound construction blends the best characteristics of two different yet compatible compounds to achieve the highest level of flex and performance · drag-reducing vents substantially decrease resistance on both up and down strokes · extended soleplate acts like a lever to enhance power stroke semi-rigid side rails add blade stability through kick · soft vented foot pocket is bio-engineered for optimum fit and comfort while seamlessly transferring energy from the

clear vu plus a low profile twin lens mask with side windows to enhance peripheral vision · low volume for easy clearing and nice fit · seamless side window design for panoramic view · crystal-clear double sealed silicone skirt · available in 3 colors full-face mask scout a sporty low volume mask for easy clearing and comfortable fit · compact two-window design · swivel buckles for easy adjustment · tempered glass lenses clear vu plus · crystal-clear or black double-sealed silicone skirt · available in five colour combinations mask classics full­face mask a professional-quality full-face mask widely used by military and commercial divers worldwide · ideal design for using secondary air source diving in futura 1 contaminated environments or employing an underwater communication system · reduced weight makes it very comfortable to wear · designed for safety and comfort while diving in very cold water wrecks caves or technical diving environments futura 1 · classic design

a ccess dive n roll deluxe o r ie

pocket weight belts · makes weight adjustment easy even when floating on the surface · various lengths available with multiple pocket options eco weights · ecologically safe with double pvc bags and double-sealed to prevent any contact between lead and water · ideal with all weight systems pocket weight belts eco weights ankle weights · additional ankle weights for use with drysuits or those who want better redistribution of weight for better body position · relieves weights on waist or hips · available in two sizes 1kg 0,5kg ankle weights standard weight belts · traditional 5cm wide nylon weight belts in fast drying fabric to prevent mildew and odor · nylon or stainless steel quick release buckle travel adapter · light-weight alloy adapter perfect for converting din systems into international systems when traveling · built-in thread so can be instantly and safely mounted without any tools universal hanger · specific place on hanger for every piece of gear regulators bc