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seattle community colleges  2010-2012 catalog disability support educational support services south 206 763‑5137 v/tty 1-800-833-6384 ■ tdd 1-800-833-6388 www.southseattle.edu/campus/facility/department asp?number=43 student services 126 the role of the disability support services office is to provide physical and academic accommodations to persons with documented disabilities this office obtains and files disability-related documents certifies eligibility for services helps determine academic adjustments and consults for the provision of such accommodations academic adjustments are provided to ensure access to all community college courses programs counseling activities and facilities disability support services provides or arranges a variety of auxiliary services such as sign language interpreters assistive technology exam modifications and academic assistance to avoid delays auxiliary requests such as brailling and books on tape require six weeks’ advance

seattle community colleges  2010-2012 catalog safety student government 206 763-5157 206 768-6751 the well‑being and safety of students are of utmost importance it is vital that students follow strict safety procedures with equipment in all classes especially technical-vocational classes in the event of an on‑campus accident or injury the accident should be reported to the security office so the injury can be addressed and an accident report completed students should immediately call 911 for serious injuries instructors must be notified if the accident occurs during class the united student association usa is the official governing body for students at south student officers are elected each spring to represent student interests the usa meets weekly in the jerry m brockey student center room 128 for more information about how to get involved and or how to become a paid student representative contact the usa president or vice president office mailboxes are located

seattle community colleges  2010-2012 catalog associate in business a.b direct transfer agreement dta south this degree is designed for students planning to transfer into a baccalaureate business degree program it will satisfy the lower division education requirements for business and/or accounting degrees at washington’s public 4-year colleges and universities programs of study 134 note while many washington state universities accept transfer of this degree each has individual requirements and/or acceptable course substitutions needed for their specific programs also admission to many business schools is competitive and higher grades are often required it is essential to learn the requirements of your transfer school and to consult advising services basic requirements english and math 15 visual literary and performing arts 15 choose from a minimum of two different prefixes must include 5 credits in cmst individuals cultures and

seattle community colleges  2010-2012 catalog assistance in applying to colleges and applying for financial aid and scholarships students also spend six weeks on the south seattle community college campus during the summer for intensive academic and college preparatory program activities see page 22 for more information career link academy south 206 764-7946 www.southseattle.edu/programs careerlk.htm programs of study 138 the career link academy prepares students for success in college and careers while they work toward earning a high school diploma students who are 16 to 20 years old have left high school without a diploma or have a ged and want to gain skills for success in college and beyond can be assisted by career link at south seattle to prepare for education and future careers tuition for students is free and support is available for transportation books supplies and work-related needs in addition career link at south seattle offers support through this program and

seattle community colleges  2010-2012 catalog professional-technical programs south south seattle community college offers degrees and certificates in more than 20 workforce education areas these programs which vary in length from one to seven quarters are designed to prepare students for careers and/or to expand skills in their career area several professional-technical programs offer short-term training certificates students may build skills and add certifications over time to progress in their fields contact the program office for information south seattle community college is accredited by the northwest commission of colleges and universities professional-technical programs 142 aeronautical technology aviation maintenance division 206 764-5394 south offers both certificate and degree programs in aviation maintenance and aeronautical technology the aviation maintenance certificate program offers a preparatory program in airframe and powerplant a&p mechanics the two-year 8

2010-2012 catalog  seattle community colleges automotive technology psyc 100 general psychology 5 total credits automotive technology training center 206 764-5391 the automotive technology program is a natef/ase master certified training program and offers ase certificate options see an instructor for more information 4 4 4 3 general service technician ii aut 122 steering suspension aut 124 tires wheel alignment aut 126 basic brake systems aut 127 advanced brake systems 4 4 3 4 automotive minor 4 3 3 6 6 4 6 automotive major transmissions/engines aut aut aut aut aut aut aut 112 manual transaxles clutches 114 manual transmissions transfer cases drive axles 118 auto transmission diagnosis service 120 advance automatic transmission service 128 automotive engine diagnosis repair/replace 130 automotive

2010-2012 catalog  seattle community colleges degrees may be completed in approximately two years call for additional options associate of applied science t degree a.a.s t engr 111 may sub for met 102 check prereqs related instruction engl 101 english composition i engl 108 technical report writing math 141 pre-calculus i math 142 pre-calculus ii psyc 100 general psychology 5 3 5 5 5 elective courses 6 a minimum of 6 credits in two of these areas visual literary performing arts „„ individuals cultures societies „„ the natural world „„ total credits 92 computing technology technical education division 206 764-5365 the computing technology program provides the opportunity to learn it fundamentals and prepares the student for industry certification exams such as a network linux and ccna the program is designed for maximum

2010-2012 catalog  seattle community colleges diesel heavy equipment technology associate of applied science degree a.a.s to earn an a.a.s degree in pastry and baking arts students must complete the certificate requirements general education electives and maintain a minimum cumulative 2.0 gpa general education electives diesel technology training center 206 764-5391 10 a minimum of 10 elective credits from at least two of these categories business office „„ science mathematics „„ visual literary performing arts „„ individuals cultures societies „„ total credit 140 to earn an a.a.s t degree in pastry baking arts students must maintain a cumulative 2.0 gpa related instruction engl 101 english composition i engl 102 composition ii math 102 college algebra psyc 100 general psychology general education electives 5 5 5 5 10 a minimum of 10

2010-2012 catalog  seattle community colleges horticultural electives 9-15 lho 109 210 meet re-certification requirements for pesticides license test related instruction ifs 100 industrial first aid engl 101 english composition i math 102 college algebra psyc 100 general psychology general education 2 5 5 5 10 total credits total credits 78 lpn to rn ladder program associate of arts t degree a.a.s t students must first successfully complete an lpn certificate program and the general education and related instruction requirements 92-93 nursing nursing 206 768-6654 nursing programs offered by south include certified nursing assistant licensed practical nurse and the licensed practical nurse to registered nurse ladder program which can lead to an associate of applied science -t degree certified nursing assistant this one-quarter course prepares students

2010-2012 catalog  seattle community colleges math -orbus psyc -orpsyc 102 college algebra 5 116 business math/spreadsheets 5 100 general psychology 3-5 240 psychology of human relations 5 total credits 62-65 wine making associate of applied science degree a.a.s related instruction acct 110 intro to accounting/bookkeeping bus 101 intro to business bus 116 business math/spreadsheets bus 201 business law bus 235 oral communications in business engl 105 applied composition psyc 240 psychology of human relations smg 210 project management 5 5 5 5 5 3 3 3 a minimum of 15 credits from the following 15 bus 140 customer relations 5 bus 169 using computers in business 5 ctn 160 web production i

seattle community colleges  2010-2012 catalog sviseattle vocational institute welcome svi programs at seattle vocational institute lead to jobs with a future personal achievements and educational advancement svi is a division of seattle central community college and collaborates with colleges in the seattle community college district as well as with business labor government and community-based organizations 164 svi is located in the heart of the city’s central district and is the area’s largest delivery system for shortterm workforce training and education leading directly to employment welcome „„ „„ „„ basic skills courses enable students to improve their reading writing math and critical thinking skills short-term open-entry job training programs lead to real-world jobs with livable wages personal and professional development courses are designed to enhance the development of individual potential and success in the workplace this