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bamboo series with an eye towards the environment and patented laminating process we started making boards from 100 bamboo an ideal raw material bamboo can regenerate itself by up to 4 feet a week incredibly strong and resilient it had to be made into a skateboard save a tree ride a weed bamboo series bambino 7.5 x 26.5 bbf071 barong 8.75 x 30.8 bbf072 maccas 8.8 x 31.75 bbf073 assembled with sidewinders bingin 8.75 x 36.75 bbf074 padang 9.375 x 38.0 bbf075 uluwatu 10.0 x 46.0 bbf076

cosmic series for awhile now the boards in the cosmic series have been representative of the surf-side of us here at sector 9 this shows through with the amazing photos we incorporate into the graphics the fiberglass used in most of their lay-ups but most of all in how they ride try one and feel for yourself cosmic series rhythm 8.25 x 34.0 crf072 graphics top and bottom frothy 8.25 x 34.0 crf073 rapa nui 8.5 x 38.0 crf074 dreamwave 8.5 x 38.0 crf075 garuda 9.5 x 46.0 crf076 7th hole 9.5 x 46.0 crf077 hard rock maple cold climate maple is the timetested standard in skateboard construction our maple boards are designated with the a maple leaf logo and the corresponding number indicates the number of plies used in that board carbon lite our modern construction techniques utilize the throwback combination of 10-ounce and 4-plies of maple this combination amplifies the rebound effect and enables you to spring in and out of turns 6

cloud nine someone forgot to tell these guys they couldn t ride those boards in the park oh wait looks like they can for the person who s looking for some extra wheel base but still feels the need to try and break our beautiful handmade skateboards here s a few for you to choose from cloud nine series gavin roots 9.5 x 37.5 c9f071 ganesh 8.7 x 38.0 c9f072 channel 9 9.25 x 40.5 c9f073 featuring cnc cut channels phoenix 9.5 x 44.5 c9f074 reflections 9.6 x 46.0 c9f075 luke 11.0 x 55.0 c9f076

mini series we re not a longboard company we re a skateboard company and the maple boards in the mini series are a perfect example of this these shorties orties are great for tricks travel filming the car whatever they don t need to be long to cruise and hide easily in the bushes see you at the airport mini series fisherman 7.5 x 26.5 mf071 el porto 8.5 x 27.5 mf072 joel tudor signature model 8.6 x 29.5 mf073 rasta n8v 8.25 x 31.75 mf074 bamboo bottom ply 9

deep end series some skaters ride harder and longer than others that s why these guys are the ones constantly working with us at our factory on new shapes and molds that we cut right here so their boards won t be the thing holding them back that ll be beer that does that these boards come standard with indys deep end series hard rock maple cold climate maple from north america is the s uction time-tested standard in skateboard construction h our maple leaf boards are designated with a mber maple leaf logo and the corresponding number indicates the number of plies used in that board 9 ball banner 7.3 8.5 df071 redneck 8.5 x 34.0 df073 jake skull 8.8 x 32.75 df072 jake piasecki pro rising 9.6 x 39.0 df074

wheels wheels our wheels are made out of the highest quality urethane and by the best manufacturer in the world we have spared no expense to bring you the best product possible wheels are one of the most vital parts on any skateboard and we have gone to great lengths to bring you the very best wheels trucks hardware 60mm 98a 61mm 78a 61mm 78 82a ts 82a available in ghost only 65mm 78a 65mm 95a no flat spot slide formula 65mm 78a ts race formula wheels la 69mm 75a 80a 70mm 75a bamboo 70mm 75 78a 69mm 78a 82a 70mm 78a 80a 76mm 78a 80a 81mm 78a 82a the new racing formula wheels have been chemically balanced to provide insane rebound which makes you go faster while still maintaining the grip you need through high speed turns look for the nineball yellow wheels passing by on a hill or race course near you 72mm/75a 76mm 75 78a 81mm 75 80a

men s apparel your next favorite t-shirt will be found on this page not only are the graphics bitchin but so are the 100 organic cotton t-shirts and sweatshirts they are printed on have a look five o mtf071 9 skull mtf072 backside mtf073 bingin mtf075 macca s mtf076 love it mtf077 off the wall mtf079 tavern mtf0710 scribble

men s sweats long sleeves scribble hoodie mswf071 rasta logo hoodie mswf072 bomb hills hoodie mswf073 push hoodie mswf074 9 ball thermal mlstf071 indo mask ls tee mlstf072 bomb hills ls tee

shades wtf071 bloom wtf072 bomb hills wtf073 bunny love wtf074 dove wtf075 forever wtf076 lotus wtf077 circle of life wtf078 push wtf079 tastes great wtf0710 dove hoodie wsw071 kiss hoodie wsw072 bingin thermal wlsf071 heart tank

accessories everyone needs a little flare now and then here you can choose your flare and feel confident you ll be looking good accessories kids bomb hills wallet wf071 9 ball money clip mcf071 9 ball opener kcf071 bomb logo key chain kcf072 9 ball buckle blbf072 native buckle blbf072 bottle opener buckle blbf073 bomb hills buckle blbf074 bomb hills belt mbltf071 goddess belt mbltf072 women s give a hoot belt wbltf071 women s balloon belt wbltf072 jr s 9 baller jtf071 jr s cutty jtf072 jr s splatter jtf073 jr s little caesar jtf074 tikes organic fun ttf071 tikes baby 9er btf071 tikes sprout onesy