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training videos introduction to security available in spanish dvd with a 10 question test and answer key 21 minutes a this training session was produced to instill motivation and dedication for applicants as well as for your current security officers it highlights most issues that confront security officers every day its main objective is to decrease turnover and create a mind set that will produce a better employee the video is enhanced with video action of the subject being discussed the following is a partial list of the topics covered · the observe and report requirements · how to act as a deterrent while patrolling · time and attendance · what a security officer s purpose is · the do s and don ts that a security officer · how to reduce liability needs to know · legal authority limitations · and much more · courtesy and honesty self defense dvd with a 20 question test and answer key part one 29 minutes part two 31 minutes in part one of this training session the

training videos buy a bundle pepper spray techniques dvd with a 10 question test and answer key 23 minutes a save a bundle this training video is a must for security officers armed with pepper spray the training video teaches the various techniques in dispersing pepper spray as well as the legal and moral aspects involved it demonstrates user awareness and responsibilities needed when carrying and dispensing pepper spray the training session covers the following subjects · understanding when and when not to dispense pepper spray · · · · · effective non-lethal techniques · liability issues to consider pro-active considerations · required documentation preparation tactical positions · handling aggressive situations · post first aid chemical makeup of pepper spray proper carrying storage and care of canisters · and more pepper spray training program dvd with a 10 question test and answer key the pepper spray training program is ideal for classroom instruction and

training videos interview techniques dvd with a 10 question test and answer 22 minutes a this training video defines the various levels of interviews such as interviewing a witness a victim and suspects it impresses the importance of interviewing witnesses and suspects in a professional manner it demonstrates proper interviewing techniques for each the following is a partial list of just some of the topics presented · · · interviewer s responsibility · documentation · confidentiality types of interviews · locations for interviews ·note taking demeanor of the officer · and more crime scene dvd with a 10 question test and answer key 19 minutes b this training session impresses the importance in preserving a crime scene when a crime scene gets corrupted it could cause the loss of the case in court it demonstrates several surroundings that could confront security officers the following is a partial list of some of the topics · · protecting the crime scene · documentation of

management seminar how to manage a guard company dvd a this nationally acclaimed seminar has been attended by over 500 hundred satisfied owners and executives throughout the united states it is not just a onetime seminar use it to train new executives it is power-packed with over 5 ½ hours 3 video sessions of proven successful procedures and techniques it will pay for itself ten times over within just a few months after implementing the procedures and techniques the seminar comes with a 127 page workbook that coincides with the seminar as it progresses the seminar will give you 37 money making/savings ideas 11 sales ours learn from an expert techniques 45 management techniques 16 liability buffers 5 1/2 h 14 equipment control procedures and more the following is just a partial list of benefits in this seminar · reduce payroll and at the same time increase your security officers take home pay · reduce turnover · reduce workers compensation rates · reduce liability exposure ·

manuals templates software negotiating a contract kit create a state-of-the-art security contract the guide to cost effective security guard contract negotiations kit author alex trent is a combination reference manual and template the kit contains 71 pages concerning contract guard service negotiations and quality service techniques use this kit as a reference manual to help win those contracts it will guide you through pricing concepts effective negotiations work out reasonable and competitive billing rates within its 60 topics the kit is written in microsoft word so that you can copy and modify portions of the content reducing composing time the guide to cost effective security guard contract negotiations kit will quickly become your company s most valuable tool a negoti ating a contr act guide to devel oping securi a ty surv ey security survey kit provide your customers with a state-of-the-art security survey b the guide to developing security programs kit author alex trent this

manuals templates software visitor log management module cd software buy a bundle a save a bundle the visitor log management software is designed to be used at locations wherever people or vehicles require documentation when entering and exiting when you install the visitor log program at your client s facility you immediately expand your value to them use the same visitor log cd to install the program at your other clients facilities each location can have its own password and unique database requires microsoft excel 2000 or above to operate documentation · tracks the date and time of all persons/vehicles entering and exiting · documents each officer s actions · maintains a database of all tenant approved or denied visitor s access · reports past future and current traffic by locations time and date · instant access to all tenant locations and telephone numbers · schedule client s visitors by name and/or company · print on standard paper visitor passes with expiration

manuals templates software procedure manual cd template buy a bundle a save a bundle the procedure manual template documents specific duties and requirements for a company s course of action the sgm procedure manual can quickly be converted into a manual specific to your company by using microsofts find and replace function tool it contains hundreds of pages of operational regulations and procedures below are some of the topics in each of its chapters patrol and sales · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · code of conduct court appearance escorts incident reports notifications post orientation patrol checks sign in logs problem cards equipment responsibility scheduling sector supervisors daily log service request supervisor inspections towing vehicles transporting officers uniform of the day dress code vehicle assignments vehicle inspections warning notices watch commander · · · · reports · and more dispatchers · personnel · telephone etiquette · alarm

save over 15 when you buy a sgm video bundle security officer bundle 26 training sessions for security officers with tests a · introduction to security · patrolling one two · report writing · uniform/equipment · law of arrest · terrorist patrol · writing reports · basic first aid cpr · pepper spray techniques · officer safety · interview techniques · foot patrol vehicle patrol · crime scene · conflict resolutions · firearms safety · court procedures · traffic control · test creator /corrector · · · · fire watch 2 sexual harassment self defense 2 public relations $1,480 fr ee each training video comes with a 10 question test and answer key training bundle 28 training sessions for security officers supervisors with tests b · introduction to security · patrolling one two · report writing · uniform/equipment · law of arrest · terrorist patrol · writing reports · basic first aid cpr · pepper spray · officer safety · interview techniques · foot patrol

super bundle super bundle contains both security officer training program instructor s lesson plan manuals including powerpoint slide presentations and test page 25 all 28 security officer supervisor training videos pages 3 through 13 the executive 5 ½ hour seminar and workbook page 13 all 14 security officer supervisor and security business templates and software page 23 the tactical solution scenario program page 15 the security supervisor s field training manual with test page 14 the security officer s field training guide with test page 14 the american red cross first aid safety handbook with test page 14 the negotiating a contract kit security survey kit page 16 the sgm training certificate with your company s name inscribed on it negotiatia ting a contract kit save over 25 bsis licensed and certified tactical solutio n scenarios modification cd secu rity gu vey kit $3,789 0 $70 this ce ing th rtificate e se is curit issued y offi to cer tr your co aining m prog pany as ram

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