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2016 summer fall tours previous brochure summary below is a summary of our 2016 summer and fall multi-stop tours in north america and europe and our exotic tours to the rest of the world that appeared in our previous brochures should you wish a detailed description of any of these tours please call our office prices listed are based on double occupancy,toronto departures canada and u.s.a beautiful bc and the rockies july 28 and september 1 $3597 rocky mountaineer rail tour july 23 and september 27 from $4797 west coast rail and sea september 12 from $5997 the maritimes departures all summer and fall $3997 newfoundland and labrador departures all summer and fall $3997 california here we come september 15 and october 13 $5997 spectacular southwest october 5 $5597 pacific coast seattle to san francisco october 5 $5397 britain and ireland london show tour august 15 $4797 northern and central england september 6 $4997 british culture and cuisine september 8 $5797

holiday inclusions • flights with air canada • first class hotel • full breakfast daily and 1 lunch • 6 dinners christmas eve dinner christmas day traditional dinner new year’s eve dinner celebrations • all tour inclusions on the inside cover cost • per person double occupancy from toronto $4597 christmas and new years in florida gulf coast jjoin oin uuss for for a fun-filled fun-filled ttour our ttoo f florida’s lorida’s g gulf ulf c oast w here yyou ou w ill eenjoy njoy a relaxing relaxing coast where will hholiday oliday w ith m any eexcursions xcursions pparties ar ties and and with many gget-togethers et-togethers you w you will ill eenjoy njoy sspecial pecial m meals eals aand nd ffestivities estivities ffor or cchristmas hristmas aand nd nnew ew yyear ear aass w well ell aass ooceanview ceanview rrooms ooms iinn oour ur llovely ovely bbeachside eachside hhotel otel iinn ttreasure reasure iisland sland right right nnext

tentative t entative iitinerary tinerary ffor or a autumn utumn s splendour plendour day 11 ssault day ault sste te m marie arie w wee ddepart epart ffrom rom tthe he ttoronto oronto aand nd hhamilton amilton aareas reas aand nd ttravel ravel ttoo ssault ault sste te m marie arie ffor or a 22-night -night sstay tay day 22 aagawa day gawa ccanyon anyon eearly arly this this m morning orning we we board board tthe he aalgoma lgoma rrailway ailway ffor or tthe he jjourney ourney tthrough hrough tthe he iincredible ncredible aagawa gawa ccanyon anyon w where here w wee w will ill enjoy enjoy mother mother nature s nature s sspectacular pectacular ffall all ffoliage oliage ddisplay isplay llunch unch w will ill be be served served oonn bboard oard tthe he ttrain rain day 33 m day mackinac ackinac iisland sland w wee ddepart epart tthe he ssault ault aand nd hhead ead iinto nto m ichigan w here w ill board board the the hydroplane hydroplane fferry erry ffor or michigan where wee w will

bermuda this llittle this ittle iisland sland iinn tthe he a atlantic tlantic hhas as one one ooff tthe he m ost bbeautiful eautiful ssettings ettings in in the the world world most yyou ou w will ill find find nnoo bbetter etter pplace lace ttoo eenjoy njoy the the ocean ocean than than bermuda miles b ermuda ssince ince tthe he island island is is only only 2 m iles wide wide you you are are nnever ever far far from from tthe he ssea ea aand nd the the pink pink ssand and beaches beaches there there aare re 170 170 vvarieties arieties ooff sub-tropical sub-tropical flowers flowers which which ssplash plash ccolour olour aand nd ffragrance ragrance eeverywhere verywhere tthroughout hroughout the the yyear ear the the warm warm ssub-tropical ub-tropical climate climate enhances enhances tthe he scenery scenery another another of of bermuda s b ermuda s main main attractions attractions is is its its rromantic omantic and and historic historic oold ld world w orld charm charm tthe he

tentative t entative itinerary itinerary ffor or a autumn utumn iinn p paris aris dday ay 11 ddeparture eparture w wee ddepart epart ffor or pparis aris dday ay 22 pparis aris uupon pon aarrival rrival w ill enjoy enjoy a short short tour tour ooff wee w will lluxembourg uxembourg ggardens ardens aand nd tthen hen pproceed roceed ttoo oour ur ccentrally entrally llocated ocated hhotel otel tthe he bbalance alance ooff tthe he dday ay iiss aatt lleisure eisure uuntil ntil tthis his eevening’s vening’s w welcome elcome ddinner inner dday ay 33 ccity ity ttour our oonn ttoday’s oday’s ppanoramic anoramic ttour our w ill ccross ross wee w will bbetween etween tthe he lleft eft aand nd rright ight bbanks anks aacross cross tthe he oornate rnate bbridges ridges aand nd ssee ee tthe he m ajor hhighlights ighlights ooff pparis aris the the major llouvre ouvre tthe he aarc rc ddee ttriomphe riomphe pplace lace ddee llaa cconcord oncord cchamps-elysées

southern italy special value holidays departures in october and the holiday season both ffa both fall all aand nd c christmas hristmas aare re lovely lovellyy times times of of yyear ear iinn southern southern italy italy as as tthe he ppleasant leasant m ild mild cclimate limate iiss iideal deal ffor or w alking aand nd eexploring xploring the the walking ssmall mall vvillages illages aand nd ttowns owns ooff tthe he c alabrian calabrian rregion egion t he h oliday s eason iinn pparticular articular is is a the holiday season vvery ery sspecial pecial time time of of year year in in c alabria iitt iiss calabria oone ne ooff tthe he ffew ew rregions egions of of iitaly taly w here oold ld where ttraditions raditions tthrive hrive aand nd aancient ncient ffestivals estivals and and ccustoms ustoms aare re sstill till eenjoyed njoyed calabria iiss iitaly s calabria taly s lleast east ddeveloped eveloped aarea rea aand nd iiss ooff ff tthe he major m ajor ttourist ourist rroutes outes

greece special value seaside stay-put holiday fall f all iiss a llovely ovely time time ooff yyear ear ttoo eexplore xplore g greece reece the cclimate the limate iiss m mild ild aand nd ppleasant leasant iideal deal ffor or w walking alking aand nd eexploring xploring tthis his eeconomical conomical aand nd llively ively hholiday oliday is is ideal ideal for for tthose hose llooking ooking ffor or a rrelaxing elaxing vvacation acation w with ith tthe he oopportunity pportunity ttoo eexplore xplore tthe he ttowns owns vvillages illages aand nd hhistoric istoric ssites ites wee stay w stay aatt tthe he kinetta kinetta bbeach each hhotel otel sspa pa located located oonn a pebbly pebbly beach beach bbyy tthe he ssea ea iinn corinthos corinthos approximately approximately 5500 kms kms from from athens athens aand nd 7 kkms ms ffrom rom tthe he vvillage illage of of st st theodori theodori tthis his ffirst irst cclass lass hhotel otel w which hich iiss set set on on m many any acres

tentative itinerary for special value caribbean cruise day 1 departure fort lauderdale we fly to fort lauderdale and upon arrival we transfer to our cruise ship the regal princess this evening we enjoy our first delicious dinner on board day 2 princess cays bahamas this is a princess private island a tropical playground located amidst the unspoiled beaches of south eleuthera in the bahamas this oasis of palms has inviting hammocks swaying in the breeze to complete the day enjoy a lavish island barbeque served right on the beach from the sea breeze grill day 3 at sea time to relax get acquainted with the ship and enjoy the endless array of facilities activities and entertainment day 5 grand cayman cayman islands we arrive at grand cayman famous for its seven mile beach and some of the finest duty-free shopping in the caribbean in georgetown the 5-story building limit contributes to the charming ambiance of this island day 6 cozumel mexico a day in mexico shopping on this mexican

holiday inclusions • flights with air canada • 14-night cruise all port taxes and tipping 4 meals daily all activities entertainment • 2 nights first class hotel in santiago with full breakfast lunch and dinner daily • touring in santiago and buenos aires • all tour inclusions on the inside cover south america cruise and tour aboard the crown princess this ccruise this ruise aand nd ttour our w will ill aappeal ppeal to to the the aadventurous dventurous ttraveller raveller w ho w ould llike ike ttoo vvisit isit who would ssome ome ooff south south america’s america’s most most exciting exciting cities cities pplus lus ssome ome of of tthe he lless ess w ell kknown nown pports-of-call orts-of-call well on the on the ccruise ruise w wee w will ill eenjoy njoy w wonderful onderful sscenery cenery ffascinating ascinating ttowns owns aand nd vvillages illages aand nd tthe he oopportunity pportunity ttoo ttry ry vvarious arious aactivities

tentative t entative iitinerary tinerary ffor or tthe he b beautiful eautif iful b blue lue d danube anube bbelow elow is is the the iitinerary tinerary for for the the may may 12 12 cruise cruise tthe he m ay 2255 ccruise ruise w ill be be identical identical and and will will run run in in reverse reverse from from prague prague to to budapest budapest may will day 11 ddeparture day eparture w wee ddepart epart ffor or bbudapest udapest w with ith a cchange hange ooff planes planes iinn ffrankfurt rankfurt dday ay 22 bbudapest udapest w rrive iinn bbudapest udapest aand nd ttransfer ransfer ttoo wee aarrive oour ur hhotel otel tthe he rrest est ooff tthe he dday ay iiss ffree ree aand nd ttonight onight iiss oour ur w elcome dinner dinner welcome dday ay 33 bbudapest udapest oour ur gguided uided tour tour w ill include include buda buda will ccastle astle ffor or a ssplendid plendid vview iew ooff tthe he ttwin win ccities ities ooff bbuda uda aand nd ppest est sspread pread