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tentative t entative itinerary itinerary ffor or q quebec uebec day 11 ddeparture day eparture m montreal ontreal w wee ddepart epart ffor or m montreal ontreal uupon pon aarrival rrival w wee ccheck-in heck-in aatt oour ur ccentrally entrally llocated ocated hhotel otel llater ater w wee eenjoy njoy oour ur w welcome elcome ddinner inner day 22 m day montreal ontreal m magog agog we we bbegin egin tthe he dday ay w with ith a ssightseeing ightseeing ttour our ooff m montreal’s ontreal’s hhighlights ighlights m mount ount rroyal oyal llively ively ssainte-catherine ainte-catherine sstreet treet nnotre-dame otre-dame ccathedrale athedrale aand nd qquaint uaint oold ld m montreal ontreal tthis his aafternoon fternoon w wee ddepart epart ffor or tthe he eeastern astern ttownships ownships w with ith a sscenic cenic ddiversion iversion oonn qquebec’s uebec’s wine w ine rroute oute hhere ere w wee w will ill enjoy enjoy a visit visit and and tasting tasting at at an an aaward-winning 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tthe he with m iddle ooff tthe he rroad oad w ill vvisit isit the the colby-curtis colby-curtis m useum middle wee w will museum a hheritage eritage hhouse ouse bbuilt uilt iinn tthe he 119th 9th ccentury entury aafter fter ttoday’s oday’s ttouring ouring w ill eenjoy njoy ssome ome ffree ree ttime ime iinn the the ccharming harming town town wee w will ooff magog magog w ith iits ts nnumerous umerous sshops hops ccafés afés aand nd ppleasant leasant with llakeside akeside ppromenade romenade dday ay 44 qquebec uebec ccity ity w epart ffor or qquebec’s uebec’s ccapital apital wee ddepart qquebec uebec ccity ity ffor or a 22-night -night sstay tay uupon pon aarrival rrival iinn tthe he ccity ity w wee w ill eembark mbark oonn a gguided uided ttour our ooff tthe he m ost ffamous amous ssights ights will most iincluding ncluding pplace lace rroyal oyal llittle ittle cchamplain hamplain quarter quarter tthe he pplains lains ooff aabraham braham aand nd tthe he pport ort w here ssoo m any 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tadoussac tadoussac a sshort hort ddrive rive takes takes uuss fifirst rst ttoo m montmorency ontmorency ffalls alls a magnificent magnificent cascade cascade 100 100 ffeet eet hhigher igher than than niagara niagara then then for for what what may may be be the the hhighlight ighlight of of the the tour tour we we board board a train train journey journey that that will will ttake ake us us along along the the st st lawrence lawrence river river and and through through the the bbeautiful eautiful charlevoix charlevoix region region en en route route we we will will stop stop in in baiebaiessaint-paul aint-paul a charming charming little little town town of of artisans artisans nestled nestled in in a valley valley here here we we will will have have some some free free time time to to visit visit the the many m any art art galleries galleries in in town town and and enjoy enjoy lunch lunch at at one one of of the the qquaint uaint bistros bistros we we continue continue on on our our scenic scenic route route to to our our final final ddestination estination tadoussac tadoussac at at the the mouth mouth of of the the saguenay saguenay ffjord jord dday ay 7 7 tadoussac tadoussac ttoday oday w njoy aanother nother ttour our hhighlight ighlight wee eenjoy a whale whale watching watching cruise cruise on on the the magnificent magnificent st st lawrence lawrence rriver iver which which is is renowned renowned for for its its large large concentration concentration of of rresident esident belugas belugas and and rorqual rorqual whales whales the the afternoon afternoon will will bbee at at leisure leisure to to take take in in the the beauty beauty of of the the site site take take a stroll stroll oonn the the beach beach or or one one of of the the picturesque picturesque walking walking trails trails by by oour ur hhotel otel or or to to perhaps perhaps visit visit the the marine marine mammal mammal iinterpretation nterpretation center center dday ay 8 8 montreal montreal we we depart depart ffor or m ontreal eenn rroute oute w ill montreal wee w will ddrive rive oonn the the first first road road built built in in new new france france “le “le chemin chemin du du rroi” oi” w here you you can can see see some some of of the the area’s area’s finest finest and and where ooldest ldest hhomes omes we we then then stop stop in in st-prosper st-prosper for for a visit visit and and a hhomemade omemade country country lunch lunch at at a buffalo buffalo farm farm run run by by a ppersonable ersonable quebec quebec family family this this evening evening you you will will have have the the oopportunity pportunity to to try try your your luck luck at at the the montreal montreal casino casino bbrimming rimming with with the the vitality vitality so so characteristic characteristic of of one one of of nnorth orth aamerica’s merica’s most most exciting exciting cities cities dday ay 9 9 montreal montreal this this morning morning we we visit visit montreal’s montreal’s bbotanical otanical gardens gardens ranked ranked as as one one of of the the world’s world’s largest largest aand nd most most spectacular spectacular garden garden with with its its collection collection of of 22,000 22,000 pplant lant species species 10 10 exhibition exhibition greenhouses greenhouses and and some some thirty thirty tthematic hematic ggardens ardens the the afternoon afternoon is is free free to to visit visit one one of of the the ccity’s ity’s many many unique unique museums museums do do some some fine fine shopping shopping or or ssimply imply enjoy enjoy the the view view from from one one of of the the city’s city’s many many terraces terraces ttonight onight eenjoy njoy oour ur ffarewell arewell ddinner inner aatt a llocal ocal rrestaurant estaurant dday ay 10 10 home home w roceed hhome ome bbringing ringing w ith uuss fifine ne wee pproceed with m emories ooff ““la la bbelle elle pprovince” rovince” memories senior discovery tours 23