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holiday inclusions • flights with air canada and air new zealand • superior and first class hotels • full breakfast daily 13 dinners and 3 lunches new zealand by rail sea and land • all tour inclusions on the inside cover cost • per person double occupancy from toronto montreal ottawa or winnipeg $9997 • single supplement $1490 • halifax add $290 • calgary or edmonton deduct $200 • vancouver deduct $300 new zealand new zealand iiss kknown nown ffor or iincredible ncredible sscenery cenery hhospitable ospitable ppeople eople aand nd aann eexceptional xceptional qquality uality ooff llife ife what better what better w way ay to to ssee ee tthis his magnificent magnificent country country than than bbyy a ccombination ombination ooff stunning stunning rrail ail journeys journeys eexciting xciting ccruises ruises and and sscenic cenic ccoach oach ttouring ouring oonn tthis his unique unique ttour our we we will will enjoy enjoy the the ggeological eological w onders picturesque picturesque bbeaches eaches aand nd traditional traditional maori maori wonders cculture ulture that that defines defines the the north north iisland sland and and rrevel evel at at the the rugged rugged ppeaks eaks deep deep ffjords jords and and rural rural aatmosphere tmosphere ooff the the south south iisland sland o the north north iisland sland w ill ttravel ravel aaboard board the the ooverlander verlander onn the wee w will ttrain rain enabling enabling uuss to to view view the the snowcapped snowcapped ppeaks eaks pplummeting lummeting gorges gorges ssprawling prawling plains plains and and the the famous famous r aurimu spiral spiral an an engineering engineering masterpiece masterpiece raurimu o the south south iisland sland the the tranzcostal tranzcostal train train is is considered considered one one onn the ooff the the world’s world’s most most scenic scenic train train journeys journeys as as itit snakes snakes through through 2222 ttunnels unnels and and over over 175 175 bbridges ridges we we will will cross cross the the great great c anterbury plains plains on on the the tranzalpine tranzalpine and and follow follow the the canterbury w aimakariri rriver iver iinto nto tthe he m agnificent ssouthern outhern aalps lps waimakariri magnificent ddunedin’s unedin’s pprestige restige ttourist ourist ttrain rain tthe he ttaieri aieri ggorge orge rrail ail will will ttake ake uuss oonn a sspellbinding pellbinding jjourney ourney aacross cross w rought iiron ron wrought vviaducts iaducts aand nd tthrough hrough ttunnels unnels ccarved arved bbyy hhand and m ore tthan han 1100 00 more yyears ears aago go 110 senior discovery tours 18 1 8d days ays • o october ctober 2 19 19 this tour this tour w will ill aalso lso iinclude nclude some some wonderful wonderful aadventures dventures oonn the the ssea ea in in tthe he bbay ay of of iislands slands w ill cruise cruise ccrystal rystal waters waters to to wee w will ccape ape brett brett llighthouse ighthouse aand nd the the ffamous amous ““hole hole in in tthe he rock” rock” ffrom rom w ellington the the inter-island inter-island ferry ferry w ill ttake ake uuss through through wellington will tthe he picturesque picturesque m arlborough aand nd qqueen ueen charlotte charlotte sounds sounds to to marlborough tthe he south south iisland sland an an evening evening steamship steamship rride ide on on tthe he tss tss eearnslaw arnslaw aacross cross llake ake wakatipu wakatipu will will ttake ake us us ttoo a special special ffarm arm hhouse ouse ddinner inner and and w ine ttasting asting one one ooff tthe he m ost scenic scenic wine most ccruises ruises w ill be be oonn milford milford ssound ound in in ffjordland jordland nnational ational park park will aann oopportunity pportunity ttoo vview iew bowen bowen falls falls and and ttowering owering mitre mitre peak peak oour ur fifinal nal ccruise ruise will will bbee along along tthe he beautiful beautiful ootago tago ppeninsula eninsula hhome ome ttoo an an exciting exciting diversity diversity of of w ildlife iincluding ncluding fur fur sseals eals wildlife ddolphins olphins sea sea lions lions penguins penguins albatross albatross and and other other rarely rarely seen seen oocean cean bbirds irds ssoo join join uuss on on tthis his unique unique tour tour of of oone ne of of tthe he m ost beautiful beautiful most ccountries ountries iinn the the world world tthis his tour tour iiss suitable suitable oonly nly ffor or tthe he fifitt aand nd active active traveller traveller.