Senior Discovery Tours 2016 Fall Tours and Cruises – Volume 3 by Senior Tours Canada

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holiday inclusions • flights with air canada • cruise as described including 4 meals daily all activities and entertainment • overnight breakfast dinner and sightseeing tour in los angeles • all tour inclusions on the inside cover cost • per person double occupancy from toronto or montreal • inside cabin various decks 2997 • outside cabin on emerald deck obstructed view 3097 • outside cabin on plaza deck clear view $3297 • outside cabin with balcony riviera or lido deck $3497 special value deluxe california coastal cruise california c alifornia iiss oone ne ooff n north or th a america s merica s m most ost ppopular opular hholiday oliday ddestinations estinations for for oobvious bvious rreasons easons … ppleasant leasant w eather bbeautiful eautiful sscenery cenery weather aand nd ssoo m any tthings hings ttoo ddoo aand nd ssee ee many on this on this cruise cruise we we will will ttaste aste tthe he ggood ood life life aass we we ssail ail to to ssome ome west ooff tthe he w est ccoast s oast s most most ppopular opular cities cities iincluded ncluded iinn oour ur pprogram rogram ffollowing ollowing the the ccruise ruise is is a ccity ity ttour our and and overnight overnight iinn a ccentrally entrally located located hotel hotel in in llos os aangeles ngeles the the city city of of hhollywood ollywood gglamour lamour ppalm alm lined lined beaches beaches aand nd bbeverley everley hills hills iiss always always a ffun un place place ttoo vvisit isit wee w will w ill ccruise ruise aaboard board the the grand grand class class rruby uby pprincess rincess ggrand rand cclass lass ships ships are are the the most most beautiful beautiful and and spacious spacious in in the the pprincess rincess flfleet eet w ith more more of of what what yyou ou w ould expect expect iinn a 5-star 5-star with would flfloating oating rresort esort m ore sspacious pacious sstaterooms taterooms m ore ddining ining aand nd more more eentertainment ntertainment ooptions ptions aand nd m ore services services and and activities activities more ggoo ffor or a sswim wim iinn one one of of tthe he ppools ools hhave ave a ssauna auna and and m assage iinn the the sspa pa enjoy enjoy tthe he aerobics aerobics and and dance dance classes classes massage sshop hop ffor or dduty-free uty-free bbargains argains in in the the bboutique outique oorr curl curl uupp w ith a with bbook ook iinn tthe he library library eenjoy njoy tthe he commentary commentary on on hhistory istory and and hhighlights ighlights ooff the the pports orts bbyy tthe he oon-board n-board experts experts which which w ill will hhelp elp yyou ou ddecide ecide on on ooptional ptional eexcursions xcursions oorr yyou ou m ay jjust ust want want may 122 senior discovery tours • single supplement add 40 to prices add 60 for cabins with balconies • ottawa or halifax add $190 includes a toronto overnight en route to la • winnipeg calgary or edmonton deduct $100 • vancouver deduct $200 9 days days • o october ctober 8 1 16 6 to rrelax to elax iinn oone ne ooff the the m many any lluxurious uxurious lounges lounges w with ith eexpansive xpansive w indows aand nd watch watch tthe he sscenery cenery gglide lide by by windows aass ffor or ffood ood princess princess hhas as introduced introduced continuous continuous dining dining ooptions ptions the the ppizzeria izzeria two two intimate intimate ddining ining rooms rooms a 24-hour 24-hour iinternational nternational ffood ood ccourt ourt ooutdoor utdoor ggrill rill aafternoon fternoon tea tea sservice ervice iice ce ccream ream sundae sundae bars bars patisserie patisserie aand nd of of course course 24-hour 24-hour rroom oom sservice ervice special special ddiets iets are are not not a problem problem sstaterooms taterooms aare re sspacious pacious aand nd well well aappointed ppointed w ith ttwin win bbeds eds with convertible convertible ttoo qqueen ueen ssize ize ttv v pphone hone safe safe hair hair dryer dryer cclimate limate ccontrol ontrol fridge fridge sspacious pacious cclosets losets aand nd a private private with bbathroom athroom w ith sshower hower oonly nly ffrom rom aafter-dinner fter-dinner ddrinks rinks iinn oone ne ooff the the eelegant legant llounges ounges to to fifirst-run rst-run fifilms lms to to tthe he ccasino asino ttoo a midnight midnight ddance ance tthere here iiss mood eevening vening eentertainment ntertainment ttoo suit suit eevery very m ood the the sspecialty pecialty iiss tthe he iincomparable ncomparable bbroadway-style roadway-style eentertainment ntertainment ffeaturing eaturing ssome ome of of tthe he fifinest nest ssingers ingers ccomedians omedians aand nd magicians magicians all all shore shore eexcursions xcursions aare re optional optional those those interested interested will will pay pay on on bboard oard the the sship hip