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holiday inclusions • flights with delta airlines • first class cruise and hotel • breakfast and dinner daily throughout plus all lunches while cruising • all tour inclusions on the inside cover cost • per person double occupancy from toronto or montreal $8597 galagapos cruise and ecuador the eexquisitely the xquisitellyy bbeautiful eautiffuul g galapagos alapagos archipelago consists consists of of 13 13 major major islands islands archipelago sstraddling traddling tthe he eequator quator ooff ff tthe he ccoast oast ooff e cuador ecuador this unesco this unesco w world orld hheritage eritage ssite ite iiss a w world-renowned orld-renowned bbiosphere iosphere of of unique unique pprotected rotected plants plants aand nd aanimals nimals tthe he iislands slands w ere ccreated reated bbyy vvolcanic olcanic aactivity ctivity aand nd ddue ue ttoo ttheir heir llocation ocation aand nd were sshortage hortage ooff ffresh resh w ater tthey hey hhave ave rremained emained iisolated solated 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aairircconditioning onditioning pprivate rivate bbathroom athroom ssafe afe ddeposit eposit bbox ox ttelephone elephone 16 senior discovery tours • single supplement $2390 • ottawa add $150 with round-trip transportation to montreal airport add-ons below include a toronto overnight on the outbound flight • halifax or winnipeg add $690 • edmonton calgary or vancouver add $790 10 1 0d days ays • n november ovember 6 15 15 and yyour and our cchoice hoice ooff bbackground ackground m music usic aadditionally dditionally tthe he ccoral oral i hhas as pplenty lenty ooff rroom oom ttoo rrelax elax w ith tthree hree ssundecks undecks some some sshaded haded with a jjacuzzi acuzzi ccomfortable omfortable ddining ining rroom oom aand nd llounge ounge tthe he sship hip iiss rrenowned enowned ffor or its its fifine ne ccuisine uisine aand nd ssuperior uperior sservice ervice tthis his ttour our pprogram rogram bbegins egins iinn qquito uito eecuador’s cuador’s ccapital apital tthe he ccity ity 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