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tentative t entative iitinerary tinerary ffor or 3 3-centre -centre f france rance dday ay 33 pparis aris oour ur ffull-day ull-day city city ttour our w ill show show us us the the aarc rc de de will ttriomphe riomphe tthe he eeiffel iffel tower tower the the opera opera the the “left “left bank” bank” nnotre otre ddame ame ccathedral athedral champs champs elysees elysees aand nd m uch m ore much more dday ay 9 9 luberon luberon villages villages w ravel ttoo tthe he lluberon uberon aand nd wee ttravel ddiscover iscover sscattered cattered aacross cross tthe he countryside countryside the the wonderful wonderful vvillages illages classified classified as as the the most most beautiful beautiful villages villages of of ffrance rance see see gordes gordes a hill hill top top village village with with narrow narrow alleys alleys aand nd passageways passageways that that wind wind between between medieval medieval buildings buildings bbonnieux onnieux a typical typical provencal 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pont pont du du gard gard built built by by the the romans romans itit w as a technical technical and and artistic artistic masterpiece masterpiece ahead ahead of of its its was ttime ime then then we we travel travel through through the the countryside countryside and and vineyards vineyards ttoo cchâteauneuf-du-pape hâteauneuf-du-pape for for a vineyard vineyard visit visit and and tasting tasting w return ttoo aavignon vignon ffor or aann aafternoon fternoon aatt lleisure eisure wee return dday ay 55 pparis aris ccruise ruise oonn sseine eine a day day at at lleisure eisure your your tour tour m anager w ill bbee oonn hhand and ttoo aadvise dvise aand nd aassist ssist yyou ou w ith tthe he manager will with iinfinite nfinite cchoice hoice ooff aattractions ttractions aand nd m useums ttonight s onight s museums ddinner inner w ill bbee ffollowed ollowed bbyy a ccruise ruise aalong long tthe he sseine eine rriver iver a will w onderful w ay ttoo ssee ee paris paris iillumination llumination wonderful way dday ay 11 11 st-tropez st-tropez cote cote d azur d azur nice nice ttoday oday w ravel ttoo wee ttravel tthe he ffrench rench riviera riviera with with a stop stop in in quaint quaint st-tropez st-tropez enroute enroute tthis his one one time time fishing fishing village village has has become become a fashionable fashionable rresort esort ffrequented requented by by writers writers artists artists and and celebrities celebrities after after ssome ome ttime ime oonn oour ur own own ttoo stroll stroll the the charming charming old old town town and and llively ively harbour harbour we we continue continue our our journey journey along along the the cote cote dd azur azur to to the the elegant elegant city city of of nice nice dday ay 11 ddeparture eparture w wee ddepart epart ffor or pparis aris dday ay 22 pparis aris w rrive iinn pparis aris aand nd ttransfer ransfer ttoo oour ur hhotel otel wee aarrive tthe he rrest est ooff tthe he dday ay iiss aatt 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aand nd iinteresting nteresting m useums oorr pperhaps erhaps vvisit isit nnearby earby museums aaix-en-provence ix-en-provence dday ay 12 12 nice nice oour ur ccity ity tour tour takes takes in in the the promenade promenade des des aanglais nglais ccimiez imiez qquarter uarter aand nd cconvent onvent ggardens ardens w ill wee w will aalso lso see see nice s nice s old old town town with with its its flower flower market market city city hall hall aand nd pedestrian pedestrian streets streets lined lined with with shops shops and and cafes cafes aafternoon fternoon at at leisure leisure dday ay 13 13 eze eze monaco monaco and and monte monte carlo carlo we we drive drive aalong long tthe he rrugged ugged and and scenic scenic mediterranean mediterranean coast coast to to the the m edieval town town of of eze eze which which offers offers one one of of the the most most medieval bbeautiful eautiful panoramas panoramas of of the the french french rivera rivera then then we we ccontinue ontinue on on to to monaco monaco where where we we visit visit the the historic historic core core known known as as the the rock rock see see the the changing changing of of the the guards guards and and tthe he pprince s rince s palace palace after after some some free free time time here here we we visit visit m onte ccarlo arlo with with its its lush lush gardens gardens and and famous famous casino casino monte dday ay 14 14 nice nice aatt lleisure eisure to to enjoy enjoy nice’s nice’s pedestrian pedestrian streets streets oorr llively ively waterfront waterfront oorr pperhaps erhaps visit visit nearby nearby cannes cannes or or aanother nother resort resort ttown own oonn the the riviera riviera this this evening evening is is our our ffarewell arewell ddinner inner dday ay 15 15 home home we we proceed proceed ttoo tthe he nnice ice aairport irport ffor or oour ur flflight ight home home via via paris paris senior discovery tours 55