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tentative t entative iitinerary tinerary ffor or g greek reek iislands slands day 11 ddeparture day eparture w wee ddepart epart ffor or aathens thens a ddirect irect nnon-stop on-stop flflight ight ffrom rom ttoronto oronto day 22 aathens day thens w wee aarrive rrive iinn aathens thens aand nd ttransfer ransfer ttoo oour ur hhotel otel llocated ocated iinn tthe he hheart eart ooff aathens thens w within ithin w walking alking ddistance istance ooff tthe he pplaka laka tthe he ooldest ldest ssection ection ooff aathens thens w with ith cchurches hurches sshops hops ccafes afes aand nd rruins uins ooff aancient ncient ttemples emples iitt iiss a ssafe afe aand nd ddelightful elightful aarea rea ttoo eexplore xplore day 33 aathens day thens oonn oour ur ffull ull day day tour tour ooff aathens thens w wee ssee ee wonders w onders kknown nown aaround round tthe he w world orld hhadrian s adrian s aarch rch tthe he ttemple emple of of zzeus eus the the stadium stadium tomb tomb of of the 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ttoo tthe he ttop op ooff tthe he ttheatre heatre ffor or iincredible ncredible wish vviews iews ooff tthe he ccountryside ountryside day 9 11 day 11 santorini santorini we we ferry ferry over over to to tthe he ddramatic ramatic iisland sland ooff ssantorini antorini here here we we will will be be able able to to explore explore the the town town at at oour ur oown wn ppace ace see see the the orthodox orthodox cathedral cathedral now now a bbyzantine yzantine museum museum marvel marvel at at the the dazzling dazzling white white houses houses ttopped opped with with blue blue domes domes an an amusing amusing sight sight is is the the mule mule ttrain rain that that meanders meanders up up from from the the harbour harbour laden laden with with ttourists ourists days 1122 14 days 14 crete crete w wee ttake ake tthe he fferry erry ttoo ccrete rete w while hile iinn ccrete rete w wee w will ill eenjoy njoy a full full day day tour tour of of the the countryside countryside which which will w ill ttake ake us us along along vineyards vineyards and and olive olive groves groves to to gortys gortys tthe he oold ld greek greek and and roman roman town town with with ruins ruins of of saint saint titus titus cchurch hurch then then to to phaestos phaestos for for a visit visit to to the the minoan minoan palace palace aand nd to to admire admire the the beautiful beautiful view view over over messara messara plain plain and and iida da mountain mountain a 2nd 2nd excursion excursion in in crete crete will will include include a visit visit to to the the knossos knossos m useum and and time time to to stroll stroll in in the the village village of of matala matala museum dday ay 15 15 athens athens w to aathens thens ffor or ssome ome ttime ime aatt lleisure eisure wee flflyy to ttoo ffurther urther eexplore xplore the the plaka plaka or or revisit revisit one one or or more more of of the the m any attractions attractions tonight tonight is is our our farewell farewell dinner dinner many dday ay 16 16 home home w ome ddirect irect nnon-stop on-stop ttoo ttoronto oronto wee flflyy hhome dday ay 55 ccruise ruise aathens thens w ruise ttoo tthe he ssaronic aronic iislands slands wee ccruise vvia ia aaegina egina a bbusy usy pport ort iinn aantiquity ntiquity aand nd ttoday oday a ttranquil ranquil rresort esort w ontinue oonn ttoo pparos aros w here w ill enjoy enjoy a sstroll troll wee ccontinue where wee w will bbyy iits ts eenchanting nchanting llittle ittle hharbour arbour aand nd tthen hen tthe he qquaint uaint ccolourful olourful hharbour arbour ooff hhydra ydra llunch unch iiss iincluded ncluded we we return return to to aathens thens ffor or oour ur oovernight vernight ddays ays 6 88 m ykonos w ykonos ffor or 33-nights -nights aatt a mykonos wee flflyy ttoo m mykonos ddeluxe eluxe rresort esort hhotel otel ttime ime hhere ere ttoo eenjoy njoy tthe he ffacilities acilities ooff oour ur rresort esort hhotel otel aand nd bbeach each 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