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tentative t entative iitinerary tinerary ffor or g grand rand c cities ities ooff e europe urope day 11 ddeparture day eparture we we depart depart for for the the “golden “golden city” city” of of prague prague a ddirect irect nnon-stop on-stop flflight ight ffrom rom ttoronto oronto day d ay 22 pprague rague uupon pon arrival arrival we we ttransfer ransfer ttoo our our centrally centrally welcome llocated ocated hotel hotel tthis his evening evening is is our our w elcome ddinner inner day walking d ay 33 pprague rague oour ur guided guided w alking tour tour will will show show us us hradcany h radcany ccastle astle st st vvitus itus ccathedral athedral tthe he lloretto oretto cchapel hapel aand nd wee will tthe he ggolden olden llane ane w will ccross ross the the famous famous ccharles harles bbridge ridge old with iinto nto o ld ttown own aand nd sstroll troll tthe he narrow narrow sstreets treets w ith their their aartisan rtisan hhouses ouses 17th 17th ccentury entury palaces palaces aand nd the the famous famous aastronomical stronomical walk will cclock lock – once once tthe he eenvy nvy ooff europe europe our our w alk w ill include include tthe he jjewish ewish qquarter uarter aand nd remnants remnants of of tthe he former former gghetto hetto day d ay 44 pprague rague a day day at at lleisure eisure pperhaps erhaps attend attend a puppeteer puppeteer watching sshow how oorr cclassical lassical cconcert oncert oorr enjoy enjoy ssome ome people people w atching while w hile enjoying enjoying a stein stein ooff tthe he cczechs zechs national national ttreasure reasure – ttheir heir wee eenjoy bbeer eer tthis his eevening vening w njoy a bbohemian ohemian dinner dinner day wee leave d ay 55 ssaxon axon sswitzerland witzerland dresden dresden w leave prague prague and and ttravel ravel through through tthe he aarea rea kknow now aass “saxon “saxon switzerland” switzerland” uupon pon wee eenjoy walking aarrival rrival iinn ddresden resden w njoy a bbrief 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europe europe we we will w ill visit visit the the porcelain porcelain museum museum which which features features artisan artisan ddemonstrations emonstrations llater ater eenroute nroute ttoo dinner dinner aand nd wine wine tasting tasting oonn wee w will moritzburg a ssaxon axon wine wine eestate state w ill see see tthe he bbreathtaking reathtaking m oritzburg ccastle astle oonn ttreasure reasure iisland sland wee first walking dday ay 77 lleipzig eipzig berlin berlin w first sstop top iinn lleipzig eipzig ffor or a w alking ttour our ooff tthis his hhistoric istoric ccity ity known known aass tthe he ““city city ooff heroes” heroes” for for iits ts lleading eading rrole ole iinn tthe he 1989 1989 ppeaceful eaceful rrevolution evolution lleipzig eipzig aalso lso musical was hhas as a m usical tradition tradition and and w as connected connected to to tthe he llives ives aand nd w orks ooff bach bach m endelssohn aand nd w agner aafter fter oour ur vvisit isit w works mendelssohn wagner wee most pproceed roceed ttoo pperhaps erhaps europe’s europe’s m ost ffascinating ascinating ccity ity – bberlin erlin dday ay 88 bberlin erlin on on oour ur ffull ull day day city city ttour our we we see see tthe he rrestored estored rreichstag eichstag bbrandenburg randenburg ggate ate ppotsdamer otsdamer platz platz checkpoint checkpoint wall’ wee also ccharlie harlie aand nd tthe he rremains emains ooff ‘the ‘the w all’ w also ssee ee the the eelegant legant kurfurstendamm kurfurstendamm unter unter dden en linden linden bblvd lvd the the ggerman erman museums sstate tate oopera pera house house the the uunesco nesco hheritage eritage m useums iisland sland more wee eenjoy walking aand nd m ore llater ater w njoy a w alking ttour our of of tthe he hhistoric istoric oold ld with ssector ector aalong long w ith a sscenic cenic ccruise ruise oonn tthe he rriver iver sspree pree museum dday ay 99 bberlin erlin aatt lleisure eisure pperhaps erhaps vvisit isit m useum iisland sland most hhome ome ttoo fifive ve ooff bberlin’s erlin’s m ost iimportant mportant museums museums yyour our ttour our manager will m anager w ill bbee oonn hhand and ttoo ooffer ffer ssuggestions uggestions mountains wee first dday ay 110 0 potsdam potsdam hharz arz m ountains bbraunlage raunlage w first vvisit isit potsdam potsdam fformer ormer rresidence esidence ooff tthe he pprussian russian kkings ings iitt iiss hhome ome ttoo tthe he pparks arks aand nd ppalaces alaces ooff ssanssouci anssouci – ggermany’s ermany’s llargest argest unesco unesco world world heritage heritage ssite ite and and so so we we will will visit visit “the “the nnew ew palace” palace” tthe he llast ast ggreat reat pprussian russian baroque baroque ppalace alace we we mountains with ccontinue ontinue iinto nto tthe he hharz arz m ountains aabundant bundant w ith ssmall mall medieval wee w will ppicture-book icture-book m edieval ttowns owns w ill sstop top aatt oone ne ooff tthem hem world tthe he half-timbered half-timbered town town and and uunesco nesco w orld hheritage eritage site site of of qquedlinburg uedlinburg part part ooff tthe he rromanesque omanesque road road oour ur day day eends nds aatt tthe he ppicturesque icturesque rresort esort ttown own ooff bbraunlage raunlage ffor or a 22-night -night sstay tay wee visit wernigerode dday ay 111 1 wernigerode wernigerode rrail ail jjourney ourney w visit w ernigerode a bbrightly rightly coloured coloured ttown own nestled nestled iinn the the ffoothills oothills ooff tthe he mountains medieval m ountains iits ts m edieval ttown own ccentre entre hhas as rrows ows ooff ccenturiesenturiesoold ld timber-framed timber-framed hhouses ouses dominated dominated by by a hilltop hilltop fairy-tale fairy-tale wee later ccastle astle w later board board a vintage vintage nnarrow-gauge arrow-gauge ssteam team railway railway winds tthat hat w inds uupwards pwards tthrough hrough forests forests aand nd ggorges orges ppast ast rrivers 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ssquares quares aand nd sstreet treet m arkets museum ooff tthis his ccompact ompact ccity ity pperhaps erhaps vvisit isit tthe he vvan an ggogh ogh m useum will ooptional ptional ttours ours w ill be be offered offered tthis his evening evening we we will will enjoy enjoy the the vviews iews of of the the bridges bridges aand nd hhistoric istoric bbuildings uildings oonn oour ur ffarewell arewell ccanal anal ddinner inner ccruise ruise wee fly dday ay 115 5 home home w fly hhome ome direct direct nnon-stop on-stop ttoo toronto toronto senior discovery tours 69