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holiday holid ay iinclusions nclusions sorrento and amalfi coast •f flights fl lights w with ith a alitalia litalia fi irst c lass hhotels otels •f first class nriched ccontinental ontinental bbreakfast reakfast and and •e enriched ddinner inner ddaily aily 4 light light llunches unches w hile while ttouring ouring.w ine w ater w ith ddinners inners wine water with ll tour tour iinclusions nclusions oon n tthe he iinside nside ccover over •a all cost cost • pper er pperson erson double double occupancy occupancy ffrom rom toronto toronto $4597 $4597 •s single ingle s supplement upplement 790 790 •o ttawa oorr m ontreal aadd dd 290 290 ottawa montreal •h alifax oorr w innipeg aadd dd 390 390 halifax winnipeg •v ancouver calgary calgary or or edmonton edmonton vancouver aadd dd 490 490 •p assengers from from western western gateways gateways passengers ffor or an an additional additional $79 $79 p.p p.p double double

holiday inclusions • flights with alitalia • first class and moderate hotels • enriched continental breakfast and dinner daily 6 light lunches while touring wine and water with dinners • all tour inclusions on the inside cover costs • per person double occupancy from toronto $4597 italian alps and istria croatia sur rounded iinn tthe surrounded he nnorth or th bbyy sspectacular pectacular alpine alpine ssummits ummits aand nd ttoo tthe he ssouth outh bbyy tthe he a driatic s ea adriatic sea nnorthern or thern iitaly taly iiss ssimply imply breathtaking breathtaking while while tthe he iincredible ncredible iistrian strian p eninsula croatia croatia peninsula ooffers ffeers a m ff agical ccombination ombination ooff nnatural atural bbeauty eauty magical rrich ich history history aand nd uunique nique ggastronomy astronomy in nnorthern in orthern iitaly taly ppicturesque icturesque m mountain ountain ttowns owns aand nd rrolling olling ggreen reen hhills

h olid ay inclusions • flights with air transat • first class and moderate hotels • full breakfast and dinner daily except for 1 dinner in london • 4 evenings of local entertainment • all tour inclusions on the inside cover highlights of england and scotland cost • per person double occupancy from toronto $6197 • single supplement $1190 all gateways fly via toronto • montreal or ottawa add $390 • winnipeg or halifax add $590 • calgary edmonton or vancouver add $790 • passengers from western gateways for an additional $79 p.p double occupancy 139 single you may choose to overnight in toronto before or after the tour too yyour t our surprise surprise and and delight delight you you will will find find b ritain ttoo bbee oone ne ooff tthe he m ost bbeautiful eautiful iislands slands britain most iinn tthe he w orld world 17 1 7d days ays • m may ay 5 – 2 21 1 there w there was as a ttime ime w when hen

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holiday inclusions • flights with air canada rouge direct between toronto and athens • first class hotels moderate hotels while on the coach tour • first class cruise • enriched continental breakfast and dinner daily 4 lunches during the cruise • 5 shore excursions during the cruise • all tour inclusions on the inside cover cost • per person double occupancy from toronto ottawa montreal or winnipeg $5997 glor ious greece •a athens thens • c classical lassical c coach oach t tour our nights mykonos •3n ights m ykonos night •4n ight ccruise ruise iincluding ncluding sshore hore eexcursions xcursions aatt eeach ach pport ort home ooff m home mythological ythological ggods ods aand nd aarchaeological rchaeological ddelights elights ggreece reece has has ddelighted elighted vvisitors isitors ffor or ddecades ecades iitt m may ay bbee tthe he hhistory istory m mild ild cclimate limate aand nd m magnificent agnificent

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