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h olid ay inclusions • air canada flights • first class and moderate hotels • full breakfast daily • 7 dinners • all tour inclusions on the inside cover c osts • per person double occupancy from toronto or winnipeg $3797 canadian rockies and beautiful b.c western w estern c canada anada especially especially the the rocky rocky m ountains iiss rrightly ightly cconsidered onsidered to to bbee oone ne ooff mountains tthe he m ost bbeautiful eautiful pplaces laces oonn eearth ar th most awe-inspiring mountain awe-inspiring mountain ranges ranges with with gglistening listening ssnownowccapped apped ppeaks eaks aazure zure bblue lue llakes akes hhuge uge aareas reas ooff uunspoiled nspoiled wilderness w ilderness aann aabundance bundance ooff w wildlife ildlife aand nd a hhighly ighly ddeveloped eveloped ttourist ourist iinfrastructure nfrastructure aallll ccombine ombine ttoo m make ake tthis his aarea rea oone ne ooff tthe he w world’s

holiday inclusions • flights with westjet • first class beachfront hotel • breakfast and dinner daily • 4 evenings of entertainment • all tour inclusions on the inside cover cost • per person double occupancy from toronto ottawa or montreal $3497 myrtle beach on tthe on he ccoast oast ooff s south outh c carolina arolina jjust ust nnorth or th ooff f lorida’s ppanhandle anhandle iiss tthe he ssunny unny ooasis asis of of florida’s m yr tle b each w hose shoreline shoreline is is widely widely myrtle beach whose aacclaimed cclaimed aass bbeing eing oone ne ooff tthe he lloveliest oveliest iinn n or th a merica north america set on set on aann uunbelievable nbelievable 6600 m miles iles ooff w white hite ssand and ccalled alled tthe he ’’grand grand sstrand’ trand’ tthe he aarea rea iiss ddotted otted w with ith ttowering owering ppalm alm ttrees rees aand nd bbustling ustling bboardwalks oardwalks hhowever

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tentative t entative iitinerary tinerary ffor or a all ll a around round iireland reland day 11 ddepart day epart w wee depart depart with with aairir canada canada for for ddublin ublin a a ddirect irect flight flight from from ttoronto oronto nnuns uns w vernight in in w estport a ccharming harming georgian georgian ttown own wee oovernight westport w ith a ddelightful elightful ttree-lined ree-lined m all aand nd qquaint uaint shopping shopping aarea rea with mall wee aarrive dday ay 22 ddublin ublin w rrive and and ttransfer ransfer ttoo oour ur hotel hotel the the rest rest ooff tthe he day day is is aatt leisure leisure ttonight onight is is oour ur w elcome ddinner inner welcome dday ay 110 0 lletterkenny etterkenny w head north north to to the the town town of of wee head ddrumcliff rumcliff aand nd vvisit isit the the ggrave rave ooff tthe he ppoet oet w .b yyeats eats who who w.b sset et m any ooff hhis is ppoems oems iinn aand nd around around sligo sligo we we tthen

holiday inclusions • flights with alitalia • first class hotel • continental breakfast and dinner daily water and wine with dinners • farm lunch • touring program as described • all tour inclusions on the inside cover cost • per person double occupancy from toronto $4497 spring in tuscany stay-put holiday italy is italy is bbetter etter kknown nown ffor or iits ts ggreat reat ccities ities tthan han ffor or iits ts ccountryside ountryside bbut ut tthe he eexception xception m ust bbee must tthe he t uscany rregion egion tuscany with iits with ts ccarefully arefully ttended ended hhills ills covered covered w with ith ggrape rape vvines ines ccypress ypress ttrees rees oolive live ggroves roves sstone tone ffarmhouses armhouses aand nd m mild ild weather w eather yyear-round ear-round iitt iiss a ddelightful elightful area area ffor or aann iinteresting nteresting aand nd rrelaxing elaxing sstay-put tay-put hholiday oliday we will we will

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tentative t entative iitinerary tinerary ffor or n northern orthern p portugal ortugal day 11 ddeparture day eparture w wee ddepart epart ffor or llisbon isbon w with ith a cchange hange ooff pplanes lanes iinn pparis aris day 22 llisbon day isbon uupon pon aarrival rrival w wee transfer transfer ttoo oour ur hhotel otel oour ur welcome w elcome dinner dinner is is this this evening evening dday ay 33 llisbon isbon oour ur ttour our ooff tthe he pportuguese ortuguese ccapital apital w ill will iinclude nclude tthe he oold ld qquarter uarter jjeronimos eronimos m onastery bbelem elem monastery ttower ower and and tthe he m onument to to henry henry the the navigator navigator the the monument aafternoon fternoon iiss ffree ree ttoo eexplore xplore oonn yyour our oown wn oorr vvisit isit oone ne ooff tthe he m any m useums aand nd ggalleries alleries many museums dday ay 44 oobidos bidos nnazare azare aaveiro veiro ooporto porto w rive aalong long wee ddrive tthe he sscenic cenic

holiday inclusions • flights with air canada rouge • first class country house hotel during the walking tour first class centrally located hotels in edinburgh and glasgow • full english breakfast daily 11 dinners including 2 scottish nights and 6 picnic lunches walking the great glen way of scotland maximum 16 participants • many evenings of entertainment • all tour inclusions on the inside cover cost • per person double occupancy from toronto $5497 • single supplement $790 • montreal ottawa or halifax add $190 • winnipeg,vancouver calgary or edmonton add $390 walking w alking is is a great great way way ttoo eexperience xperience s scotland cotlandd 15 1 5d days ays • jjune une 2 27 7 july july 11 11 aass iitt allows allows yyou ou ttoo eenjoy njoy tthe he bbreathtaking reathtaking sscenery cenery w hile ooffering ffeering a uunique ff nique aand nd iintimate ntimate while iinsight nsight iinto nto llocal ocal cculture

holiday h oliday iinclusions nclusions •a ir c anada flights flights air canada alaska cruises aboard the coral princess includes an overnight in vancouver •7n ight ccruise ruise pport ort ttaxes axes aall ll meals meals night aactivities ctivities aand nd eentertainment ntertainment •o ne n ight f irst c lass hhotel otel iin n one night first class v ancouver w ith ddinner inner bbreakfast reakfast aand nd vancouver with a city city ttour our •a ll ttour our iinclusions nclusions oon n tthe he iinside nside ccover over all 9d days ays 4 d dates ates iin n2 2017 017 alaska a laska iiss tthe he llast ast ttrue rue ffrontier rontier ffrom rom tthe he ddays ays ooff tthe he eearly arly fur fur traders traders to to the the stampeders stampeders who who flocked fl ocked hhere ere ffor or gold gold the w the wilderness ilderness sseems eems ttoo sstretch tretch oout ut fforever orever iinn aann eever ver cchanging hanging ppanorama anorama ooff ffjords jords

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