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a winter holiday in canada sure in mild and sunny victoria bc holiday inclusions • flights with air canada • superior accommodation as described • full breakfast daily • 4 dinners and 4 lunches • afternoon tea at the gatsby mansion • 12 guided excursions as described • all tour inclusions on the inside cover british c british columbia’s olumbia’s ccapital apital victoria victoria boasts boasts c anada’s m ildest w inter aand nd thus thus has has the the canada’s mildest winter ccountry’s ountry’s ffastest astest growing growing retirement retirement ccommunity ommunity itit llies ies iinn a beautiful beautiful nnatural atural setting setting on on vancouver vancouver island island ssurrounded urrounded bbyy hills hills aand nd overlooking overlooking tthe he snow-clad snow-clad oolympic lympic m ountains tthis his ccharming harming ccity ity hhas as m anaged ttoo rretain etain the the mountains managed

holiday inclusions • flights with westjet non-stop direct flights between palm springs and toronto calgary edmonton or vancouver • accommodation as described • full hot breakfast daily • 6 dinners and 3 lunches • touring and entertainment as described • all tour inclusions on the inside cover dates and cost • per person double occupancy from toronto ottawa montreal edmonton or winnipeg february 7 21 2 weeks $3997 february 21 march 7 2 weeks $3997 january 4 feb 1 4 week special $5397 palm springs california from tthe from he eearly arly ddays ays p palm alm s springs prings hhas as llured ured tthe he rrich ich tthe he ffamous amous tthe he nnature ature llover over and and tthose hose ooff uuss w ho ccrave rave w inter ssunshine unshine who winter the ccahuilla the ahuilla iindians ndians fifirst rst nnamed amed tthis his aarea rea aagua gua ccaliente aliente hot hot w water ater bbecause ecause ooff tthe he hhealing ealing w waters

holiday inclusions • flights with aero mexico • 13 nights first class moderate hotels • full breakfast daily 13 dinners 1 lunch • all tour inclusions on the inside cover cost • per person double occupancy from toronto or montreal $4197 • single supplement $790 mexico towns and villages • vancouver calgary or edmonton deduct $200 different airlines add-ons below include an overnight in toronto or montreal en route to mexico • ottawa add $190 with round-trip transportation to the montreal airport • halifax or winnipeg add $650 •g guadalajara uadalajara • l lake ake c chapala hapala • colonial colonial tour tour mexico iiss a ccountry mexico ountry ooff bbeautiful eautiful sscenery cenery gglorious lorious w weather eather yyear-round ear-round aand nd ffriendly riendly ppeople eople tthis his ttour our bbegins egins iinn m exico s mexico s ssecond econd llargest argest ccity ity gguadalajara uadalajara a

holiday inclusions • flights with sunwing airlines • first class hotels • breakfast lunch and dinner daily • local beverages water soft drinks and beer with all lunches wine with all dinners throughout the tour all beverages and local spirits while in varadero • all tour inclusions on the inside cover cuba towns and villages 3 centre tour cost • per person double occupancy from toronto or montreal $5597 • single supplement $990 add-on fares below include an overnight in toronto or montreal en route to cuba • ottawa add $190 with round-trip transportation to the montreal airport • winnipeg or halifax add $650 • calgary vancouver or edmonton add $850 havana h avana • v varadero aradero • cienfuegos cienfuegos c uba iiss oone ne ooff tthe he c aribbean’s m ost cuba caribbean’s most bbeautiful eautiful ssafe afe aand nd ccomfortable omfor table ddestinations estinations t his ttour our ooffers

peru holiday inclusions • flights with air canada rouge • first class and moderate hotels • full breakfast daily 10 lunches and 10 dinners • all tour inclusions on the inside cover cost • per person double occupancy from toronto $7997 • single supplement $1790 • montreal or ottawa add $90 • halifax,winnipeg calgary edmonton or vancouver add $290 • lima lima • cusco cusco • machu machu picchu picchu nature reserve nasca lines •n ature r eserve • n asca l ines colca canyon ••arequipa arequipa • c olca c anyon lake titicaca titicaca • lake peru is peru is a large large mountainous mountainous ccountry ountry tthat hat straddles straddles tthe he eequator quator w ith a cclimate limate ranging ranging ffrom rom temperate temperate ttoo ttropical ropical with aallll year year tthe he rare rare ccombination ombination ooff breathtaking breathtaking andean andean llandscapes andscapes

iincluded ncluded excursions excursions for for c costa osta b blanca lanca 11 guadalest guadalest w wee vvisit isit the the oold ld town town here here which which is is a fine fine example example of of one one of of southern southern spain’s spain’s arab arab villages villages aand nd w we’ll e’ll vvisit isit tthe he bbelem elem m museum useum ooff m miniatures iniatures 2 2 novelda novelda and and bodega bodega winery winery we we depart depart for for the the city city of of novelda novelda famous famous for for its its magnificent magnificent vineyards vineyards and and beautiful beautiful marble marble we we visit visit the the 8th 8th century century arabic-christian arabic-christian castle castle followed followed by by a tour tour of of a wine wine cellar cellar and and a chance chance to to taste taste the the local local alicante alicante wine wine 3 3 elche elche today today we we see see a palm palm forest forest that that was was planted

iincluded ncluded e excursions xcursions iinn c calabria alabria 11 we we first first visit visit ggioiosa ioiosa jjonica onica a ttypical ypical village village with with an an open-air open-air market market offering offering local local produce produce our our next next visit visit today today is is m mammola ammola ffamous amous ffor or iits ts nnarrow arrow sstreets treets hhistoric istoric ccentre entre aand nd bbrilliant rilliant flflower ower ddisplays isplays 22 a hhalf-day alf-day ttour our ttoo ggerace erace ccalled alled tthe he tiny tiny fflorence lorence ooff ccalabria alabria for for its its medieval medieval appearance appearance many many churches churches and and a ccathedral athedral ddated ated ffrom rom 11045 045 33 a vvisit isit ttoo ssiderno iderno aantica ntica a ssmall mall ancient ancient vvillage illage to to see see how how the the villagers villagers live live and and work work we we visit visit private private houses houses and and ssee ee aann

tentative t entative iitinerary tinerary ffor or m morocco orocco day 11 ddeparture day eparture w wee depart depart ffor or ccasablanca asablanca w with ith a change change ooff pplanes lanes iinn paris paris d ay 22 ccasablanca asablanca we we arrive arrive iinn casablanca casablanca and and transfer transfer day ttoo oour ur hhotel otel the the rrest est ooff the the day day iiss ffree ree d ay 33 ccasablanca asablanca rabat rabat our our m orning ttour our ooff day morning c asablanca morocco’s morocco’s llargest argest city city begins begins at at tthe he old old casablanca m edina a labyrinth labyrinth of of streets streets barbers barbers butchers butchers medina iironmongers ronmongers aand nd ggrocers rocers nnearby earby iiss m ajestic mohammed mohammed v majestic ssquare quare w ith its its combination combination ooff french french aand nd moorish moorish with aarchitecture rchitecture w also ssee ee the the royal royal palace palace aand nd tthe he

tentative t entative iitinerary tinerary ffor or s south outh a africa frica day 11 depart day depart nnew ew yyork ork we we depart depart for for new new yyork ork where where we we w ill oovernight vernight near near jjfk fk airport airport will morning dday ay 22 depart depart m orning ddeparture eparture ffor or jjohannesburg ohannesburg wee aarrive dday ay 33 johannesburg johannesburg w rrive in in jjohannesburg ohannesburg aand nd ttransfer ransfer ttoo our our country country hhotel otel oonn the the ooutskirts utskirts of of the the city city tthis his eevening vening wee eenjoy welcome w njoy welcome welcome cocktails cocktails aand nd oour ur w elcome ddinner inner wee sstart dday ay 44 johannesburg johannesburg aand nd ssoweto oweto w tart with with a ttour our ooff jjohannesburg ohannesburg and and a visit visit ttoo tthe he aapartheid partheid museum museum iinn the the wee visit aafternoon fternoon w visit tthe he ttownship ownship ooff ssoweto oweto the the most

tentative t entative iitinerary tinerary ffor or b british ritish iisles sles c cruise ruise dday ay 11 ddeparture eparture w wee ddepart epart ffor or llondon ondon dday ay 22 ssouthampton outhampton eembarkation mbarkation w arrive iinn llondon ondon wee arrive aand nd ttransfer ransfer ttoo ssouthampton outhampton w here w oard oour ur sship hip where wee bboard tthis his eevening vening iiss oour ur fifirst rst ddelicious elicious ddinner inner aaboard board dday ay 33 gguernsey uernsey cchannel hannel iislands slands tthe he cchannel hannel iislands slands aare re eexceptionally xceptionally ppicturesque icturesque aand nd tthey hey aalso lso hhave ave a ffascinating ascinating hhistory istory w isembark aatt tthe he hhistoric istoric ffortress ortress wee ddisembark ooff st st ppeters eters pport ort tthis his iiss a llovely ovely ttown own iinn which which to to stroll stroll aand nd yyou ou m may ay w want ant ttoo visit visit victor victor hugo s hugo s house house ooff

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