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holiday inclusions • flights with aero mexico • 13 nights first class moderate hotels • full breakfast daily 13 dinners 1 lunch • all tour inclusions on the inside cover cost • per person double occupancy from toronto or montreal $4197 • single supplement $790 mexico towns and villages • vancouver calgary or edmonton deduct $200 different airlines add-ons below include an overnight in toronto or montreal en route to mexico • ottawa add $190 with round-trip transportation to the montreal airport • halifax or winnipeg add $650 •g guadalajara uadalajara • l lake ake c chapala hapala • colonial colonial tour tour mexico iiss a ccountry mexico ountry ooff bbeautiful eautiful sscenery cenery gglorious lorious w weather eather yyear-round ear-round aand nd ffriendly riendly ppeople eople tthis his ttour our bbegins egins iinn m exico s mexico s ssecond econd llargest argest ccity ity gguadalajara uadalajara a ccentre entre ooff ttraditional raditional m exican cculture ulture the the ccity 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