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peru holiday inclusions • flights with air canada rouge • first class and moderate hotels • full breakfast daily 10 lunches and 10 dinners • all tour inclusions on the inside cover cost • per person double occupancy from toronto $7997 • single supplement $1790 • montreal or ottawa add $90 • halifax,winnipeg calgary edmonton or vancouver add $290 • lima lima • cusco cusco • machu machu picchu picchu nature reserve nasca lines •n ature r eserve • n asca l ines colca canyon ••arequipa arequipa • c olca c anyon lake titicaca titicaca • lake peru is peru is a large large mountainous mountainous ccountry ountry tthat hat straddles straddles tthe he eequator quator w ith a cclimate limate ranging ranging ffrom rom temperate temperate ttoo ttropical ropical with aallll year year tthe he rare rare ccombination ombination ooff breathtaking breathtaking andean andean llandscapes andscapes abundant abundant wildlife wildlife rrich ich hhistory istory aand nd eexotic xotic cculture ulture has has the the iimpact mpact ttoo ccaptivate aptivate visitors visitors pperhaps erhaps m ore more tthan han any any oother ther ssouth outh american american ccountry ountry o this tour tour we we eexplore xplore 4 very very diverse diverse aareas reas ooff pperu eru w onn this wee sstart tart aand nd fifinish nish iinn the the ccapital apital ccity ity ooff llima ima w hich ffeatures eatures which rruins uins ffrom rom tthe he inca inca pperiod eriod iinteresting nteresting aart rt ggalleries alleries aand nd m useums cchurches hurches aand nd cathedrals cathedrals tthat hat ddate ate ffrom rom tthe he museums 116th 6th ccentury entury aand nd oother ther m ajor hhistorical istorical ssites ites major our next next stop stop is is on on the the coast coast at at the the paracas paracas nature nature our reserve nature nature and and ecology ecology come come together together in in the the only only reserve marine reservation reservation in in peru peru tthe he reserve reserve is is ddedicated edicated ttoo the the marine protection and and conservation conservation of of marine marine ecosystems ecosystems and and ttoo protection the hhistory istory ooff pre-inca pre-inca culture culture unesco unesco classifies classifies iitt as as a the natural world world heritage heritage site site nnot ot only only w ill we we ssee ee w ildlife natural will wildlife unique ttoo tthe he region region bbut ut aalso lso tthe he famous famous nnasca asca llines ines unique these hhuge uge line line ddrawings rawings aand nd figures figures on on the the ccoastal oastal pplain lain these 42 senior discovery tours 16 1 6 days days • ffebruary ebruary 1 – 1 16 6 pre-date flight pre-date flight by by m many any ccenturies enturies aand nd yet yet tthey hey can can oonly nly bbee sseen een ffrom rom the the air air a mystery mystery that that remains remains unsolved unsolved our our vvisit isit hhere ere w ill iinclude nclude a flight flight oover ver these these ccelestial elestial aartworks rtworks will aafter fter tthe he ccoast oast w head iinto nto tthe he mountains mountains aand nd vvolcanoes olcanoes wee head ooff aarequipa requipa tthis his iiss a lland and ooff ssnow-capped now-capped vvolcanoes olcanoes ddeserts eserts thermal thermal hhot ot ssprings prings aand nd tthe he world s world s ddeepest eepest ccanyons anyons ffrom rom aarequipa requipa w ravel ttoo the the ccolca olca ccanyon anyon to to wee ttravel m arvel aatt tthe he sscenery cenery aand nd tthe he flflight ight ooff tthe he aandean ndean ccondors ondors marvel tthen hen w will ccontinue ontinue to to ppuno uno ffor or a ffascinating ascinating jjourney ourney oonn wee will llake ake ttiticaca iticaca ttoo tthe he m an-made flfloating oating islands islands ooff uros uros aand nd man-made ttaquile aquile w here w iscover aann aancient ncient w ay ooff life life w hose where wee ddiscover way whose ttraditions raditions have have rremained emained uunchanged nchanged for for ccenturies enturies oour ur llast ast sstop top iiss tthe he llovely ovely ccolonial olonial ccity ity of of ccusco usco w ith an an with eexcursion xcursion ttoo tthe he ffabled abled m achu ppicchu icchu tthis his magical magical aand nd machu sspectacular pectacular ssite ite ddiscovered iscovered lless ess tthan han 1100 00 years years ago ago is is llocated ocated 113,000 3,000 aabove bove sea sea llevel evel iinn a ddeep eep vvalley alley of of tthe he ttowering owering aandes ndes m ountains iitt is is cconsidered onsidered oone ne ooff the the m most ost mountains well w ell ppreserved reserved aand nd beautiful beautiful ancient ancient cities cities on on the the planet planet tthis his ttour our iiss ssuitable uitable for for the the fit fit and and active active traveller traveller.