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tentative t entative iitinerary tinerary ffor or b british ritish iisles sles c cruise ruise dday ay 11 ddeparture eparture w wee ddepart epart ffor or llondon ondon dday ay 22 ssouthampton outhampton eembarkation mbarkation w arrive iinn llondon ondon wee arrive aand nd ttransfer ransfer ttoo ssouthampton outhampton w here w oard oour ur sship hip where wee bboard tthis his eevening vening iiss oour ur fifirst rst ddelicious elicious ddinner inner aaboard board dday ay 33 gguernsey uernsey cchannel hannel iislands slands tthe he cchannel hannel iislands slands aare re eexceptionally xceptionally ppicturesque icturesque aand nd tthey hey aalso lso hhave ave a ffascinating ascinating hhistory istory w isembark aatt tthe he hhistoric istoric ffortress ortress wee ddisembark ooff st st ppeters eters pport ort tthis his iiss a llovely ovely ttown own iinn which which to to stroll stroll aand nd yyou ou m may ay w want ant ttoo visit visit victor victor hugo s hugo s house house ooff exile exile which w hich iiss nnow ow a m museum useum dday ay 44 ccork ork iireland reland today today yyou ou w ill have have a chance chance ttoo kkiss iss will tthe he ffamous amous bblarney larney sstone tone aand nd tthen hen sstroll troll aalong long ccork’s ork’s llively ively ppedestrian edestrian sshopping hopping sstreet treet ooptional ptional ttours ours w will ill bbee ooffered ffered ttoo ssee ee ssome ome ooff iireland’s reland’s oother ther rremarkable emarkable llandmarks andmarks aass w well ell aass tthe he w wonderful onderful ggreen reen ccountryside ountryside day 55 ddublin day ublin iireland reland a full full day day to to explore explore tthe he ccharms harms ooff ddublin ublin iireland’s reland’s ccapital apital ccity ity w walk alk around around tthe he bbeautiful eautiful 118th 8th ccentury entury ggeorgian eorgian ssquares quares aand nd hhouses ouses tthe he 112th 2th ccentury entury sst t ppatrick s atrick s ccathedral athedral aand nd lleister eister hhouse ouse the the iirish rish pparliament arliament yyou ou ccould ould aalso lso vvisit isit a pub pub and and sample sample tthe he llocal ocal bbrew rew day 66 bbelfast day elfast nnorthern orthern iireland reland nnorthern orthern iireland’s reland’s ccapital apital iiss a bbeautiful eautiful ccity ity ooff iimposing mposing vvictorian ictorian aarchitecture rchitecture sset et w within ithin picturesque picturesque hhills ills see see the the ggrand rand ccity ity hhall all oopera pera hhouse ouse tthe he sstormont tormont pparliament arliament bbuildings uildings aand nd bbeautiful eautiful pparks arks dday ay 77 gglasgow lasgow sscotland cotland tthere here aare re m many any aattractions ttractions ttoo ssee ee in in aand nd aaround round tthis his ggreat reat ccity ity iincluding ncluding the the ggothic othic gglasgow lasgow ccathedral athedral iinverary nverary ccastle astle aand nd tthe he ccottage ottage ooff tthe he ppoet oet rrobert obert bburns urns aann ooptional ptional ttour our w will ill be be offered offered ttoo tthe he gglorious lorious hhighlands ighlands ttoo ssee ee tthe he m mountains ountains aand nd hheather eather dday ay 88 aatt ssea ea a welcome welcome dday ay ooff rrest est aafter fter tthe he ppast ast w eek week ooff sightseeing sightseeing w atch tthe he ppassing assing sseascape eascape aand nd ooff watch ccourse ourse tthe he sspa pa iiss oopen pen ffor or a hhairdo airdo oorr m assage massage dday ay 99 oorkney rkney iislands slands kirkwall kirkwall sscotland cotland just just nnorth orth of of sscotland cotland llay ay tthe he oorkney rkney iislands slands tthis his chain chain of of oover ver 7700 iislands slands ooffers ffers ddramatic ramatic llandscapes andscapes ooff ssea ea ccliffs liffs rrearing earing 1,000 feet 1,000 feet above above the the waves waves and and sweeping sweeping white white sand sand bbeaches eaches bird bird watchers watchers flock flock to to the the these these islands islands drawn drawn bbyy the the multitudes multitudes of of sea sea birds birds you you may may want want to to visit visit eeurope’s urope’s most most well well preserved preserved prehistoric prehistoric site site skara skara bbrae rae and and tour tour orkney’s orkney’s finest finest manor manor skaill skaill house house or or yyou ou m may ay w want ant ttoo vvisit isit m maeshowe aeshowe ttomb omb a cchambered hambered sstone tone bburial urial cairn cairn and and the the nearby nearby mysterious mysterious ring ring of of bbrodgar rodgar a circular circular henge henge of of standing standing stones stones dday ay 10 10 inverness inverness scotland scotland tthe he capital capital of of the the scottish scottish hhighlands ighlands is is a most most interesting interesting city city in in a picturesque picturesque llocale ocale you you may may choose choose to to go go and and see see the the ruins ruins of of the the ccastles astles of of ddunrobin unrobin and and urquhart urquhart or or go go shopping shopping for for ttartans artans knitwear knitwear tweeds tweeds and and various various crafts crafts the the optional optional ttour our ttoo lloch och nness ess will will show show you you the the highland highland scenery scenery and and ooffer ffer yyou ou a chance chance to to look look for for the the loch loch ness ness monster monster dday ay 11 11 edinburgh edinburgh scotland scotland there there is is so so much much to to see see in in scotland’s lovely lovely capital capital you you will will want want to to visit visit edinburgh edinburgh scotland’s castle which which dominates dominates the the city city and and climb climb to to the the top top for for castle wonderful views views history history comes comes alive alive along along princes princes street street wonderful and the the royal royal mile mile and and the the parks parks and and gardens gardens provide provide a and lovely setting setting in in which which to to stroll stroll lovely day 12 12 at at sea sea a final final day day to to relax relax or or enjoy enjoy the the activities activities day on board board our our ship ship on day 13 13 normandy normandy le le havre havre france france the the beaches beaches of of day nnormandy ormandy aare re hhome ome ttoo m any w orld w ar ttwo wo llandmarks andmarks many world war yyou ou w ill hhave ave aann oopportunity pportunity ttoo vvisit isit tthem hem oorr jjoin oin tthe he will ooptional ptional tour tour to to paris paris dday ay 14 14 london london we we disembark disembark iinn tthe he m orning iinn morning ssouthampton outhampton and and proceed proceed to to london london where where we we enjoy enjoy a ppanoramic anoramic sightseeing sightseeing tour tour highlights highlights include include bbuckingham uckingham ppalace alace ttower ower bbridge ridge bbig ig bben en tthe he ttower ower ooff llondon ondon st st paul’s paul’s cathedral cathedral the the canadian canadian war war memorial memorial aand nd much much more more our our tour tour finishes finishes at at our our centrally centrally located located hhotel otel w here we we w ill hhave ave some some time time at at leisure leisure before before where will ddinner inner dday ay 15 15 home home we we transfer transfer ttoo tthe he aairport irport ffor or oour ur flflight ight bback ack to to canada canada senior discovery tours 91