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holiday inclusions • cathay pacific flights • deluxe and first class hotels • full breakfast lunch and dinner daily • all tour inclusions on the inside cover cost • per person double occupancy from toronto calgary or edmonton $8497 ancient kingdoms of south east asia • single supplement $1990 • ottawa,winnipeg or montreal add $190 • halifax add $390 • vancouver deduct $200 •v vietnam ietnam • l laos aos • c cambodia ambodia 18 1 8 days days • ffebruary ebruary 1 – 1 18 8 southeast aasia southeast sia iiss a ccolourful olourful aarea rea ooff ggreat reat ccontrasts ontrasts ffrom rom rrural ural vvillages illages aand nd ffrench rench ccolonial olonial ccities ities ttoo m modern odern sskylines kylines oonn tthis his aactive ctive ttour our w wee w will ill ssee ee sspectacular pectacular sscenery cenery m magnificent agnificent ttemples emples aand nd aancient ncient m monuments onuments iinn a

incredible india holiday inclusions • flights with air france • deluxe and first class accommodation • full breakfast and dinner daily and 6 lunches • visa fees arranged by our office • plus all tour inclusions on the inside cover costs • per person double occupancy from toronto or montreal $6397 • single supplement $1490 • ottawa add $150 includes round-trip transportation to the montreal airport • winnipeg or halifax add $590 • vancouver calgary or edmonton add $790 • western passengers for an additional $79 p.p double occupancy 139 single you may choose to overnight in toronto before or after the tour meals not included iincredible ncredible iindia ndia hhas as rrecently ecently bbecome ecome oone ne ooff tthe he m ost ppopular opular ttourist ourist ddestinations estinations in in the the world world most a feast feast for for aallll tthe he senses senses iindia ndia is is a vivid vivid kkaleidoscope

holiday inclusions • flights with air canada • cruise as described port taxes 4 meals daily all activities and entertainment • first class hotel in london including dinner breakfast and a city tour • all tour inclusions on the inside cover fjords of norway aboard the emerald princess plus an overnight and tour in london cost • per person double occupancy from toronto • inside cabin various decks 4997 • outside cabin obstructed view emerald deck 5197 • outside cabin clear view plaza deck 5397 • outside cabin with private balcony lido or riviera deck 5597 • single supplement add 30 for cabins with balcony add 50 • montreal ottawa halifax or winnipeg add $190 • calgary edmonton or vancouver add $290 this ccruise this ruise ttakes akes uuss aalong long tthe he n norwegian orwegian ccoast oast a ppassage assage tthat hat hhas as bbeen een ccalled alled the the world s m ost bbeautiful eautiful ssea ea voyage

we take care of every detail from the moment you leave home enjoy your holiday without any of the hassles normally associated with travel we’ll even pick you up and drop you off at your front door in most canadian cities call us at 1-800-268-3492 and one of our travel experts will be happy to answer your questions and help you choose a tour toronto ottawa vancouver montreal 225 eglinton ave west m4r 1a9 416 322-1500 392 richmond road k2a oe8 613 722-9400 1333 west broadway #160 v6h 4c1 604 647-0100 1828 sherbrooke st west h3h 1e4 514 344-4500 hamilton london calgary toll-free number 151 york blvd #204 l8r 3m2 905 577-1500 100 wharncliffe rd south n6j 2k3 519 433-2300 145-10233 elbow dr s.w t2w 1e8 403 225-2900 1.800.268.3492 proud supporter printed in