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tentative t entative iitinerary tinerary ffor or s southwest outhwest e explorer xplorer day 11 ddeparture day eparture los los angeles angeles w wee depart depart oonn our our direct direct wee ttransfer flflight ight for for los los angeles angeles upon upon aarrival rrival w ransfer ttoo our our ccentrally entrally located located hotel hotel ffor or oour ur oovernight vernight day d ay 110 0 scottsdale scottsdale a drive drive tthrough hrough tthe he desert desert brings brings us us to to sscottsdale cottsdale just just iinn time time ffor or hhappy appy hour hour around around tthe he ppool ool ffollowed ollowed by by ddinner inner nnear ear our our rresort esort hhotel otel day wee begin d ay 22 llos os angeles angeles dana dana point point w begin tthe he dday ay with with a we’ll market gguided uided ttour our ooff llos os angeles angeles w e’ll ssee ee tthe he ffarmer’s armer’s m arket rodeo r odeo ddrive rive ccelebrity elebrity homes homes in in bbeverley everley hills 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our tour tour in in old ol d scottsdale for a stroll around the pedestrian streets with scottsdale for stroll around the pedestrian streets with many m any art art ggalleries alleries boutiques boutiques ccafes afes bars bars aand nd rrestaurants estaurants day d ay 33 ccoastal oastal ttour our a full full dday ay guided guided tour tour ooff the the california california riviera r iviera including including dana dana ppoint oint laguna laguna and and nnewport ewport beach beach iinn newport newport we we enjoy enjoy a lleisurely eisurely ccruise ruise iinn the the harbour harbour later later wee visit w visit tthe he bbeautiful eautiful ssherman herman gardens gardens aand nd mission mission ssan an most jjuan uan one one of of the the m ost important important of of tthe he 118th 8th century century ffranciscan ranciscan missions missions day d ay 44 ssan an diego diego ttour our a full full dday ay gguided uided tour tour ooff the the old old and and nnew ew towns towns iinn san san diego diego iincluding ncluding ppoint oint lloma oma ccabrillo abrillo national monument mission n ational m onument bbalboa alboa park park m ission bay bay aand nd old old ttown own day with d ay 55 ddana ana point point aatt lleisure eisure w ith tthe he sseaside easide national national ppark ark nearby nearby aand nd the the lovely lovely bboardwalk oardwalk and and sshops hops this this iiss aann iideal deal pplace lace ffor or those those who who eenjoy njoy strolling strolling day wee ttransfer d ay 66 ppalm alm springs springs w ransfer ttoo ppalm alm springs springs through through tthe he sscenic cenic mountains mountains of of tthe he ccalifornia alifornia desert desert and and vvia ia tthe he llovely ovely ttown own of of idylwild idylwild with with iits ts wonderful wonderful views views of of tthe he mountains m ountains aand nd countryside countryside dinner dinner iiss aatt a llocal ocal restaurant restaurant tthis his evening evening day morning d ay 77 ppalm alm 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aarches rches to to discover discover the the rich rich nnative ative hheritage eritage of of will tthe he ssouthwest outhwest you you w ill eenjoy njoy the the extensive extensive ccollection ollection of of wee enjoy nnative ative artifacts artifacts this this evening evening w enjoy a western western bbq bbq ddinner inner day wee drive d ay 114 4 las las vegas vegas w drive across across the the mojave mojave ddesert esert ttoo west why llas as vegas vegas fun fun ccentre entre ooff the the w est tthis his eevening vening w hy nnot ot ttry ry many tthe he sslots lots oorr see see oone ne of of tthe he m any sstar-studded tar-studded sshows hows oour ur many hhotel otel is is located located right right oonn “the “the sstrip” trip” adjacent adjacent ttoo m any oother ther ffamous amous hhotels otels day wee bbegin d ay 115 5 las las vegas vegas w egin with with a vvisit isit to to the the scenic scenic red red rock r ock ccanyon anyon which which provides provides a sstriking triking 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