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ccentre entre aafter fter ddinner inner you you can can return return to to the the plazas plazas aand nd listen listen to to music music by by local local musicians musicians day 9 day 9 san san miguel miguel de de allende allende w wee ttravel ravel ttoo ssan an m miguel iguel cconsidered onsidered to to be be the the prettiest prettiest town town in in mexico mexico as as we we stroll stroll ddown own the the streets streets llined ined with with 18th 18th century century mansions mansions you ll you ll ddiscover iscover llovely ovely fountains fountains monuments monuments churches churches and and bbreathtaking reathtaking views views across across the the valley valley san san miguel miguel is is also also an an aart rt colony colony with with many many artists artists and and writers writers coming coming from from all all oover ver the the world world to to work work aand nd study study there there the the city city a a national national m onument retains retains its its 18th 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