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orocco’s m ost wee aalso morocco’s most bbeautiful eautiful kkasbahs asbahs dday ay 111 1 m arrakech we we fifirst rst visit visit ait ait ben ben haddou haddou a 16th 16th marrakech ccentury entury uunesco nesco worldheritagesiteandoneofmoroc co’s bbest est world heritage site and one of morocco’s ppreserved reserved aand nd sspectacular pectacular kkasbahs asbahs tthen hen w roceed ttoo wee pproceed m arrakech vvia ia tthe he ttichka ichka ppass ass m orocco’s hhighest ighest rroad oad ppass ass marrakech morocco’s tthe he vviews iews ooff tthe he hhigh igh aatlas tlas m ountains iinterspersed nterspersed w ith ssmall mall mountains with bberber erber vvillages illages ttypical ypical ooff tthe he rregion egion aare re sspectacular pectacular dday ay 112 2 m arrakech tthe he 11000-year-old 000-year-old ““red red ccity” ity” ooff marrakech m arrakech iiss ddrenched renched iinn cculture ulture aand nd hhistory istory oour ur ffull-day ull-day ttour our marrakech iincludes ncludes tthe 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