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tentative t entative iitinerary tinerary ffor or s south outh e east ast a asia sia dday ay 11 depart depart w wee ddepart epart ffor or vvietnam ietnam vvia ia hhong ong kkong ong day 22 ho day ho chi chi minh minh city city formerly formerly siagon siagon w wee aarrive rrive iinn hhoo cchi hi m minh inh ccity ity aand nd transfer transfer to to our our hhotel otel this this evening evening is is our our welcome welcome dinner dinner dday ay 33 ho ho chi chi minh minh city city oour ur ccity ity ttour our will will take take in in the the historic historic center center tthe he m main ain sshopping hopping areas areas and and the the heart heart of of old old colonial colonial saigon saigon we we will will vvisit isit the the rreunification eunification palace palace former former palace palace of of the the south south vietnamese vietnamese ppresident resident which which was was sstormed tormed by by tanks tanks in in 1975 1975 signifying signifying the the fall fall ooff ssouth outh vietnam vietnam we we continue continue to to the the war war remnants remnants museum museum which which ddocuments ocuments tthe he llong ong vietnam vietnam war war later later we we go go to to cholon cholon chinatown chinatown aand nd the the ccolourful olourful wholesale wholesale market market we we finish finish with with a cyclo cyclo ride ride back back ttoo tthe he hhotel otel day 44 hanoi day hanoi tthis his m morning orning w wee vvisit isit the the famous famous cu cu chi chi tunnels tunnels we we will w ill eexplore xplore aand nd learn learn about about this this incredible incredible underground underground military military base base dug dug out out bbyy hand hand by by the the viet viet cong cong for for the the vietnam vietnam war war later later we we fly fly ttoo hhanoi anoi ccapital apital of of vietnam vietnam mystery dday ay 55 hanoi hanoi vvietnam’s ietnam’s ccapital apital sstill till rretains etains tthe he m ystery aand nd ccharm harm ooff will ppast ast centuries centuries you you w ill eespecially specially enjoy enjoy strolling strolling in in hanoi’s hanoi’s old old town town oour ur ttour our bbegins egins at at the the temple temple of of literature literature a great great example example of of ttraditional raditional vvietnamese ietnamese architecture architecture we we continue continue to to the the miniature miniature one one ppillar illar pagoda pagoda and and stilt stilt house house later later we we see see hoan hoan kiem kiem lake lake ngoc ngoc son son ttemple emple aand nd the the tiny tiny tortoise tortoise ppagoda agoda ttonight onight w wee aattend ttend a ttraditional raditional water w ater puppet puppet show show followed followed by by a home-hosted home-hosted dinner dinner at at a vvietnamese ietnamese hhome ome day 66 halong day halong bay bay w wee ttravel ravel bbyy ccoach oach ttoo hhalong along bbay ay w where here w wee eembark mbark a traditional traditional wooden wooden junk junk to to spend spend the the day day cruising cruising through through bbeautiful eautiful iislands slands granite granite towers towers and and rock rock formations formations with with names names ssuch uch aass stone stone dog dog incense incense burner burner and and fighting fighting cock cock we we also also see see ttwo wo w onderful ccaves aves aand nd eenjoy njoy lunch lunch on on board board dinner dinner and and overnight overnight wonderful aatt hhalong along bay bay day 77 vientiane day vientiane laos laos w wee rreturn eturn ttoo hhanoi anoi aand nd flflyy ttoo vvientiane ientiane ccapital apital ccity ity of of laos laos the the rrest est of of the the day day is is at at leisure leisure dday ay 88 vientiane vientiane vientiane vientiane hhas as a rrelaxed elaxed ccharm harm bbeautiful eautiful ttemples emples ttree-lined ree-lined bboulevards oulevards and and colourful colourful markets markets our our city city tour tour includes includes tthat hat luang luang a gleaming gleaming golden golden stupa stupa which which is is the the most most important important nnational ational monument monument in in laos laos the the formal formal royal royal temple temple now now a museum museum w ith beautiful beautiful buddhist buddhist sculptures sculptures and and the the morning morning market market with dday ay 99 vang vang vieng vieng w rive tthrough hrough tthe he sscenic cenic pprovince rovince ooff vvang ang wee ddrive vvieng ieng eenn rroute oute w isit tthe he ffish ish m arket iinn hhuay uay m or aand nd eenjoy njoy a bboat oat wee vvisit market mor ttrip rip oonn nam nam nngum gum lake lake before before reaching reaching vang vang vieng vieng we we stop stop at at a ffarm arm tthat hat tteaches eaches organic organic methods methods to to the the local local community community dday ay 110 0 lluang uang prabang prabang w ravel bbyy ccoach oach ttoo lluang uang pprabang rabang wee ttravel sstopping topping en en route route at at local local vvillages illages we we visit visit elephant elephant cave cave which which ccontains ontains buddha buddha images images a buddha buddha footprint footprint and and the the elephant elephant sshaped haped stalactites stalactites dday ay 111 1 lluang uang prabang prabang lluang uang prabang prabang is is an an enchanting enchanting town town filled filled w ith historic historic ttemples emples aand nd ccolonial olonial style style buildings buildings the the entire entire town town is is a with uunesco nesco w orld heritage heritage ssite ite and and boasts boasts the the oldest oldest living living temple temple world ddating ating back back to to 1513 1513 and and hhousing ousing a collection collection of of antique antique wooden wooden bbuddhas uddhas w isit tthe he m ost iimportant mportant m onasteries and and temples temples in in tthe he wee vvisit most monasteries ccity ity as as w ell aass tthe he nnational ational m useum the the fformer ormer rroyal oyal rresidence esidence well museum llater ater we we visit visit w at mai mai a ccollection ollection ooff ssmall mall ttemples emples aatop top a hhill ill wat ooffering ffering beautiful beautiful views views over over the the city city temples temples river river and and countryside countryside dday ay 112 2 lluang uang pprabang rabang w ravel uupp tthe he m ekong rriver iver ttoo tthe he ssteep teep wee ttravel mekong llimestone imestone ccliffs liffs w hich hhouse ouse tthe he ttham ham ppak ak oouu ccaves aves tthese hese which eextraordinary xtraordinary caves caves are are filled filled with with buddha buddha images images of of every every style style and and m aterial iimaginable maginable oonn tthe he rreturn eturn jjourney ourney w top aatt a llocal ocal vvillage illage material wee sstop ffor or a gglimpse limpse ooff ddaily aily vvillage illage llife ife dday ay 113 3 lluang uang pprabang rabang ttoday oday w njoy a sscenic cenic ddrive rive tthrough hrough tthe he wee eenjoy llaotian aotian ccountryside ountryside spotting spotting rice rice paddies paddies and and small small vvillages illages aalong long tthe he w ay ttoo kkuang uang ssii ffalls alls tthese hese bbeautiful eautiful w aterfalls ccascade ascade oover ver way waterfalls m any ccalcified alcified ttiers iers ddown own sseveral everal hhundred undred ffeet eet into into a series series ooff cool cool many tturquoise urquoise pools pools after after exploring exploring the the falls falls on on the the walkways walkways and and bbridges ridges w ill hhave ave a ppicnic icnic llunch unch aand nd cchance hance ttoo ttake ake a rrefreshing efreshing wee w will ddip ip eenn rroute oute bback ack ttoo lluang uang pprabang rabang w ill sstop top aatt a ssaa ppaper aper wee w will m aking vvillage illage ttoo w itness tthis his aancient ncient aartistry rtistry making witness dday ay 114 4 ssiem iem rreap eap cambodia cambodia aangkor ngkor w at we we flflyy ttoo siem siem rreap eap wat w here we we first first visit visit les les artisans artisans d’angkor d’angkor a development development project project for for where yyouth outh to to learn learn traditional traditional crafts crafts then then we we proceed proceed to to angkor angkor wat wat ccambodia’s ambodia’s nnational ational ssymbol ymbol aand nd tthe he hhighlight ighlight ooff aany ny vvisit isit ttoo tthis his ffascinating ascinating country country we we will will tthoroughly horoughly eexplore xplore this this temple temple w hich which iimpresses mpresses with with iits ts ssheer heer scale scale ggraceful raceful pproportions roportions and and artistry artistry of of its its ccarvings arvings dday ay 115 5 ssiem iem rriep iep this this m orning w roceed ttoo the the fortified fortified city city ooff morning wee pproceed aangkor ngkor thom thom which which iincludes ncludes m any ooff aangkor s ngkor s m ost ppopular opular ssights ights many most w ill ssee ee tthe he tterrace errace ooff tthe he eelephants lephants aand nd lleper eper kkings ings aand nd tthe he wee w will m ysterious bayon bayon temple temple with with its its ggiant iant ssmiling miling sstone tone ffaces aces ssmiling miling mysterious ddown own aatt yyou ou ffrom rom all all aangles ngles aatt llast ast w isit ttaa pprohm rohm eembedded mbedded iinn wee vvisit tthe he jjungle ungle iitt iiss oone ne ooff tthe he m ost ppopular opular aattractions ttractions of of angkor angkor tthis his most aafternoon fternoon we we enjoy enjoy a lake lake ccruise ruise among among the the floating floating homes homes and and ssmall mall fifish sh ffarms arms to to observe observe daily daily life life on on tthe he llake ake tthis his eevening vening w njoy a wee eenjoy ccultural ultural ddance ance show show dday ay 116 6 pphnom hnom ppenh enh we we ddrive rive ttoo ccambodia’s ambodia’s ccapital apital vvisiting isiting iimportant mportant pre-angkorian pre-angkorian temples temples enroute enroute dday ay 117 7 pphnom hnom ppenh enh today today we we explore explore pphnom hnom ppenh enh a ffascinating ascinating city of of graceful graceful tree-lined tree-lined boulevards boulevards and and riverfront riverfront promenades promenades we we city begin at at tthe he royal royal ppalace alace w ith iits ts ssilver ilver ppagoda agoda aand nd tthen hen tthe he begin with national museum museum w hich ccontains ontains a ccollection ollection ooff kkhmer hmer aart rt w lso national which wee aalso explore phnom phnom penh s penh s great great central central market market housed housed in in a distinctive distinctive explore domed art art deco deco building.this building.this aafternoon fternoon for for those those interested interested we we have have domed included a ttour our to to the the museum museum of of genocide genocide the the interrogation interrogation and and included torture facility facility for for the the khmer khmer rouge rouge kept kept largely largely unchanged unchanged this this torture prison showcases showcases photographs photographs and and exhibits exhibits about about the the thousands thousands of of prison victims tthose hose who who w ish m ay aalso lso vvisit isit tthe he kkilling illing ffields ields ooff cchoeung hoeung victims wish may ek a ppeaceful eaceful rural rural ssetting etting where where thousands thousands of of people people were were killed killed iinn ek the late late 1970’s 1970’s and and bburied uried in in m ass ggraves raves the mass day 18 18 hhome ome we we fly fly home home w ith hhong ong kkong ong day with senior discovery tours 75