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incredible india holiday inclusions • flights with air france • deluxe and first class accommodation • full breakfast and dinner daily and 6 lunches • visa fees arranged by our office • plus all tour inclusions on the inside cover costs • per person double occupancy from toronto or montreal $6397 • single supplement $1490 • ottawa add $150 includes round-trip transportation to the montreal airport • winnipeg or halifax add $590 • vancouver calgary or edmonton add $790 • western passengers for an additional $79 p.p double occupancy 139 single you may choose to overnight in toronto before or after the tour meals not included iincredible ncredible iindia ndia hhas as rrecently ecently bbecome ecome oone ne ooff tthe he m ost ppopular opular ttourist ourist ddestinations estinations in in the the world world most a feast feast for for aallll tthe he senses senses iindia ndia is is a vivid vivid kkaleidoscope aleidoscope ooff magnificent medieval m agnificent historical historical sites sites aand nd rroyal oyal ccities ities m edieval fforts orts mountains aand nd ppalaces alaces ggolden olden bbeaches eaches aand nd misty misty m ountains ccolourful olourful people people llively ively festivals festivals aand nd rrich ich cculture ulture from from the the moment will m oment you you sset et foot foot iinn india india yyou ou w ill be be greeted greeted bbyy a namaste warm ggraceful raceful n amaste a w arm and and iinviting nviting gesture gesture tthat hat ddenotes enotes bboth oth welcome welcome aand nd rrespect espect our o ur pprogram rogram iincludes ncludes a number number ooff ““real real iindia” ndia” well many major eexperiences xperiences aass w ell aass m any ooff tthe he m ajor hhighlights ighlights ssuch uch mumbai which aas s m umbai – iindia’s ndia’s bbustling ustling pport ort ccity ity w hich rreflects eflects bboth oth british b ritish aand nd iindian ndian hhistory istory iinn iits ts oornate rnate aarchitecture rchitecture with uudaipur daipur – w ith iits ts gglittering littering llake ake aand nd ppalaces alaces jjaipur aipur tthe he eenchanting nchanting ““pink pink ccity” ity” rranthambore anthambore nnational ational ppark ark – majestic hhome ome ttoo tthe he eendangered ndangered aand nd m ajestic iindian ndian ttiger iger tthe he mahal rromantic omantic aand nd aawe-inspiring we-inspiring ttaj aj m ahal iinn aagra gra vvaranasi aranasi – tthe he hholiest oliest pplace lace iinn iindia ndia llocated ocated oonn tthe he ssacred acred rriver iver gganges anges aand nd fifinally nally tthe he bbustling ustling ccapital apital ccity ity ooff ddelhi elhi – a rrich ich ttapestry apestry ooff ccontrasts ontrasts ccharacteristic haracteristic ooff tthis his ccomplex omplex ccountry ountry 84 senior discovery tours 18 1 8 days days • ffebruary ebruary 16 16 march march 4 ttoo enrich enrich oour ur in-depth in-depth experience experience we we hhave ave included included a vvariety ariety of of uunique nique aattractions ttractions a cultural cultural dance dance pperformance erformance ddinner inner with with a llocal ocal ffamily amily a jjeep eep ddrive rive tthrough hrough iindia’s ndia’s fascinating fascinating countryside countryside a bollywood bollywood movie movie aatt tthe he bbest est hhindi indi ccinema inema in in tthe he country country serene serene boat boat ttrips rips aand nd eexciting xciting rrickshaw ickshaw rides rides oour ur hhotels otels iinn india india aare re all all four four oorr five five stars stars with with tthe he ccomforts omforts aand nd sstandards tandards ooff nnorth orth aamerican merican hhotels otels iincluding ncluding ttwo wo sspecial pecial oovernight vernight sstays tays aatt heritage heritage llisted isted pproperties roperties cchomu homu palace palace a 300 300 yyear ear old old ffortified ortified palace palace nnow ow converted converted iinto nto a sstunning tunning hhotel otel and and ddeogarh eogarh ffort ort medieval oone ne ooff tthe he most most magnificent magnificent m edieval palaces palaces iinn with rrajasthan ajasthan w ith ggrand rand eentrances ntrances and and ggateways ateways imposing imposing aarches rches ddomes omes bbalconies alconies aand nd ccannons annons wee rrecommend who w ecommend tthis his ttour our ffor or only only experienced experienced ttravellers ravellers w ho aare re fifitt aand nd aactive ctive.