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a revolution in home theater design is taking the home entertainment experience to entirely new heights stylish flat high-definition displays such as the sharp® aquostm lc-tv series have challenged engineers to create equally sleek and high performing audio counterparts innovative loudspeaker designs have resulted in more aesthetically appealing compact options for virtually every listening taste but it wasn t until now that the need for real high performance elegantly designed home-friendly system components was met exquisite design extraordinary performance more sound less space 1-bit is an extraordinary technology that delivers an ultra-high-speed sampling rate of 5.6 mhz 128 times faster than a cd this higher sampling rate means the listener will hear instrumental nuances fine sonic textures and performance subtleties that have simply never been revealed by previous methods sharp 1-bit technology offers many other advantages including 50 less power consumption and 80 less heat

presenting sharp 1-bit digital panel theater elegant solutions in home entertainment traditionally better audio/video receivers the brains of a home theater system were very large clumsy looking and frustratingly complex to connect and operate dvd players often presented the same problem and additionally forced consumers to choose between one format or the other now sharp has successfully resolved all these issues in slim sophisticated designs meticulously maintaining the high standards of performance demanded by true audio/video enthusiasts finally the real home theater performance consumers have been waiting for is here in choices as visually compelling as the homes in which they will perform

enchanting vision eminent sound r egardless of which model sharp 1-bit panel theater you choose you ll enjoy the uncompromised performance graceful cutting-edge design and mountability intrinsic to each one each model is wrapped in sleek silver and mirror finishes they may be easily placed on a table or wall mounted with the included vesa-compatible wall bracket all are compatible with the latest high performance loudspeakers of your choice and offer true dolby® digital and dts® 5.1 channel surround sound with a multi-format disc player ready to handle all your favorite selections

the sd-px2 digital panel theater big sound for small spaces compact enough to sit on a bookshelf or subtly mount on a wall the sd-px2 brings the eloquent voice of full 5.1 channel surround sound to close living spaces ideal for a bedroom or den it features a multi-format disc player five 35-watt 1-bit digital amplifiers multiple surround decoders an array of analog and digital input and output terminals clock and timer all in a single elegant chassis the sd-px2 shown with sharp aquos lc-tv and definitive technology® mythostm series speakers fits anywhere thanks to compact design and easy-mount bracket

the sd-hx500 digital panel theater profound power pristine sound p acked with 500 watts of pure 1-bit digital amplifier technology the sd-hx500 delivers breathtaking detail and realism to any home entertainment experience from the crack of a bullet to the delicate musical nuances of a piano concerto you hear it all as if you were actually there comprised of two separate components this system is designed with the multi-disc player housed within its own brushed aluminum walls a high intensity blue led display illuminates a crystal acrylic bezel on both components ensuring the side button legends are visible in a darkened room disc and timer functions active speakers disc format and surround sound modes are all indicated in a luminous blue and orange display surprisingly compact for its abilities the sd-hx500 offers five pairs of sturdy binding posts ready for banana plugs spade terminals pin terminals or even bare wire a coaxial subwoofer/lfe output is also included advanced bass

the sd-hx600 digital panel theater a synergy of sources packing all the power features and design elegance of the sd-hx500 the sd-hx600 adds the versatility of a sophisticated a/v selector the a/v selector neatly connects all of your audio and video sources in a single unit now you can connect all your a/v equipment into one hub and connect everything through a single easy to use system the a/v selector is compatible with the latest cable boxes satellite receivers personal video recorders home theater pcs or other devices it provides three complete a/v bays analog audio inputs for your tv sound and both input and record-out terminals for use with a vcr or dvd recorder each input bay offers composite s-video and progressive scan component video inputs stereo analog audio inputs and a coaxial or optical digital input terminal the av selector up-converts composite signals to s-video it s also high definition compatible and accepts both 720 progressive and 1080 interlaced hdtv formats the

evolved technology enhanced experience enjoy all the features of sharp 1-bit digital panel theater and experience the best today s technology has to offer universal remote an all-in-one remote puts operation of each sharp 1-bit digital panel theater system as well as that of most top brand tvs at your fingertips the control s strategically placed cursor helps you navigate even the most sophisticated dvd menus a unique mode switch conveniently reduces button count to simplify operations and on the sd-hx500 and sd-hx600 the remote features essential function buttons that glow softly without using battery power all models feature individual number keys for instant access to your favorite channels or video chapters intelligent display one glance at the multi-function display panel tells you everything you need to know about the status of your system the bright multi-color display featured on every system provides instant visual feedback of multi-channel sacd and dvd tracks high

motorized front-loading disc mechanism sd-px2 this unique single-disc mechanism features a motor-driven sliding door to protect discs from dust and a click-in self-centering disc hub it is compatible with most 3 and 5 disc formats motorized front-loading disc mechanism sd-hx500/sd-hx600 this unique single-disc mechanism utilizes a motor-driven front panel that tilts forward while raising the disc for easy access when closed the disc lowers into playing position as the front panel moves back to seal out dust and contaminants compatible with most 3 and 5 formats the mechanism provides instant easy disc access while maintaining the sleek smooth design and are a perfect complement to the award-winning sharp aquos liquid crystal televisions complete bass management system each 1-bit panel theater system offers complete control over signal routing and bass management these adjustments include speaker size level and delay time crossover frequency and a handy test tone to verify your

easy connections expansive abilities sharp 1-bit digital panel theater offers generous inputs and outputs for a system that s ideal today and ready for tomorrow sd-px2 main unit sd-hx500 main unit sd-hx500/600 amplifier sd-hx600 main unit sd-hx600 a/v selector

specifications disc power rms power ftc speaker terminals audio input terminals audio output terminals video input terminals video output terminals bass management type accepts analog digital analog digital composite s-video component composite s-video component capacity compatibility sd-px2 1 sacd dvd-a dvd-v dvd-r dvd-rw cd cd-r cd-rw 35 watts x 51 22 watts x 5 one touch bare wire pin terminals 2 x l/r optical x 2 coaxial x 1 1 x l/r optical x 1 ­ ­ ­ 1 1 1 6 adjustments 10 db 6 adjustments 1 ft 29 ft 3 adjustments large small no 80 hz 100 hz 120 hz 150 hz auto fl c fr sl sr sw 14 1/2 x 9 11/16 x 4 1/2 ­ ­ 14 1/2 x 9 11/16 x 6 sd-hx500 1 sacd dvd-a dvd-v dvd-r dvd-rw cd cd-r cd-rw 100 watts x 52 80 watts x 5 gold plated binding post bare wire pin spade banana 2 x l/r optical x 2 coaxial x 1 1 x l/r optical x 1 ­ ­ ­ 1 1 1 6 adjustments 10 db 6 adjustments 1 ft 29 ft 3 adjustments large small no 80 hz 100 hz 120 hz 150 hz auto fl c fr sl sr sw 13 7/8 x

design and specifications subject to change without notice limited warranty 1 year parts and labor sharp is a registered trademark of sharp corporation 1-bit and aquos are trademarks of sharp corporation sharp electronics corporation consumer electronics group sharp plaza mahwah nj 07430-2135 1-800-be-sharp www.sharpusa.com dolby and pro logic are registered trademarks of dolby laboratories dts is a registered trademark of digital theater systems inc energy star is a registered mark owned by the u.s government mythos is a trademark of definitive technology which is a registered trademark ©2004 sharp electronics corporation printed in u.s.a