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sd at50 dv aq u o s tm homethe at e r sd-at50dv aquos tm home theater simple design sophisticated technology t h at sthebeautyofit

sd-at50dv aquostm home theater sd-at50dv home theater system see it hear it believe it sharp brings theater to your home with a sophisticated high-performance system that s right in style right out of the box the sd-at50dv brings true sound fidelity to movies and music with design and technology you ve never seen ­ or heard ­ before sound engineering the power behind the system is sharp s sd-at50dv audio system ­ unmatched for sound clarity and next-generation quality sleek and streamlined its control center offers dvd/cd/am/fm and all the inputs you ll ever need five compact but powerful speakers and a muscular subwoofer deliver all the sound just where you want it and at the heart of the system is sharp s exclusive 1-bit digital amplifier ­ providing purely reproduced sound with audio subtleties other technologies simply can t offer visionary design not just any television but a television worthy of sublime performance sharp s aquos lc-30hv2u liquid crystal television is made

1 2 1 aquos lc-30hv2u 30 liquid crystal television sd-at50 dv aquos tm home theater 2 sd-at50dv 1-bit digital home theater audio system entertain the notion of style with substance of big performance occupying a small space invite sharp theater into your home and start the show .tm sharp truly brings sound to life our exclusive 1-bit digital technology maximizes digital audio by delivering the highest sampling rate available ­ 2.8mhz 2,822,400 times per second ­ without the sound degradation of ordinary analog amplifiers what s more 1-bit digital audio uses half as much power and generates 80 percent less heat than the analog

sd-at50dv aquos tm home theater product width 8-1/2 215 mm specifics depth weight 4.4 lbs 2.0 kg sharp electronics corporation consumer electronics division sharp plaza mahwah n.j 07430-2135 1-800-besharp © 2002 sharp electronics corporation au-06-404 height 2-5/16 58 mm dvd player av control unit subwoofer amplifier unit front/center surround speakers lc-30hv2u aquos high-definition liquid crystal television s d at50dv aquos 10-1/8 257 mm · video signal horizontal resolution 500 lines s/n ratio 60 db · frequency response dvd linear sound 20 hz to 22 khz sampling rate 48 khz 20 hz to 44 khz sampling rate 96 khz cd 20 hz to 20 khz · dynamic range dvd linear sound 95 db cd 94 db · s/n ratio cd 110 db · total harmonic distortion ratio 0.007 maximum · audio output terminals digital output coaxial 1 analog output rca type 2 l/r · video output terminals video output rca type 1 s-video output s-terminal 1 component video width 8-1/2 215 mm