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throw distance chart screen size 4:3 in inches diagonal width height 150 120 90 100 80 60 84 67 50 80 64 48 72 58 43 60 48 36 screen size 16:9 in inches diagonal width height 150 131 74 133 116 65 106 92 52 100 87 49 92 80 45 84 73 41 80 69 39 72 63 35 70 61 34 60 52 29 projection distance maximum minimum 18 5 15 3 12 3 10 1 10 3 8 6 9 9 8 1 8 9 7 3 7 4 6 projection distance maximum minimum 20 1 16 7 17 10 14 9 14 2 11 8 13 4 11 12 3 10 2 11 2 9 3 10 7 8 9 9 7 7 11 9 3 7 8 8 6 7 sharp electronics corporation · consumer electronics group sharp plaza mahwah nj 07430-2135 conlcd@sharpsec.com call us toll free at 1-800-be-sharp www.sharpusa.com ©2002 sharp electronics corporation printed in usa sv-09-318 12/02 design and specifications are subject to change without notice all trademarks and trademarks are the property of their respective owners dlp is a trademark of texas

f rontprojec to r the small projector the big opportunity front projectors are still relatively new to many consumers these projectors present a chance for customers to bring an enormous picture into their homes without paying an enormous price and these projectors present unprecedented opportunity for high-profile sales here are some simple facts about theago and some hints on making sales

theago means theater to go the sharp theago is just that a remarkable compact movie projector that s portable enough to take almost anywhere its revolutionary dual mode dlptm digital light processor chip along with sharp s industry-leading front projection technology let theago give you brilliant images in either widescreen 16:9 or traditional 4:3 almost any video ·theago connects to dvd computer source television video games and can project an image up to 120 inches or 10 feet diagonally ·component video input allows easy connection of dvd and hdcp ·theago offers dvicompatibility with connectivity for the latest set-top boxes it s ready for hdtv today and won t be obsolete tomorrow distinct ·theago also offers lcd advantages over contrast ratio · higheruniform images · morepixelization · lessenclosed fixture that s free · andust of note theago can give you a picture nearly twice the size of even the largest rear projection televisions yet it s both portable and

the small projector that delivers big impact theago is also incredibly compact ·just 7.7 pounds it s completely portable easy to take theago to a party or pack it up for a trip ·no permanent installation required you don t need theater-sized ·room theago fitsajust about anywhere and is non-intrusive to your room décor theago is even great for apartments it has a unique short throw lens that allows theater-like images even in smaller rooms 2-d keystoning allows greater flexibility of placement the projector doesn t need to be in the center of the screen projects anywhere you ·hang a screen or find a can flat surface note these facts may be of particular interest to female customers who may be more receptive to the idea of a manageably-sized projector that doesn t interfere with their home décor and can be tucked neatly away when not in use

accessories that enhance the experience custom designed accessories complement the design and the performance of theago ·a stylish floor-based end table stand brackets ·ceiling mount be placed on a table or theago can ·fixed-mount and portable roll-up screens in traditional 4:3 and widescreen 16:9 sizes ranging from 70 to 100 inches ·optional sd-at50dv home theater system features a progressive scan dvd player also plays cds cd-r/rws and mp3s and 1-bit audio system six-speaker package creates dramatic surround sound and includes powerful subwoofer note emphasize the simplicity and ease-of-use in buying a complete cinematic experience from sharp installation set-up and operation are fast and not intimidating at