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plastruct fineline plastic structural materials scale model steam launch janet shg model supplies shg modeling supplies glass containers with screw top lids xl pitch timing pulley m2 self tapping screw xl pitch timing pulley 0 75 xl pitch timing pulley 14 mm 95 bow thruster xl pitch timing pulley 14 mm shaft m5 pan head brass screw motor plastic shaft coupling shg models supplies model bow thruster model railway electronics model boat prop shaft coupling supplies of timing belt pricelist for electrical supplies bow thruster bow thrusters rudder assembly liquid plasweld sme 370 badger 250 steam launches king midas hull deck moulding beveled moulded gears shgmodels com miniature v belt pulley m5 bearing replacement 60 tooth worm wheel metric countersunk washers bevel gears 75 module module 3 worm gear wheels 50 tooth worm wheel 10 tooth pinion gear module 1 150 tooth timing pulley railway electric motor m4 x 12mm pan head screw imperial size copper tubing worm wheel sizes imperial grub screw miniature timing pulley electric motor 18000 rpm imperial spur gears xl pitch timing belt xl pitch timing belts fishing supplies 2008 pulley bore diameter 60 mm metric grub screw m4 screw pan head size pulley bore diameter 120 mm metric grub screw m4 x 7

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s.h.g model supplies sprinter sprinter set sprinter k1 adhesives set sprinter k2 r/c equipment and batteries minitug a fun pushtug by s.h.g marine adhesives r/c equipment £15.50 polystyrene cement needle bottle dispenser plasweld liquid polystyrene cement 5 minute epoxy 8oz silicone sealer two channel radio unit with 1 servo 8 aa rechargeable cells radio charger speed controller leads fuses 7.2v rechargeable boat battery 7.2v charger £110.00 all items listed above are available individually postage on the above items if ordered with sprinter kit postage postage on the above items if ordered seperatly £7.50 £2.50 standard 2 channel radio units suitable for most types of models supplied with standard servo 7.2 volt 3300 ma volt buggy pack nimh chargers for transmitter and boat power packs viper marine 15 amp waterproof speed controller with all leads and

s.h.g model supplies hitec laser 4 channel radio laser 4 fm radio system introducing the laser 4 fm radio system from hitec this reliable value packed radio was created to replace the discontinued focus 4 radio as you may expect hitec loaded this new radio system with great features likes channel mixing and led battery indicatory standard servo torque 3 travel .19 sec weight 44.5g gears nylon mini receiver 4 channel 40mhz receiver weight 26g size 38x48x19mm laser 4 fm features 4 channel fm transmitter all channel servo reversing atv on channels 1 and 2 channels.1 and 2 mixing option channels.2 and 4 mixing option 5 led power meter trainer switch ergonomic case laser 4 fm standard system part no 156721 price £99.00 laser 4 channel fm transmitter 40 mhz receiver 5 channel single conversion three standard servos transmitter and receiver rechargeable battery packs charging a transmitter and receiver dual output charger suitable for overnight charging is available separately part no

s.h.g model supplies sealed lead acid batteries and chargers price list voltage 6v 6v 6v 6v 12v 12v 12v min a.h 1.0ah 1.2ah 4.0ah 10ah 3.3ah 7.0ah 12.0ah size lxwxh 50x42x55 96x24x51 70x46x101 150x50x93 134x67x61 150x65x95 150x97x96 weight .25kg .3kg 1.0kg 2.0kg 1.3kg 2.6kg 4.0kg price £ 9.95 £ 8.95 £ 9.95 £14.95 £14.95 £14.95 £29.95 500ma charger for 6v 12v sealed lead-acid batteries charge current of 500ma makes this ideal for small lead-acid batteries but is also useful as a slow trickle charger for larger batteries switch to select between 6v 12v battery types £11.95 each shg pinfold lane wheaton aston stafford st19 9pd telephone 01785 840308 email

s.h.g model supplies xl alloy timing pulley drives xl timing pulleys this is a range of general-purpose timing pulleys in aluminium alloy suitable for most modelling applications where a non-slip drive is required and direct drive is not an option ratios can be achieved to allow both reduction or increase in output shaft speed larger sizes of pulleys are available to special order bore sizes various bores or threads can be supplied for metric and imperial shafts pulleys are bored to customers requirements smaller pulleys up to 15 tooth have a maximum bore of 6mm or ¼ larger pulleys have a maximum bore of 9mm or 3/8 plain bores are fitted with grub screws flange diameter is 6mm greater than o/d pulley size 10 tooth 12 tooth 14 tooth 15 tooth 16 tooth 18 tooth 20 tooth 21 tooth 22 tooth 24 tooth 26 tooth 28 tooth 30 tooth outside dia 15.67 mm 18.90 mm 22.12 mm 23.75 mm 25.37 mm 28.60 mm 31.83 mm 33.45 mm 35.08 mm 38.30 mm 41.45 mm 44.78 mm 48.00 mm face width 10.30 mm 10.30 mm 10.30

s.h.g model supplies electric motors pricelist this is a range of motors suitable for most general modelling applications voltage rpm max motor amps price range volts 1.5 3v .5a 10,000 rpm £ 2.95 re 280 a small low powered motor suitable for lightweight model operation 12 24v .5a 10,000 rpm £ 3.95 re 280 1 a small motor as 280 suitable for lightweight operation on 12 ­ 24v 6 15v .75a 10,000 rpm £ 4.95 re 360 a medium sized low drain motor suitable for small-scale model operation 4.5 15v .475a 10,000rpm £ 4.95 re 370 a medium sized low drain motor suitable for small-scale model operation 3 7.2v 4a 26,000 rpm £ 5.95 re 380 a smaller version of the 540 also known as speed 400 a high powered high rev medium sized motor for electric flight 400 class fast electric racing 6 15v 1.5a 12,000 rpm re 385 £ 6.95 a medium sized motor same size casing as the 380 but wound for low drain and higher torque suitable for small to medium scale models 3 9v 8a 12,000 rpm £ 5.95 re 540 a

shg model supplies graupner special items graupner miniature racing props 2318.26 26mm dia 36mm pitch lh m2 £2.50 2318.26l 26mm dia 36mm pitch rh m2 £3.50 2318.29 29mm dia 35mm pitch lh m4 £2.50 2314.30 30mm dia 36mm pitch lh m4 £2.50 all listed are 2 blade props graupner coupling housing 400 size order number 2333 suitable for mounting of 400 size electric motors onto 4mm dia stern tubes for speed 400 ­ 380 385 motors price £7.95 graupner coupling 2.3mm to 2mm order number 355.3 shaft coupling 2,0 2,3 mm minature coupling for use in conjunction with the 400 size coupling housing listed above maximum operating angle is 10° £9.75 graupner coupling housing 600 size order number 2328 suitable for mounting of 600 size electric motors onto 6mm dia stern tubes for speed 600 ­ 540 ­ 545 ­ 550 motors price £9.50 graupner cooling coils order number 3325.1 fits 400 size motors case diameter 27 29 mm price £9.50 order number 3324 fits 600 size motors case diameter 35 37 mm

s.h.g model supplies hi ­ spec shaft tube assemblies hsst440 hsst441 hsst442 hsst443 hsst444 hsst445 hsst446 hsst447 hsst120m4 4mm dia shaft assemblies tube dia 6mm 4mm stainless s&t assy 4 x m4 4mm stainless s&t assy 5 x m4 4mm stainless s&t assy 6 x m4 4mm stainless s&t assy 7 x m4 4mm stainless s&t assy 8 x m4 4mm stainless s&t assy 9 x m4 4mm stainless s&t assy 10 x m4 pk2 4mm replacement bearing pk 10 shaft nuts m4 £7.50 £7.50 £7.50 £8.00 £8.00 £8.50 £8.50 £2.50 .75 designed primarily for fast electric racing these shafts are suitable for operation at up to 29,000 rpm with suitably balanced propellers an excellent range of high precision shaft and tube assemblies with grade 303 stainless shafts and hard grade outer tubes the outer tube diameter is 6mm the bearings are oil water lubricated glacier material and are extremely hard wearing 5mm dia shaft assemblies tube dia 8mm 5mm stainless s&t assy 6 x m5 5mm stainless s&t assy 8 x m5 5mm stainless s&t assy 10 x

shg model supplies plastic ship fittings a broad range of useful ship fittings including shg lesro fittings part no 7605/p22 7606/p21 7607 7601p37 7602 7603/p16 7603 7615/p30 7616/p24 7620 7621/p2 7622 7623/p1 7630/p33 7631/p34 p32 p33 7662/p42 7663/p36 7715 7716/p23 7717/p19 7670/p5 7672/p3 7676/p6 7687/p20 7692/p25 p38 p15 p28 7696 7697 7716/p27 p31 p8 p7 p9 p11 component bollard small bollard medium bollard large crossed bollard single bollard small single bollard medium single bollard large fairlead small fairlead medium portholes small 5mm lens portholes small 7.5mm lens portholes large 10mm lens portholes large 12mm lens navigation light port st bd pr mast light s/line nav light port st bd nav light on side board stanchion short 2 hole stanchion long 2 hole lifebelt small lifebelt medium lifebelt large cowl vent small cowl vent large mushroom ventilator boat davits per pair jack staff small searchlight medium searchlight large searchlight ships wheel small ships wheel large

plasticard sheet styrene material half sheet 26 x 26 .020 .030 .040 .060 .080 .110 .50 mm £2.75 each .75mm £3.00 each 1.0mm £3.75 each 1.5mm £5.00 each 2.0mm £6.75 each 2.75mm £10.00 each half sheet 660 x 660 mm approx full sheet 54 x 26 .020 .030 .040 .060 .080 .110 .50 mm £5.00 each .75mm £5.75 each 1.0mm £ 6.50 each 1.5mm £ 8.00 each 2.0mm £12.00 each 2.75mm £17.50 each full sheet 1372 x 660 mm approx plasticard sheet material styrene plastic sheet material for small large modelling applications one of the most useful of modern model making materials it can do most things that thin plywood can do and much more cutting easily with a knife on thinner sheets the material can be bent and shaped and also moulded with heat the material can be sanded and filled in much the same way as plywood plastic fillers work well and so does car body filler the material does not swell with moisture and so no problem with the joints showing when the model gets wet painting

s.h.g model supplies screws fixings a general range of useful screws fixings in model sizes all listed items are plated steel metric pan head pozidriv screws dia length m2 m2.5 m3 m4 m5 6mm x p6m2.5-10pk p6m3-10pk p6m4-10pk p6m5-pk5 10mm p10m2 -10pk p10m2.5-10pk p10m3-10pk x x 12mm x p12m2.5-10pk p12m3-10pk p12m4-pk5 p12m5-pk5 20mm x p20m2.5-10pk p20m3-pk5 x x 25mm x x p25m3-pk5 p25m4-pk5 p25m5-pk5 metric countersunk pozidriv screws dia length m3 m4 m5 6mm cs6m3-10pk cs6m4-10pk cs6m5-10pk 10mm x x x 12mm cs12m3-10pk cs12m4-pk5 cs12m5-pk5 20mm x x x 25mm cs25m3-pk5 cs25m4-pk5 cs25m5-pk5 metric nuts washers dia m2 m3 m4 m5 nut n6m2 -10pk n6m3-10pk n6m4-10pk n6m5-10pk nyloc nut x ny nm3-5pk ny nm4-5pk ny nm5-5pk washers wm2 -20pk wm3 -20pk wm4 -20pk wm5 -10pk pan head pozidriv self tapping screws dia length no 2 mo 4 no 6 no 8 6mm pa2 x 6 -10pk pa4 x 6 -10pk pa6 x 6 -10pk x 10mm pa2 x10 -10pk pa4 x 10 -10pk pa6 x 10 -10pk x 12mm x pa4 x 12 -10pk pa6 x 12 -5pk pa8 x 12 -5pk 20mm x x