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f e at urehighlights construction n shimano® tc4 construction® components n concept fuji® alconite® and fuji® hardloy® guides n fuji® reel seat n custom shaped eva foregrip and reargrip for comfort and balance while jigging n gudebrodtm thread wrapped guides for added strength n convenient hook keeper n gimbal with removable butt cap on selected models warranty n limited lifetime warranty for complete warranty details log on to www.shimano.com fuji® reel seat the trevala® jigging series rods are built with fuji ® reel seats built to last these fuji® reel seats are designed with graphite nylon bodies exclusive s-4 stainless steel hoods with lined cushioned inserts to offer a lightweight reel seat with superior strength uniform design for increased comfort and self aligned hoods provide a solid lockdown on your reel foot that will never back off while fishing fuji® concept alconite® guides selected models in the trevala® jigging series feature fuji® concept alconiteguides

spinning reels t he spinning reels used in the butterfly® jigging system have high speed retrieves and the necessary power to move big fish these two features combined with a comfortable egg shaped handle and smooth drags with easy adjustment make fishing trips more enjoyable while jigging and catching fish stl8000fa m.s.r.p $599.99 stl6000fa m.s.r.p $589.99 stl10000fa m.s.r.p $659.99 sa6000fe m.s.r.p $299.99 new sa8000fe m.s.r.p $299.99 new 10 www.butterflyjigging.com for more information on the reels see the shimano® reel

st6000fi m.s.r.p $199.99 new st8000fi conventional reels m.s.r.p $199.99 new the lure plus they keep you tight with the fish during initial hook set and throughout the fight the high power factor helps you move the fish during the initial moments of the battle when they are close to structure which could result in lost fish while the narrow frame helps when thumbing the spool keeping the line more manageable and gives the angler added comfort with its size and weight these reels also have extremely smooth drags with comfortable handles for long hours of jigging t he conventional reels used in the butterfly ® jigging system have three unique features that are critical within the jigging system the high gear ratios help impart the action in the jig while retrieving tyr12 m.s.r.p $639.99 new rfbfs50 m.s.r.p $49.99 ts16n m.s.r.p $669.99 tn16n m.s.r.p $449.99 tn40n m.s.r.p $449.99 for more information on the reels see the shimano® reel catalog

tackle and tools not included new gear that makes using the system easier and more efficient from our new butterfly® cocoon to protect your jigs to our butterfly® jigging tackle bag shimano has everything you need to get your jig on t he butterfly® jigging system has gotten even better with butterf ly ® jigging ta cklebaga versatile tackle bag with plenty of storage space for organization including an 8 zipper pouch cleverly designed to provide maximum storage protection for the entire butterfly® jigging system during transport model bfltb250 m.s.r.p $39.99 4

butterfly® jig storage bags are now available in three sizes the small abbj210 m.s.r.p $39.99 comes with 18 pockets is perfect for the angler just getting started with butterfly jigging the medium abbj230 m.s.r.p $49.99 comes with 37 pockets and the newest addition to its family is bfljb250 m.s.r.p $29.99 abbj230 abbj210 bfljb250 which comes with 32 pockets with see-through flap b ay steeltm 7 m u lt i tool designed for saltwater fishing the baysteel multi-tool is made of hightm grade stainless steel featuring a unique 2-step split ring gear tip for opening heavier gauge split rings and a side-stud split-ring opening device that can also be used as a release knife model bay007 m.s.r.p $69.99 loop-to-loop jigging wind-on fluorocarbon leader connection between the main braided line and the shock leader is easy and fast from a loop-to-loop system ­ virtually eliminating bulky knots plus the shorter braided and hollow section provides for a smooth long cast resulting from less

b utterfly® jigs have been craved by consumers ever since they hit the market two years ago we receive numerous emails through our website from customers who want an opportunity to share the success they have experienced using butterfly® jigs with shimano® trolling with not luck we decided to fishing shot was after a morningtoofget any live bait tomuchbottom i gave up andmy friend andgive bottomalong oura jiggingitrods almost impossible the forgot that i brought just in case so we whipped them out and it wasn t long before we were both hooked up i had a 10 lb trigger fish and he got up a nice scamp on my second drop i hooked into a beast a beast of a gag grouper in fact it was my biggest one ever 47 lbs thank you butterfly jigs for saving our day anonymous the trip fish on reef halfway throughfirst drop we adecided to butterflya jig in on shimano 150ft of water the resulted in a 25lb amberjack hook up but was lost in the rocks but the next drop landed a 20lb soon followed

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