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a world of convenience at your fingertips full-colour tft display talltub because a little extra height goes a long way our tft thin film transistor display uses the latest technology to give you a sharper brighter display with greater contrast similar to the high definition you’d expect from a smart phone the siemens range includes two talltub integrated models suitable for a worktop height of 86 cm to 92 cm these models provide enhanced ergonomics greater flexibility and more interior space in fact the siemens talltub models can fit plate sizes of up to 33 cm in the bottom basket suitable for the biggest dinner plates the taller integrated dishwasher models are the fully integrated sx66t093au and semi-integrated sx56t593au the full colour display clearly shows the wash program selection water and energy consumption wash program status and the remaining time the tft display can be viewed from any angle so the progress of your dishwashing couldn’t be clearer quick 45° optimum results at the push of a button automatic programs when time is of the essence variospeed in auto programs the hydrosensor monitors the soiling of the water and controls the amount and time of the water supply as well as the cleaning temperature to achieve the optimum result with as little energy and water as possible selecting the variospeed option in conjunction with your desired program will save up to 50 of wash time without compromising on quality or performance sanitation because our dishwashers are so quiet it’s sometimes difficult to know when the cycle has finished that’s why siemens developed the timelight for fully integrated models the innovative timelight beams the remaining time and program information onto the floor for a thoughtful elegant touch with the exception of quick wash 45°c a half load in no time a solution for stubborn plastics the ideal program when you have lightly soiled dishes the quick 45ºc program cleans a half load in a dazzling 29 minutes the extradry option is designed specifically for plastic items which do not hold as much residual heat as crockery selecting extradry increases the temperature of the final rinse to ensure optimal drying results sanitation timelight floor projection extradry safe for curious hands hydrosafe – 24 hour anti-flood protection hydrosafe plus using the hydrosafe device siemens dishwashers are guaranteed to be 100 leak proof 24 hours a day when connected to the electricity supply if ever a leak occurs the sensor immediately shuts off the water supply directly at the inlet tap hydrosafe features on all siemens dishwashers child lock for added safety selected siemens dishwashers can be locked to prevent the opening of the door the buttons can also be locked to prevent tampering during operation thanks to an extra hot final rinse temperature exceeding 70°c the sanitation option kills 99 of bacteria and is ideally suited to households where extra hygiene is required f or baby bottles traditional sanitation methods are still recommended to be used in conjunction with option 16 siemens home appliances features vary depending on models please check individual product specifications 17