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everyday we work to reduce your utility bills at siemens we are aware of climate protection and the importance of developing resource-efficient appliances we believe that highperformance appliances and lower energy consumption are by no means mutually exclusive that’s why we take resource efficiency very seriously to the extent that our appliances have gained ranks amongst the most energy and water efficient in their class with that in mind we will continue to develop innovative appliances with cutting-edge technology to ensure the highest efficiency as part of our commitment appliances with high resource efficiency prominently show the siemens ecoplus label preserving resources for future generations in australia electrical appliances account for around 30 of energy use in the home that’s a lot of appliances and a lot of resource consumption at siemens we want to do our best and conserve as much of our natural resources by delivering innovative products in this

washing machines by siemens with a touch of a button you can now achieve perfect detergent dosing with i-dos you can choose between saving time or energy with varioperfect you can trust your most delicate fabrics to the gentle optiwave drum use less of our precious resources with automatic loadsensing and do it all with the exceptionally quiet efficiency of the iqdrive brushless motor these expressions of high-technology are brought together in a range of high-performance washing machines that are our most impressive yet and which conforms to our singular unwavering mission to guarantee the best results and the highest care for your textiles with the minimum use of water energy and detergent more information

the world s smartest washing machine saving you time and guesswork the i-dos washing machine allows you to simply place your clothes in the drum select your desired program and relax the result hassle-free laundry and perfectly clean clothes with the most efficient use of detergent siemens i-dos automatically decides precisely how much liquid detergent and softener your wash needs – down to the last millilitre it then dispenses a precise dose to each load of washing automatically adjusting for load size soiling and fabric type and if required it will add extra detergent in millilitre steps during the wash cycle it’s all in the dosage i-dos guarantees perfectly clean clothes because it gets the dose right every single time using the correct amount of detergent is the most important factor affecting wash results use too little and you can end up with grey-looking whites stains burnt into clothes as well as a wash that smells unpleasant adding too much can cause visible

cleverly contoured optiwave drum optiwave 12 the uniquely sculptured paddles and contoured stainless steel drum surface deliver a powerful yet gentle wash performance the asymmetry of the paddles and teardrop structure of the drum surface are used either to reinforce or soften the mechanical drum action with the steep sides generating powerful forces for heavy duty work and the shallow sides allowing your clothes to slide gently around the drum better laundry circulation means quicker wash cycles and great wash results and with plenty of room for movement inside the drum there is minimal creasing which means less ironing too siemens home

respecting our most precious resources there is an exciting journey in how technology and design can come together to extract more out of less more garment longevity and superior wash performance with less water less energy and less detergent the siemens range of washing machines is a world-beater in using high-end sensor technology to make careful use of our most precious resources 14 siemens home

laundry made easy save time or save energy – varioperfect lets you choose giving you the choice varioperfect allows the setting of certain washes to be changed according to what is most important to you time or energy decreasing a washing machines cycle time by up to 65 speedperfect is ideal for getting through your laundry quickly without compromising on quality or cleanliness whilst ecoperfect lengthens the time of a cycle by reducing the machine s energy output by up to 50 ecoperfect speedperfect time efficiency adding items mid-cycle easy to read display how often do you put on a load of laundry and then discover a stray item that should also have been included the reload function allows you to throw in those extra laundry items as soon as the wash cycle allows ensuring they are washed as thoroughly as the other garments bright clear and easy to read from virtually anywhere in the room the thin film transistor tft display ensures you know precisely how much time is

optiwave optiwave optiwave autoload autoload autoload iq700 iq500 8kg iq500 7.5kg wm16s440au wm14s440au wm14s361au 8kg 8kg 7.5kg 5 star 4 star 5 star 4 star 4 star 4 star 1600 1400 1400 15 15 15 large led led large led child lock hydrosafe hydrosafe child lock hydrosafe 842 x 600 x 590 842 x 600 x 590 850 x 600 x 590 more information

dryers by siemens equipped with a suite of features that make drying as easy and convenient as possible siemens dryers bring together achievements of exceptional technology that combine to provide careful and effective management of a complexity of modern textiles from the high-efficiency of our 6-star energy rated heat pump dryer with its genius self-cleaning condenser the delicate and even dry provided by the softdrum system and the super quick speedperfect option for when time is against you our dryers remain at the forefront of what is possible and with the iqdrive it is all conducted with remarkable efficiency and stunningly quiet performance more information

features to make drying easy and convenient save time or energy with varioperfect the siemens iq800 master class dryer features the same varioperfect technology found in the washing machine with varioperfect you can reduce your electricity consumption even further by selecting the ecoperfect mode allowing you to dry up to 7kg of laundry over a longer period using less energy when time is against you select speedperfect to dry your laundry faster without compromising on care speedperfect time efficiency softclosing door 24 siemens home appliances energy efficiency super40 super quick remembering your preferences the super40 drying system leaves clothes ready to iron in only 40 minutes thanks to optimised temperature control and customised cool-down phase the cycles you use regularly can be saved within the memory function making it even easier to select the cycle you want quickly and without fuss easy loading and unloading control in your hands 16 program options the softclosing door

washing machine range overview model design family design door window door hinge opening angle screen display panel performance max capacity water efficiency rating water consumption per wash energy efficiency rating annual energy consumption min max spin speed rpm iqdrive anti-vibration design i-dos dosing system autoload system waterperfect plus foam detection autostain removal varioperfect optiwave drum system drum volume operating noise level db wash programs no of programs no of additional programs standard programs cotton easy care delicates woollens mixed additional programs automatic hard automatic soft cotton+prewash cottons eco easy care+prewash easy care plus curtains lingerie shirts textileguard super quick 15 dark wash outdoor power wash 60 sensitive down wear spin gentle spin rinse drum clean drain wash options speedperfect ecoperfect pre wash rinse hold/rinse plus extra rinse intensive wash water plus easy iron silent wash spin speed reduction temperature selection

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