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how does it work siemens steam combination ovens are quick and easy to use ­ the removable water tank has sufficient capacity to provide up to 70 minutes steam cooking at full power and means the appliance does not need plumbing water is fed into the oven cavity and heated by a powerful element in the base of the appliance this ensures maximum efficiency as the appliance is only heating the amount of water needed for the cooking process the ovens are thermostatically controlled to allow steam temperatures of 35-100ºc ­ ideal for all types of fish meat poultry and vegetables benefits of cooking using steam combination steam cooking/baking is used extensively in commercial kitchens as it delivers moist and tender results but that s not all steam cooking is gentler than traditional cooking methods which not only delivers food that is tender and full of texture but also retains taste and colour less of the vital vitamins minerals and nutrients are lost with steam cooking and as the healthier option it minimises the need to add salt or oil combination of steam and hot air cooking pure steam cooking has its benefits but it may not be the ideal option for foods that need browning and crisping this is where the steam combination oven comes into its own combining traditional hot air cooking with steam cooking delivers moist tender and browned meats and well-risen crusty bread moist and tender roast pork with crispy crackling is perfectly cooked using the combination function hot air cooking the oven function offers a temperature range of 30-230ºc which is ideal for traditional baking and roasting the size of the oven is also practical when a smaller capacity is required reheating reheating leftovers or food for latecomers using steam ensures the food is refreshed moist and retains its texture cleaning and de-scaling siemens steam combination ovens feature durable high-quality stainless steel interiors and catering quality stainless accessories for easy cleaning these models offer a dedicated de-scaling program as well as a separate cleaning program on-demand cookcontrol with siemens automatic programs choose any one of the 70 specially tested automatic cooking programs for perfect results every time simply select the food type enter the weight and press the start button features vary depending on models please check individual product specifications more information 39