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giving you time saving solutions that also help to save the environment perfectly balanced with style and concept siemens top of the range iq700 appliances have many outstanding features that are going to benefit both the environment and your lifestyle stunning designs that your friends will envy clean lines that are going to coordinate with the rest of your living space and high quality materials all of siemens appliances are extremely energy efficient and many boast a energy efficiency ratings as a result of our ground-breaking technologies zeolith®drying i-dos featuring innovative technology for super clean dishes siemens sn26t597gb dishwasher uses the minimum amount of water and energy per wash zeolith® a form of naturally occurring mineral has the astonishing ability to absorb moisture and convert it into heat this means the dishwasher is able to produce enough heat for the drying cycle and no additional energy is required giving you a time saving solution that helps to

the dynamic duo that speaks your language home laundry bringing speed technology and style together the matching i-dos washing machine and dryer are the perfect combination for your modern home large tft cleartext display and jog dial control allow you to easily select desired programme tft-display complementing each other with their stunning design and intuitive controls our dynamic duo is the perfect combination for quick and easy laundry at home install separately side-by-side or stack them one above the other however you choose to display our matching washing machines and dryers they’re the perfect choice for your modern living space no longer will you want to hide them behind a cupboard door our eye-catching designs are just as innovative as the technology used inside with a sophisticated range of programmes to choose from you need a display that compliments the technology our high definition tft display screens on both our washing machines and dryers present high contrast

home laundry siemens innovation for complete laundry care when you’re short on space a siemens stacking kit provides the answer it’s an ergonomic solution too because the tumble dryer is mounted at a convenient height for loading and unloading choose either the basic kit or the version that includes a pull-out shelf for putting the laundry on sensor drying a lot less ironing the new softdry drum system all siemens tumble dryers feature sensor drying which provides uniform drying results and makes over-drying a thing of the past sensors in the drum continually monitor the residual moisture in the laundry they detect when the load has reached the selected drying level and move the programme to the final cool-down period so your laundry is afforded the utmost protection while neither energy nor your time is wasted the less ironing option extends the anti-crease phase period at the end of the cycle to up to 120 minutes the gentle tumbling motion of the softdry drum system

silence is golden a maintenance free machine you can count on for years to come noticeably quieter our washing machines and tumble dryers are designed to fit in around your hectic lifestyle with minimum disturbance our iq700 tumble dryer is our most energy efficient dryer and stays just as efficient in its lifetime as it is on the day you buy it built with an automatic selfcleaning condenser system which keeps the condenser lint-free so that the dryer is always running at peak efficiency built with the latest innovations our iq500 tumble dryers provide you with clean dry laundry time and time again with an antivibration design built into the sides of the machines noise levels are reduced so the appliance doesn’t disturb you whilst the machine is working more efficiency more performance selfcleaning condenser 5 years guarantee peak efficiency and lower energy bills a lot less ironing being maintenance-free the selfcleaning condenser automatically removes lint and fluff from the

saving energy naturally dishwashers innovative technology for super clean dishes every time whilst using minimal water and energy the zeolith® minerals are stored at the base of the dishwasher energy efficiency meets cutting edge design zeolith®drying using advanced drying technologies siemens dishwashers keep energy consumption to a minimum zeolith® a form of naturally occurring mineral has the astonishing ability to absorb moisture and convert it to heat what does this mean for you the heat produced naturally by the zeolith® is used for the drying cycle no additional energy is therefore required to heat up the contents of your dishwasher for the drying process as with a standard drying system this results in perfect drying with less energy usage energy more efficiency more performance the zeolith® mineral is stored in the depths of the dishwasher this regenerates itself and keeps working for the entire lifetime of the machine combine this with the economy 50

slimline dishwashers small in stature big on features model shown speedmatic45

cooling super efficient super stylish model shown ks36wp130 and

fresh water and ice on tap at the touch of a button dispensing refreshing ice-cool water and ice siemens puts you in control of your fridge freezer plumbed in water and ice dispensers give you access to fresh water and ice both day and night fresh water and ice both day and night providing you with chilled filtered water and crushed or cubed ice at the touch of a button the water and ice dispenser built into iq700 siemens fridge and freezer is a convenient time saver serving you with a refreshing drink whenever you want the ice dispenser can produce up to 140 ice cubes per day with led down lighting on our premium model the coolduo ice and water dispenser is not only luxuriously convenient it is also classically designed bigbox precise temperature control at your fingertips stunning on the outside beautiful on the inside with easy to use electronic controls siemens fridge freezers never leave you in the dark the electronic display allows you to precisely set and change the temperature

fridge fridge freezers freezers continued continued fromfrom pagepage 81 81american american style style fridge-freezers fridge-freezers a striking a striking collection collection withwith innovative innovative foodfood storage storage solutions solutions energyenergy energyenergy energyenergy more efficiency more efficiency more performance more performance nofrost nofrost nofrost nofrost lowfrostlowfrost fresh fresh protectbox protectbox fresh fresh protectbox protectbox crisperbox crisperbox 5 years5 years guarantee guarantee 5 years5 years guarantee guarantee american big thinking meets german ingenuity • • • • • • • • • • • • • • dimension • dimension cm cm h185h185 x w60 x w60 x d65x d65 • noise • noise level:level 39db39db • lowfrost • lowfrost – spend – spend less time less time defrosting defrosting the freezer the freezer • crisperbox

award winning customer service knowledge and expertise where you need it when you need it siemens customer service has received the commended accolade in the domestic and general total excellence and quality award 2013 84 expert advice original replacement spare parts accessories and cleaning products siemens engineers ready to help siemens customer service staff are full of knowledge and expertise whether you have a simple question want to order a spare or replacement part or require an engineer to visit your home with engineers based locally across the country no one is better suited to help and all siemens repairs are analysed in advance so that we bring the correct replacement spare parts likely to be needed on the first visit order replacement parts online and access exploded diagrams to help you locate the correct part as a manufacturer we only use original spare parts we keep a comprehensive range of parts available for up to ten years order accessories and cleaning products