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Simaudio Ltd., Moon Andromeda CD

the leading edge in music film reproduction for immediate release january 5 2005 simaudio ltd proudly introduces the moon andromeda cd player a fully-balanced differential design housed in two separate chassis the andromeda represents an all-out assault on the cd red book digital standard producing a level of sonic performance with no equal quite simply the moon andromeda raises the bar to previously unattainable levels this colossal achievement is the result of a combination of extensive r&d yielding new proprietary technologies and the use of the very finest electronic parts available to push the envelope even further the andromeda can be fully integrated into a custom-install environment and provides for a plethora of user selectable cosmetic options celebrating 25 years of excellence moon andromeda significant design features · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · internal 24-bit/705.6khz upsampling using burrbrown df1704 digital filter with 16x oversampling four