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moon equinox specifications configuration power supply transformer power supply capacitance front panel controls single-ended 25va 13,500µf stand by · random play · program mode · display time · open/close · play/pause · stop · previous track · next track track number · time track/disc · led indicators for modes programming · scan · random · repeat burrbrown pcm1730e 20hz ­ 20khz +0 0.2db 2hz ­ 72khz +0 3db 0.001 0.003 109db 108db at full output 50v/µs 109db 1.0db to below 110dbfs -82db ±0.002db 50 picoseconds single-ended pair rca 2.0v 100 ohms s/pdif bnc s/pdif ­ 75 ohms 0.5v 22 lbs transport ­ 3 years electronics ­ 10 years 17 x 4.25 x 14 moon i-3 specifications configuration power supply transformers power supply capacitance class of operation preamplifier class of operation amplifier single-ended inputs input device type input sensitivity input impedance line outputs tape preamplifier output device type output power 8 ohms 4 ohms 2 ohms damping factor static gain dynamic headroom signal-to-noise ratio maximum output voltage slew rate max peak output current max continuous output current frequency response crosstalk 1khz imd thd 20hz 20khz 1 watt thd 20hz 20khz 100 watts warranty usa canada shipping weight dimensions w xhxd specifications subject to change without notice stereo 0.6va 40,000µf a a ab 6 rca pairs j-fets 200mv ­ 3.0v rms 12,000 ohms 1 fixed 1 variable bipolars ­ 4 per channel 100 watts 160 watts 200 watts 200 34db 6db 98db at full power 30 volts 20v/µs 22a 12a 10hz ­ 80khz +0 3db -65db unmeasurable 0.15 0.1 10 years 23 lbs 17 x 3 x 15.5 front panel display dac digital filter frequency response audible frequency response full range thd 1khz 0dbfs a-weighted imd dynamic range signal-to-noise ratio slew rate channel separation low level linearity stop-band attenuation pass-band ripple intrinsic jitter analog output max analog output 0dbfs digital outputs digital output impedance shipping weight warranty usa canada dimensions w xhxd specifications subject to change without notice manufactured in canada distributed by simaudio ltd 95 du tremblay st unit 3 boucherville quebec canada j4b 7k4 simaudio ltd 21 lawrence paquette industrial park champlain ny 12919 usa 877 980-2400 450 449-9947 litho canada graphic design art·image communication design inc.