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Simaudio Ltd., Moon Evolution

m o o n evolution series the leading edge in music film

the moon evolution series epitomizes simaudio s relentless quest for perfection finally the rare priveledge of enjoying lifelike music and film performances in the comfort of your home is now possible listening to them is an ethereal revelation best described as a mesmerizing experience without

what is evolution the enhancement of quality of life since the first phonograph we have aspired to harness the elusive qualities that define the true emotion of a live performance today s fast-paced lifestyle demands avenues of escape what better way than a state-of-the-art sophisticated yet uncomplicated reference music system the answer the moon andromeda cd player moon p-8 preamplifier and moon w-8 power

refined sophisticated moon andromeda cd player the moon andromeda encompasses the most advanced technology available to extract every last bit of information from your music collection with all its natural realism intact simply put accurate musical reproduction as it was intended to be heard by the recording artist rhythm and pace so natural that listening will be nothing short of exhilirating this accomplishment is the result of several new technologies pioneered by the engineering design team at simaudio the alpha clocking system ensures that jitter is virtually non-existent as a result high frequency reproduction is so natural and timbre is so real that you want to reach out and touch it our proprietary delta transport suspension in conjunction with an extremely rigid chassis makes the andromeda immune to it s operating environment yielding more accurate and articulate bass and a natural air around instruments finally our exclusive i2dcf independent inductive dc filtering circuit

powerful moon w-8 power amplifier the moon w-8 represents the pinnacle in power amplifier design possessing enormous dynamic capability and tremendous speed it will reproduce your music with explosive and remarkable agility our proprietary lynx circuitry is responsible for this amplifier s phenomenal speed detail and accuracy yielding an extremely natural sound the full dual-mono balanced design assures pinpoint imaging with optimal separation and placement of instruments the huge power supply and overwhelming output stage will effortlessly control any loudspeaker resulting in fast transients visceral tight bass and accurate instrument timbre no stone is left unturned the moon w-8 is a true the state-of-the-art power amplifier no other stereo amplifier comes remotely close listening to a music system built around the moon evolution series will send shivers up your spine transporting you closer to the performance than ever

rear view moon p-8 significant design features and benefits rs-232 bi-directional port with unsolicited feedback · simlink controller port · 2-chassis design with the larger chassis housing the power supply digital controller circuitry software processing and the lcd display the smaller chassis contains only audio circuitry · fully differential no global feedback circuit topology using absolutely no capacitors anywhere in the audio signal path · individual gain offset for each individual line input with a ±10db range · each line input is fully configurable to be home-theater ready where the gain control section of the p-8 is bypassed · discrete m-ray gain circuitry with 530 individual volume steps in 1db and 0.1db increments · power supply voltage regulation includes 40 stages of i2dcf · four-layer pcb tracings moon andromeda moon p-8 moon w-8 specifications configuration dual-mono fully balanced differential 3 custom proprietary toroidals transformers 2 for audio

manufactured in canada distributed by litho canada graphic design art·image communication design inc simaudio ltd 95 chemin du tremblay unit 3 boucherville quebec canada j4b 7k4 simaudio ltd 100 walnut street door 13 champlain ny 12919 usa 877 980-2400 450 449-9947