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Simaudio Ltd., Moon Orbiter Universal Digital

m o o n orbiter universal digital player the leading edge in music film

the moon orbiter universal digital player represents a genuine high-end all-in-one solution for digital media playback capable of processing the following disc formats cd sacd dvd-video dvd-audio video cd mp3-cd cd-r/rw dvd-r rw the orbiter features a vast array of standard features such as virtually every conceivable audio/video connector including dvi-d the end result is a non-compromising digital source component yielding groundbreaking audio and video performance that will fill a common void in most high-performance home entertainment systems moon orbiter significant design features full function rs-232 port control for custom integration or automation · advanced switch mode power supply with additional analog filtering and 8 stages of voltage regulation housed in an integral shield to ensure no high frequency noise will interfere with audio and video signals · dvi-d output for progressive scan 480p using sii504 video scan converter · optional serial digital interface sdi

moon orbiter specifications audio formats stereo/multi-channel dsd sacd mlp dvd-a linear pcm digital audio cd mpeg1 vcd mpeg2 dvd-v dolby digital® 5.1 ac-3 dolby digital® surround ex dts digital surround 5.1tm and dts-estm 6.1 10-bit/54mhz oversampled video with active current-to-voltage converter three burrbrown pcm1738e 24-bit/192khz dacs each with an 8x oversampling digital filter composite video cvbs on rca connector s-video y/c on a 5-pin mini-din connector component video interlaced 480p on rca connectors digital video interface on 24-pin dvi-d connector 480p serial digital interface sdi on bnc connector optional analog 5.1-channel analog stereo digital 5.1 stereo on 6 rca connectors on 2 rca connectors s/pdif on bnc and rca connectors aes-ebu on xlr connector optical on toslink connector 31.5khz ±0.5db to 5.5mhz -57db >0.5° >0.1db anamorphic 16:9 letterboxed 4:3 pan scan 4:3 dvd linear 4hz 45khz 117db 117db 115db 0.0006 dsd sacd 4hz 88khz 117db 117db 115db

celebrating of excellence 25 years manufactured in u.s.a distributed by simaudio ltd 95 du tremblay st unit 3 boucherville quebec canada j4b 7k4 simaudio ltd 21 lawrence paquette industrial park champlain ny 12919 usa 877 980-2400 450 449-9947 litho canada graphic design art·image communication design